Atanvarno was the 3rd and 5th King of Gondor, and was a representative in the Council of Nùmenor and The White Council. He is the builder of Osgiliath, one of the best warriors and one of the oldest players. He was the Lord of Osgiliath.

Early Server History

Atanvarno joined as Vort3XUSisDF in the autumn of 2014. He built a base in Gondor and got wealthy after mining in the Misty Mountains. He broke a rule when he FT-ed away from paulis_123 in a battle. Though he only got a warning and learned to behave better. He soon started getting high alignment with both Gondor and Durins Folk. One day he was going to trade but was killed by Ynsoh (GeT__RiGhT). After he was killed he got his GodMithril and killed Ynsoh when he was in the Uruk Highlands. Vort3XUSisDF got his mithril. He had killed his first enemy. Then the climax happened when he faced Bubbaret in a battle in Edoras. Sadly he couldn't eat his Enchanted Golden Apples because of Banner protection message popping up and he got by killed Bubbaret. He lost his motivation and left server for a long time. He had faced a major defeat just because of a small bug. He came back later planning to make an empire in Eregion with a group of friends. He soon found out his friend TheKingGuus77 cheated with both X-ray and flyhack. He got really mad and got his friend banned. He left the empire and planned to make Osgiliath after the new update (22.Beta) would be released. He succeeded in this and he soon got the role Prince of Ithillien. Gondor soon started growing. Captain_Faramir hired a lot of people for Gondor and grew. Soon he was a member of The White Council and he got the Kingship from Arantoer_II. He succeeded in holding the fierce Haradrim away from Gondor. After a while he got tired of being King and he gave his kingship to his loyal friend Zhatelier.

King_Elendil going evil

2015-05-29 16.55.06
King_Elendil decided to join evil to give them a boost. He decided to become a dark sorcerer, and he built a base in the Mountains of Mirkwood. He befriended Webskee and they decided to kill one after one. It all started with the attack on Aldburg. King_Elendil attacked with a lot of evil players, and they sat down on the Hall of Aldburg. This event caused the retreat to Edoras for the Rohirrim. Webskee and King_Elendil then went to Edoras. Mr_Tinty was slain by King_Elendil but King_Elendil left to save his own life, and Edoras was defended. King_Elendil and Webskee killed a lot of players the next days, but King_Elendil realized that he became evil at heart and left evil, and therefore the prophecy of the Returning King got fulfilled.

Return of the King


The End 

After spending more than two years on the server, Atanvarno decided to leave. He had already stepped down as king and two elections had taken place since then. He kept working on Osgiliath and many other builds and he was a wise and good ruler of osgiliath. However, after having spend so much time on the server, he decided to stop and do some other things. On July 29th, 2016 he announced he was leaving the server.


  • Former 5th King of Gondor
  • Member of the Nùmenorean Council
  • Former Lord and Owner of Osgiliath
  • Member of the White Council
  • Former King of Gondor (3rd King)
  • Former Prince of Ithilien (1st Prince of Ithilien)

Fun facts

  • Atanvarno is one out of two people on the server to have held the Andùril, in addition he got the Andùril after he asked Mevans to obtain it as he came back as King (The Return of The King).
  • Atanvarno were the only one to face Webskee in a battle, and not lose (in a 1v1). The battle ended with a flee from both parts.
  • Atanvarno joined the first day of the server but found the server boring and left for TOR.
  • Atanvarno has also been the King of Gondor on TOR.
  • Atanvarno is Mew's best friend on the server

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