Arantoer "Leader of men" the Second was the third king of Gondor and first Lord of Edoras. He was part of the Unity and the White Council and built Edoras and Minas Tirith. He died of old age in the Houses of Healing in Minas Tirith, and is buried in Denburg in Rohan .


Long brown hair, mixed with a couple of grey hairs he grew in his final days, he grew to be 56 years old before Mandos called for him. He had green eyes and was usually dressed in a chainmail vest and leather trousers.. He rarely wore his plate armor unless he really intended to leave the city, same goes for the crown he ended up despising. He also carried his sword with him everywhere he went.



Arantoer the second's ancestors were originally of Gondorian blood, but were sent to the land of the horse-lords to live as ambassadors near the mark. Through generations, the Rohirrim saw their family as one of their own, and being of royal blood, were seen as Horse-lords. At the age of 20, the parents of Arantoer left him in the house and went on their patrol in the land they owned, but were caught by an Uruk-hai invasion and butchered on the spot. As they did not return, Arantoer took hold of his sword and called for his horse, and rode out to look for them. He found the remaining Uruk-Hai who were still there, looting the corpses. When he saw his father's ring in one of the hands of the Uruk-Hai , he got into a frenzy and stormed at them, hewing two heads in one stroke. The last Uruk-hai tried to flee but was struck in the back not far from where he started. As he lowered himself from his horse he found both his parents no longer breathing. And he was overcome with grief. He took the ring with him which he dug out of the dead hand of the slain Uruk-Hai, and drove back home, where he collected all he could, before he set out to ride to Edoras, the closest village back in the day.

Once he got there, he saw that Edoras was in a dire state, almost abandoned except for a few farmers left. When he rode in he unmounted his horse, he asked for the man in charge. The only answer he received was that they had no leader anymore, but was welcome to stay with in one of the stables. On the fourth day of resting there, a horn of the Uruk-Hai blew on top of the neighboring hill. And a few dozen Uruk-Hai were marching towards the village. Arantoer drew his sword, and with him all the men whom had the strength in them to fight, formed a line inbetween the Uruk-Hai and the village. As the Uruk-Hai were marching in, and Arantoer set charge, the horn of Rohan blew, and the king of Rohan rode with his knights towards the Uruk-Hai from behind. So it was that the Uruk-Hai were trapped between two sides, and disbanded in panic. Only a few of the Uruk-Hai made it out of the battlefield, for most were chased down by the Rohirrim or Arantoer, who fought valiantly. The king rode to him and the villagers, and praised their bravery, even in dire times where they were outnumbered, they did not succumb to fear. And Arantoer spoke with the king, which was named "SpeedySC". SpeedySC came of liking to Arantoer, and gave him leadership of the village, which later thrived to become one of the three main cities of Rohan.

The Dunlending Wars:

As the once small village named Edoras grew into a proud city, protected by walls and filled with farmers who also lost their homes by Uruk-Hai raids and merchants who found a solid location within the walls, it also attracted new enemies. The Hillmen of Dunland got ear of Edoras, and the king "Evil_Mogwai" was thrilled. He quickly sent word and troops out to attack this new city, which was lacking defensive strength in men. But the words arrived sooner than the troops, and Arantoer sent word to SpeedySC, asking him for aid, whom rode out at an instant to arrive at Edoras before Dunland did. But the Dunlendings were so occupied with pillaging the lands, that they never made it to Edoras, but returned home after they heard the king of Rohan rode for Edoras. And from the kept records, Arantoer called the Dunland king "The Mad King" for this pointless attempt to siege.

After a year, The Mad King declared war on Edoras once more, and this time notified Arantoer deliberatly that Isengard, with the corrupted wizard Saruman, had joined the siege. Uruk-Hai and Dunlendings were marching together to the city, and this time Arantoer knew that they would arrive. For the Uruk-Hai have a steady pace in their feet. And he quickly sent out word once more to his king, and this time to Gondor. Rohan and Gondor arrived just a few moments earlier before the enemy did, and there was a fierce clash in front of the gates, and Saruman pulled his men back for he desired not to lose too many men to the Dunlending cause. This forced the Dunlendings to retreat aswell, but Arantoer rode out to meet Evil_Mogwai, and work out a treaty along with Isengard. After hours of discussion at a local pub, they agreed not to assault eachother anymore directly. They called for the High Elven leader Glaerdir as a witness to this agreement, and they all rode home.

And for a long time, it was quiet. All sides were thriving, developing, gaining power and influence in their surroundings. Trained their men and build up their walls. But The Mad King never stopped fighting someone, be it Edoras or other places and people. One of the ones he hunted, fled into Edoras as a refuge, using the treaty to keep Dunland at a distance. Arantoer, knowing the strength of this man, did not banish him, for Edoras had become an open trade city, he could not deny anyone from entering without a good reason. The Mad King was furious at this decision, and declared war once more on Edoras, breaking the treaty. But this time, the leaders met before their armies started marching. And in Mithlond it was, where Glaerdir, Evil_Mogwai, Arantoer and the warchief of Dunland, _Chop1Chop_ tried to work out a new treaty, but The Mad King tricked Arantoer, for even though he was mad, he was cunning too. And Arantoer got agitated, and threatened him. And if not for Glaerdir and the warchief, they would have sewn eachother on their swords that day, but they were taken to the arena to fight with bare hands until one would give up. The fight took place for hours upon hours, where they would strike a blow one after another towards eachother. But finally, due to the rain, Arantoer slipped and came in an ill position, and was striken down. But instead of finishing him there, The Mad King respected the strength of the Horse-Lord, and helped him up. That was the day a friendship formed between the High Elves, Edoras and Dunland, and the last Dunlending war, ended.

His Gondorian coronation:


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