The city of Ain al-Harad (transl. Eye of Harad) is one of the great cities in western Near Harad. The city was build by Karseius IV. in the image of the city of Old Ain al-Harad which has been destroyed ages ago.

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City from northern perspective


During the reign of Astrasi empress shamiir in Near Harad Karseius IV. decided to build the city to honor his ancestors who have partially reigned in Old Ain al-Harad located on the nearby island. The goal was to build a new, similary great city and reastablish the glory of western Near Harad which was lost ofter the Doom of Old Ain al-Harad. After months of construction it has reached a point near it's complition.


Karseius (Ruler)



Ain al-Harad is the administrative capital of the Ain province in western Harad and seat of its ruler Viper (Lord) Karseius IV. It is the biggest city on the continent of Harad and is also completly fortified. In recent times it has also developped into a religious center in Harad and is home to a great number of temples of diverse religions and cults from Harad, Rhun and the West.


The city is known for it's grand architecture. It used a certain pattern of Sandstone, Near Harad Bricks and Red Near Harad Bricks but also features faction-foreign materials especially for non-haradrim temples. The city is divided into a farming disctrict, urban/port district and central district. The farming district features mostly different types of farms and houses but also the city's gardens. The urban district is the most populated part of the city and features besides common houses different temples, a fighting pit, a crypt, a port or other types of buildings. The central distcrict is protected by a second layer of massive walls and is the location of the city palace, main southron temple, a bathhouse and the great acadamy of Ain al-Harad. The stonemasons of Ain al-Harad are known for their skills in building large statues which have been exported to Far Harad and even Dorwinion.

Ain al-Harad Night

The city's urban district at night.

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Central district with temple and bathhouse

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Urban district with crypt and fighting pit

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Farming district near the serpent's gate