A Black Númenórean by birth, Írimon had a rather unremarkable childhood, living in a small village in Umbar. However, when he left home, he wandered for a time, and stumbled upon Mordor. There, Írimon saw the wonders that Sauron had wrought, and he truly believed in the power of Melkor for the first time. Enamoured by the power he saw, Írimon set out west to find a way to spread the dominion of Sauron. On the way, he sought out crafts and professions that could be turned to help evil. He picked up the art of siege engines, becoming proficient in their design and operation. When he reached the Misty Mountains, Írimon found work with the orcs of Mount Gundabad. Soon after arriving, he heard tales of a clan which worshipped dragons. He had always been fascinated with the Great Dragons, and had listened to tales of them in his youth. Melkor may have been a god, but dragons were at the very least lesser deities. Írimon sought out the Dragon Clan, and by some accounts, he may have found them.

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