Angmar Banner
General Information
Government type Totalitarian Regime
Current Ruler(s) Er_Murazor_
Emblem None
Flag Banner of Angmar
Claimed Lands Angmar
Map of Lands None
Capital Carn Dum
Allies Gundabad, Dol Guldur, Mordor, Isengard
Population 20
Used NPCs Angmar NPCs
HammerDwarven reverse

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In the early days of the server Moranhere the Great founded Angmar to destroy Arnor for his lord Sauron, but he vanished and didn't finish the task. Angmar fell and members fought for the crown, although Ekrexor proclaimed himself king he had no support of the members, still loyal to Moranhere. Ekrexor left Angmar behind ,leaderless and weakened and Angmar fell into ruin. Zorik_Deathblade managed to get the support of most of the Angmar members and was elected king. During his reign Angmar began to rise again and the reconstruction of the ancient capital of Angmar, Carn Dum, began. It would have been a strong fortress of Angmar and a mighty capital but also Zorik_Deathblade left soon after he was crowned and Angmar was once again leaderless and divided while Carn Dum was still under heavy cunstruction. Luckily a new king was elected soon and managed to reunite the evil forces of Angmar, SexyBerry who was the 2nd in command under Zorick. Angmar gained new members very fast, but also SexyBerry disappeared from the server soon and Angmar went downhill again. After a long time faylynn proclaimed himself the new king of Angmar, which was literally a dead faction after all these leadership struggles. Faylynn started working on an outpost at the borders to the Misty Mountains called Fort Angrist and Angmar gained many new members very fast. TheWitch_King started rebuilding Carn Dum again, which was lost and destroyed during the chaotic, leaderless times. Faylynn left also recently  and most of the other members vanished with him. Nowadays Er Mûrazôr ( Er_Murazor_) formerly known as TheWitch_King is the 6th king of Angmar and is giving Angmar some much needed stability and consistency, Carn Dûm is now ready to house the forces of evil that dwell in the nowadays forgotten realm. Angmar is rising and dark magic dwells in the realm as the Witch King gathers forces to destroy Arnor and Numenor as his master wishes. The Red Fort ( Carn Dûm ) will be bigger than the former build wip's ( not even sure if there where any ) and will be able to house ower 10.000 orcs, men and beasts. Evil magic comes from the fort as Utumno is not far away and helps to spread black magic.

The power of Angmar grows as The witch King ( Er Murazor ) gathers his generals to Carn Dum to help construction before the long fight with Elves, Humans and Dwarfs, The recruits and soldiers get stronger everyday.

How to join

To join Angmar you have to travel to Carn Dum or High Pass, you will only need 100 Angmar alignment and you can pick to become an Orc, Hillmen or Black Numenorean in the society of Angmar (mostly for the wiki and rp purposes).

When both Fort Angry and Carn Dûm are completed you will be assigned to either Fort Angrist, Fort Angry or Carn Dûm.

Members (add to list)

Lord of Angmar: ( And Black Numenorian ) Er_Murazor_

Queen of Angmar: There is one.. I just don't know it.

Black Numenorian's:

AJTheWise: Black Lieutenenat ( 2nd in command )

EruIluvator: Angmar Commander (3rd in command ) ( inactive )

Bruno870 Ambassador monk of the Dragon clan


Caradoc_blood_ax: Warking of The Hillmen ( now leader of Rhudaur )

Asukek ( inactive )

SaurfangTheDeath: Mornamarth Steward of Carn Dûm ( on Vacation )


ruskification ( Inactive )

BrownFalcon ( Inactive )

TheOriginalCream ( Inactive )


_GOLLUM_ ( Inactive )




Shadowscar ( Inactive )











BlackMistixX ( Leader of the Trolls )



Banned from Angmar:

Drpepper0. ( Banned from Angmar )


The capital of Angmar is Carn Dum, a massive fortress in the Angmar mountains and is currently under heavy construction.

Angmar also has an outpost ( Former capital ) on the Angmar borders called Fort Angrist and was founded by Faylynn. Angrist now supplies Angmar with food.

A new town called Fort Angry is being constructed

A new town called Angmount will become a mining town and will supply Angmar with steel, stone and other minerals and it's also one of 3rd subforts of Carn Dum.

The Fortress of Angband ( before anyone says anything this is not the original fort from Melkor ) The old fort was found with black magic and after that Angmarians decided to make a replica of the great fallen fort of Melkor.

Former kings

Moranhere The Great





Claimed land

Angmar owns the cold and dark Angmar mountains where the Witch-King's lair lays, the mountains are full of black magic spreading out from Carn Dum.

Angmar obviously owns Angmar, where great forts will be built and forces gathered to destroy all in the way of the Witch-King.

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