This Page is heavily based on actual server events with a bit more dramatic twists and turns, in most cases you can be sure it actually happened in a comparable way. Enjoy.

The Beginning

On a sunny day in the shire, a man woke up near Hobitton, with no memory of his past life, and no name. He started walking, and kept going looking for a purpose.

But first he needed to survive, so he tasked himself to gain all the essentials of survival. On his journey he met a man named Dolguzagar who recognised the confused man as one of his own, a Black Númenórean. He confronted the man and told him about the latter, the confused man admitted he lost his memory and that he could not recall his past. Dolguzagar advised the man to make way to Umbar in the far south, and that he would have a home there. And so the man started the journey to the distant land of Umbar.

The Journey to Umbar

At the start of the man's journey Dolguzagar gave him some resources for his journey, basic Iron equipment, a stack of bread and a map. Dolguzagar left soon after for other business in the north. And so the man began his journey.

When he reached the outskirts of the Shire he heard hasty footsteps moving towards him, an Orc of the Misty Mountains.. The Orc unsheathed a rusty sword and hauled at the man, he reacted by unsheathing his simple iron sword with which he continued to slash the surprised orc until it laid dead on the ground, after he confirmed the orc was dead the man took his armor and weapons, another Orc standing in the distance that witnessed the whole thing yelled at the man with his raw voice "You will regret this! You will be hunted down for your actions!" and ran off to tell his superiors of his companions death. The man donned the armor of the slain orc in order to hopefully stay undetected by other orcs. It was clear to him now that he killed a rather important Orc and that they now wanted him dead. This made the journey a lot harder since he was attacked by Gundabad Orcs along the way, Snagas and High ranking Orcs alike, this started his long-lasting hate for Orcs

When the man reached the old Fortress of Tharbad he saw a figure dressed in a green cloak in the distance "A ranger" he thought. He greeted the Ranger from a distance, who for a reason unclear to the man pulled his bow and fired an arrow at the man. The Arrow missed him by an inch and he quickly went behind cover, just before he heard the sounds of hoofs in the distance. He peeked over his cover and saw an odd creature with a ridiculously long neck mounted by a man with dark hair and blue eyes armed with a spear moving towards the Ranger, the blue eyed man thrusted his spear through the chest of the ranger who was overwhelmed by the arrival of the man. The man dismounted his odd steed and moved towards the unnamed man. He introduced himself: "I am Kvesir, King of Umbar, you are the man Dolguzagar spoke to me about are you not?" the man confirmed his statement and thanked him for his help, Kvesir said "Didn't Dolguzagar tell you to stay out of trouble? I see you're wearing Orcish armor you clearly stole, and not to mention a ranger was shooting arrows at a minute ago.." The man nodded and explained the whole story, he then concluded the ranger attacked him because he thought the man to be an orc because of the armor he was wearing. Kvesir gave the man a new set of armor to replace the rusty orc armor, made of fur from an exotic animal the King called a 'Gemsbok'.

Now that the man was hunted by both Good and Evil his journey was more dangerous than he could have imagined.

Months later the man reached a wide river that his map told him to be the Poros, the location of the legendary fortress named after the river, he found a man standing on a hill overlooking the city and its surroundings on the Ithilien side. He went up to the man and asked if he could spare some food since he was running out. 'Ofcourse!' the man on the hill happily responded and continued to give him some baked potatoes, "I am Thain Vibiras of the Shire, I guess you have been there?" The two men then continued to have a small conversation and parted ways after some time. Little did the nameless man know that this Thain would become one of his greatest rivals in the future..

Months later, when he passed the unforgivable desert, he reached Atjiaz al-Harad, where he met the wise and powerful Empress Shamiir of the Great Astrasi Empire. The Empress introduced him to the History and Systems of the Empire. In the following weeks of his journey the nameless man saw great cities and ruins alike, but he was most amazed by the ruined and most mysterious city of old Ain al-Harad. The city was said to be doomed and haunted. The Empress advised to stay out of the city for now and so he did.

Not much later he reached the gate of Umbar, a small arch without doors made of Black brick and Sandstone, he had reached his destination. The land gave him a familiar feeling.

A few days later he reached the Great City of Umbar, under heavy reconstruction after it was ruined during a great war ages before. He reached the Main Umbarean fortress and was greeted by the King of Umbar, Kvesir.

Aglarion, the Kingsman.

After a few weeks of living in Umbar, he was sent out on a mission of with Dolgukhor to an Elven City in the north, they were assigned to assassinate a High Elven Lord near Angmar. When they reached the location they were greeted and allowed to enter the Fortress to meet the Lord, they reached the Palace and had a conversation. The Lord was later called away and Dolgukhor whisper to the still nameless man "When he returns I'll distract him and his guards, when he's distracted you thrust this dagger trough his back.." The Nameless man unexpectedly responded "No, I refuse to kill a man in such a honourless way, where's the glory in that?! This Elf doesn't deserve that." Dolgukhor made a disapproving sound an said "Always looking for Glory and Honor, this glorious one.." The Nameless man sniffed and not soon after, the High Elven Lord entered the Room again "So where were we gentlemen?" he asked, Dolgukhor responded "We were just introducing ourselves M'Lord, my name is Dolgukhor and this is.." "Aglarion My Lord" the now named man interferingly said.

When they reached Umbar again they went up to King Kvesir for their report, Dolgukhor reported: "We didn't kill the High Elven Lord my liege, 'Aglarion' deemed it was unwise.." "Aglarion?" Kvesir asked. "Yes our nameless friend now assumed the name Aglarion, meaning the glorious one in our tongue.." "I see you greatly value honour and glory Aglarion.. Like a true Kingsman of old." Kvesir said. "A Kingsman?" "Yes, the Numenoreans that remained loyal to the Numenorean King Ar Pharazon during the end of the Numenorean Empire in the Second Age, the King that the Dunedain consider 'Evil' and 'Corrupted', in my opinion these so called Faithful under Elendil were the corrupted ones, they lost their way.. You are one of those Kingsmen now Aglarion, my congratulations.." The Umbarian King finished, he then stepped of his throne and grabbed a beautiful enchanted sword from the chest beside his throne. "This sword belonged to a Númenorean of old, ironically it was given to him by an elf, with the same sword dozens of elves were slain during the Kingsmen rise. It's called 'Mörlóme' meaning 'Dusk'."

The Númenórean Union

On a Dark day in the winter Aglarion was awoken by a messenger of the King, Kvesir wanted him to come to the Palace as soon as possible. Aglarion quickly went up to the palace and met up with the troubled King, Dolgukhor and the other Corsairs and Black Numenoreans were already present. "Yesterday my friends, the Kingdom of Gondor and the Remnants of Arnor have joined in a close alliance deceivingly named the 'Numenorean Union'.. Our traitorous kin now seek to rebuild the Númenórean Empire of old.. Considering Umbar was the most important Haven the old Empire, I assume these false, self-proclaimed Númenóreans will stand before our gates soon enough.."

King Kvesir wasn't mistaken, he was assaulted by the man Aglarion met so long ago at Poros, named Vibiras. The Thain was just shown around Umbar by the King, and when they reached the docks, he pushed the King in the water, in an attempt to drown him, which failed because the Thain was quickly halted by the King's guard, Vibiras, defending himself against the Guards escaped the city and wasn't seen for some time.

The Thain joined the Numenorean Union along with his Shire not long after these events, the described assault was the start of many skirmishes between the Astrasi Empire and the Númenorean Union.

After weeks of guerilla attacks and harassments, the war was officially declared by the Gondorian King Atanvarno, the Empire, weakened by previous wars and many guerilla attacks was not prepared for a war against the then extremely strong Union.

The "war" is described on this page

The war ended with an honourless Union Victory.

King Kvesir agreed on the Numenorean Terms of staying as Co-Ruler along with Vibiras, the Union falsely promised many great things to the Corsairs and Black Numenoreans in the hope to appease them.. Promises that they never followed.

Many Corsairs and Black Numenoreans were killed during Rebellions and not many were left after a period of strife. Later Kvesir was banished from Umbar by the Union after they decided Kvesir betrayed them, without solid proof, it enraged many, good and evil alike. But nothing was done, since at that time the Union was still powerful and feared.

Aglarion was enraged, he knew the false Numenoreans would soon come after him too, he decided to pack his most important possessions and go into hiding until better times. Upon leaving his estate a group of Union soldiers moved towards him, "Halt!" they yelled, but Aglarion unsheathed the powerful elven sword Möróme he received from Kvesir seemingly ages ago, he said "Traitors to your own race.." to the Numenoreans before hauling his sword towards the first Numenorean, slicing his arm off, slashing towards the second he was paried by the Numenorean and a decisive duel was started, Aglarion turning out victorious mostly due to his superior weapon, continued to mount his horse and fled the lands making way towards the south east..

The Savannahs of the South

When Aglarion decided to leave Umbar he already knew where he was heading. The Savannahs in the Far South had long been desolate and forgotten, strong and willful men and women inhabited these lands. But they were leaderless and divided. As every "Black" Numenorean, Aglarion hungered for power and might, and within these savannahs and the countless tribes of the so called Moredain he saw exactly that. So he travelled and travelled until he one day found a forgotten and ruined city, the capital of the former chieftain. He found a script that called the Island north of the city in the Great Lake a place of former glory, a location of an ancient war between forgotten people, well as should be clear by now, Aglarion "The Glorious One" respected and hungered for Glory, so he built a boat of acacia and sailed towards the Island. On his journey their he had his first encounter with the vicious fauna of the south, the crocodiles.. He had to fight them off his boat with his peddles to ensure his and his boats safety. After some hours he reached the Island where he laid the foundation of a mighty palace. The inhabitants of the island saw the unknown man as a mighty savior and quickly came to his aid and performed his wishes. And so the great southern city of Aglar al-Harad was founded, named after the Island that was said to be a location of former glory in the ancient script.

The Moredain

Rumors of a new ruler quickly spread across the lands, many came to serve the new ruler, but one thing bothered Aglarion. He never asked permission to rule these people, since the south was officially still under Astrasi control the lands were theoretically owned by Empress Shamiir, and so he saddles his horse and travelled to Atjiaz al-Harad, the seat of the Empress. The Empress gave Aglarion her blessing and sent him back as Viperlord of the Savannahs.

Upon his return hundreds of new Moredain were awaiting their new King, among these were famed chieftains of other tribes, coming to see if this new ruler was "worthy". Among the masses were 2 siblings, Panda, named after the black and white hides he was wearing from the animals that shared the name. And his sister Sterre, named after the Stars of the south in the raw language of the Moredain. These siblings were known to be very ambitious and saw great potential in joining the new king, so they joined his cause and ruled over the Moredain by his side. Weeks later two northern men arrived in the south, Benjamin, nicknamed "cow" and Tom, nicknamed "EnderShroom". They came from Dale to serve the new King, they were both from Moredain lineage but their ancestors left the lands generations before. These two had great potential, both becoming great builders and architects. Benjamin becoming the Head Slaver of the Moredain, and Tom becoming the Head Architect. These 4 ambitious Moredain were all offered to leave Aglar al Harad and start a new city somewhere else under Aglarions rule, they all refused wanting to stay at the Kings side in Aglar al Harad.

Aglarion soon started to build a vast Military to one day reconquer his homelands of Umbar from the false claimants that ruled the lands, he became more bitter by the day, starting to despise and even hate many people, not only Númenoreans but even other Haradrim because they refused to help at Umbar, or so he thought at least. But one he despised above all, the man he met at Poros, the man that assaulted his old liege and friend, the man now calling himself "Viceroy" Vibiras, "Rightful" Ruler of Umbar.. He dreamt of the day he would meet him again, and he prepared.


Revenge... It was time, war had finally been declared upon the false claimants of Umbar, the Union was slowly shattering in pieces. Arnor left the Union signing the Unofficial end of it. The Empire greatly outnumbered the Union military, they stood no chance.. Or so Aglarion thought. "This battle will bring what I always wanted, eternal glory.." he thought to himself, a great tactical plan had been made, it would suprise the Union Military severely. The great battle would take place at the Viceroys city, the "new" Umbar. Vibiras's arrogance blinded him, he thought his defenses to be impenetrable, but he was wrong. Scouts had found a way trough the underground caves leading into the city itself, it would give the Astrasi troops a chance to attack the defenders in their backs. A man came up to Aglarion and said to him: "Gundabad sent a great force to help us My Lord, Mordor and Isengard sent what they could miss, but the orcs are untrained and unorganized my Lord." "Hmm, the Numbers should do, the Astrasi Troops should be able to execute the primary objective while the orcs act as a diversion" Aglarion responded, seconds after a horn was heard in the distance, scouts reported the sight of a small band of Golden Armored Soldiers marching towards the Siege Camps. The Leader of the band walked up to Aglarion "My name is Eol, ruler of Khand, we decided that we couldn't ignore a fight against the Númenoreans." This help was unexpected indeed to Aglarion, there had been recent differences and feuds between the Empire and the Khaganate, tensions were high. But the Easterlings couldn't ignore a chance to fight their mortal enemy, the Gondorians. A Black Numenorean named Sebrom came up to Aglarion soon after, "A notable force of Numenoreans is moving up towards our Location Aglarion, what are your orders" Aglarion responded by grabbing his warhammer and conjuring a grin on his face.

Aglarion left the camps with a force of Astrasi and Orcish soldiers to confront the Numenoreans. When they entered eachothers line of sight arrows were immediately shot towards both groups, Aglarion noticed a man with a winged helmet standing among the Numenoreans. "The King of Gondor Liodir himself is leading the attack gentlemen, leave him to me, kill the others!" Aglarion ordered. All Troops unsheathed their weapons and charged. Aglarion with his his new hammer "Mörgrond" in hand led the charge himself "Leading by Example" he called it, "there's no glory in spectating a battle from a distance" he often said to his men. He took a Gondorian out with a quick movement of his hammer and then continued to move towards the King, "You should have chosen the diplomatic route Liodir" he said, and raised his hammer for his first attack, Liodir, quickly paried him with his sword, and countered Aglarions attack, a short duel followed, with Aglarion on the offensive, Liodir was not extremely experienced in Combat, prefering the peaceful ways of Diplomacy normally. Aglarion did a faint and tricked the Gondorian King, he failed to block the attack and recieved a crushing blow on his head as result. The Gondorian king had been taken out, lying unconscious on the ground Aglarion took his damaged winged helmet from his head and held it up high in the air: "Let it be an example to those who dare oppose the true Númenoreans!" Aglarion yelled, Aglarion let the remaining Gondorians drag their Kings unconscious body back to their city helmetless, since there was no honour in killing an unconscious man, important as he might be. And so the first skirmish ended.

After a few more skirmishes it was time for the main attack. The troops rallied while a small taskforce led by the Black Numenorean Sebrom left the camp to execute their orders. Aglarion continued to give a speech to the troops about glory, honour and revenge, many of the orcs failed to understand the first two, Aglarion never liked orcs, from the day he was attacked by that orc in the shire years ago. Suddenly Aglarion felt something he feared, doubt. The whole attack trusted on the succes of Sebroms task force and perfect timing.

The troops were slowly leaving the camps and were moving on the city. Arrows were flying over the battlefield while Aglarion was rallying the troops for a charge on the gate. Suddenly muffled screams and the sound of clashing swords was heard behind the walls, "this was the moment, Sebrom reached the backs of the defenders." He thought, then he continued to order the charge, Aglarion and a group of Haradrim, Black Numenoreans and Uruks charged on the gate. In the meanwhile the orcs were in chaos, frightened by the sharp arrows of the elves aiding the Numenoreans, they didn't even hear the order "charge". Aglarion went in a frenzy while charging over the bridge, failing to notice he was all alone, the others were shot off the bridge into the quagmire before they could even reach the gate, Aglarion, wearing the Gondorians kings helmet charged trough the now open gates, he then regained his consciousness and realised he was all alone, surrounded by the best Numenorean warriors, while he was standing there he heard a Rohirric Horn behind him, the Rohirim had outflanked the orcs and they were now attacked from behind. The Gondorians, enraged by the sight of the Black Numenorean wearing their kings helmet attacked Aglarion. Aglarion managed to defend himself and killed 2 of the Gondorians, knowing he was outnumbered and outmatched he raised his hammer one last time, but then one of the attacking gondorians recieved a dagger in his back, Sebrom, just in time, together they took out the remaining Gondorians, but then, a warrior in shining armor bearing a shining hammer appeared, mewarmy, the "Dawnbringer", Sebroms Arch-Rival, Sebrom told Aglarion "This one is mine, go now, whilst you still can" Aglarion nodded and moved away, badly hurt by the Gondorians. Moving back towards the siege camp to rally the troops. When he exited the city and walked over the bridge he saw a terrible sight, the orcs were chaotically trying to defend themselves against the Rohirric horses, and the remaining Haradrim were trying to form a defensive wall but were routed everytime by the enemy cavalry, while slowly limping off the bridge Aglarion suddenly felt a hellish pain in his back, an arrow, he pulled the arrow out of his back, worsening the wound, and looked around, Vibiras.. The Usurper was cowardly firing arrows in hopes to kill his arch enemy, the Last Kingsman, last of a kind almost exterminated by the hand of Vibiras himself, Vibiras took it on himself to exterminate the Kingsmen and griefed over the fact that one survived. He continued firing arrows and hit Aglarion a second time now in his chest, Aglarion screamed in pain, and screamed "Coward!" At Vibiras, knowingly all was lost Aglarion limped away towards the Siege camp, the Battle was lost, he failed.. Umbar remained under the usurpers control and their claim was now even strengthened by this war. Although the battle was lost, it dealt severe damage to the Union, damage they in the end failed to recover from.. But revenge and Glory for Aglarion had to wait, for another time..

A Dark Age

Broken and bitter, Aglarion mounted his horse at the Siege Camp. The Siege Camp was still safe since the Union and their allies were struggling to defeat one last powerful Haradrim Warrior, The Obsidian Fox. Pierced with arrows and badly bloodied the Haradrim Lord refused to die, surrounded by Númenoreans he had no chance of escape. But this heroic last stand gave the Astrasi Survivors a chance to retreat.

The Siege Camp was in chaos, former allies stealing what was left of the brews, armors and weapons. Aglarion turned his horse and made way to the south along with the remaining loyal troops.

The defeat had a great mental impact on the Last Kingsman. He started to leave his jobs as King to the 4 Moredain Lords and Lady more and more. Every day he started to retreat into his palace further, his servants rarely saw him. Only the 4  remained in contact with the broken King.

One day when Sterre went up to his quarters the King had dissapeared. Bells were sounded, the Guards were sent out to find the King in fear he had been kidnapped, but he wasn't found, not a trace.

Only the King himself knew why and where he would go. Back at Umbar he didn't only lose the battle, but something else too, and he went out to find it again.


The Return

Since the King went missing the Moredain had been in chaos, the once loyal 4 now ended up in a struggle for leadership. Many Tribes lost their faith in the Faction and left. It were truely dark ages for the people of the Savannahs. Fighting broke out between the tribes, chieftains fighting for superiority, while the 4 were fighting amongst themselves for the throne.

One day the 4 were standing in the throne room, a severe fight broke out, Panda believed he would be the best king, but the others all believed he would only worsen the chaos and bring forth the end of the Moredain for good. Sterre wanted peace, something not many apreciated within the violent tribes. Tom wanted to use the throne for religious purposes, and Benjamin wanted the throne for his own wealth and power according to Panda. 

Just when the fight reached its worst point, Benjamin pulled his dagger, just when he was pulling back his arm to stab Panda a familiar voice was heard in the Distance, "You can stop now" The man jokingly said. A face yet so recognisable to the 4, but yet so different. The man was grinning, and looked better although older since they last saw him. 

Aglarion the King had returned.

Benjamin dropped his dagger and kneeled for the King. Sterre walked up to Aglarion and slapped him while the rest stood shocked. When Aglarion turned his face back towards the Moredain after the slap his grin didn't dissapear. Sterre stuttered "Where were you, what happened?!" Aglarion answered "It might be for the best if that remains a mystery, one thing I can assure you, I have returned to reastablish unity and order in these lands, expect much to change.." 

And so the King reunited the Lands, ending the struggles within, he had the 4 make peace with eachother again, and order returned to the lands.

A New Era

Aglarion was already reinformed by Narakhor, better known as Jonny, because much had changed. When Aglarion entered the Havens of Umbar in a merchant ship after his journey weeks ago he inmediatley noticed great changes. When he left the Havens to start his journey in the Dark Age Númenorean Union Flags, Troops and Watchtowers dotted the City of Umbar. But now that he returned only the ruins of the white watch towers remained. The city had been reclaimed by rebelling Corsairs and Black Numenoreans. The oddest part was that their were no signs of fighting within the city. When Narakhor informed him of the changes he told Aglarion that the Union had been officially declared a past memory. When the Union was denounced Númenorean Umbar was intergated into the Gondorian Kingdom as a Fiefdom. It enraged the Corsairs and Black Numenoreans to now be part of the Traitorous Kingdom, many didn't mind to be part of the "Númenorean" Union. But the Gondorian Kingdom? That was a straight dishonour. 

They claimed themself independent, although not recognised by Gondor. The Corsairs and Black Númenoreans reclaimed the former capital of Astrasi Umbar built by Kvesir and the original Black Numenorean inhabitants. They also started building a new City. Gondor not having stationed any significant force in Umbar was not able to put down the Rebellion. And so the Corsairs and Black Númenoreans ruled the lands in the shadows. 

All of this appeared very Ironic to Aglarion. In the past years of open conflict with the Númenoreans he never managed to do anything like this. And now that he was gone for a period the Umbarian Civilians managed to build their own state without any help from the outside..

One problem remained for the Independent Umbarians though, they were not officially recognised by many of the former Númenorean kingdoms wich greatly annoyed the Umbarians since they valued honour and respect.

Aglarion spoke with the Umbarians after he thanked Narakhor for the information, he swore to fight for their recognised independency and to help them in their time of need.

And here we arrive in the current. The Page will be updated accordingly to the events that will follow.

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