The Ashaza Dynasty
General Information
Government type Kingdom
Current Ruler(s) Ashaza | (kingopai1) (deceased)
Emblem None
Flag 250px-Opai flag.svg
Claimed Lands Map
Map of Lands None
Capital Opailath
Allies Astari Empire
Population Kingopai1
Used NPCs None


Kingopai1 after the death of the former Chieftain was named Chieftain and was shortly after a puppet king of the Astarsi Empire. Kingopai1 built the capital, and new religion. After 6 months of ruling he made a daring attack on the Tauredain without properly reading the rules, and was banned.

5. Astrasi Era

With the Astrasi Era the Savannah became the utter most southern border of the Astrasi Empire. Although the Moredain now were ruled by a Near Haradrim King, Serpentlord Karseius III. left the native Moredain system intact. Gyldencat remained as High Chieftain and now Viper ( a Near Haradrim title for aristrocratic lords), until he retired from his position. Kingopai1 became the ruler of the Moredain after Gyldencat retired.

6. The end of Kingopai1

Kingopai1 and a legion of Moredain warriors accompanied by sheer drunken stupidity, griefed the Tauredain.


The new flag was ordered by kingopai1.

The triangle represents pointing to a better future.

The Green represents the wide flora and fauna of the Moredain Lands.

The Lion represents the Lionhearted spirit of the Moredainian people.

The Sun represents the hope of a new day.


Opailath is the capital of the Moredain built by the Viper Kingopai1. It was a glorious city in the mountains and replaced the old capital with a temple and village in the woodlands.