The Balchoth easterlings are a lore faction lead by TheKrimsonWolf. They make there homes in the Wilderlands south east of Mirk-wood and are a part of the Confederacy of Eastern Civilizations. The Balchoth are looking for new members.

Message of the page

The Balchoth are looking for new members and good builders to help in the building of the capital city and/or any future forts/cities.


TheKrimsonWolf- Chieftain of the Balchoth

Leaf_99- First of the Keshig


JDT_82 - Foot Soldier

Mineboy818- Foot Soldier

(Current title of the Balchoth until our title is actually added is the Purple Warmongerers title)


Chieftain of the Balchoth - Leader and most powerful of the Balchoth clan, is the highest rank achievable within the Balchoth.

Kheshig - The Kheshig are the Royal Guard of the Balchoth and only answer to the Chieftain, they are warriors of legend and are amongst the best in the whole of the Khaganate. They can recruit members and can also promote members up to the rank of charioteer or below if they get permission from the chieftain.

Noyan - Their closest equivalent would be lords in medievil england, they are second only to the Chieftain and are equals to the Kheshig, each noyan has their own territory to govern, they gain territory either by success in battle and war or through politics. They can recruit members and can also promote members up to the rank of charioteer or below if they get permission from the chieftain.

Charioteers - Warriors of the horse and chariot, the best chariot racers in middle-earth and among the most vital parts of the Balchoth army because of their effectiveness when it comes to flanking the enemy. They work in pairs, one person drives using the chariot itself as their weapon shredding the enemy with the spikes on their wheels, the second person stands behind the driver shooting their enemies with extremely precise bow and/or javelin shots

Lancers - Warriors of horse and Lance/Glaive/Spear( < will be decided once we are added), they make up a large part of the Balchoth army.

Archers - Master of the bow whether it be on horse or on foot (although foot archers are rare in the Balchoth army), they make up another large part of the Balchoth army.

Foot Soldiers - only just joined the clan and have yet to prove they are worth a true rank


Goikalos-(The Capital)(Recently started construction after being lost in the reset)

Lum Kala-(lost in reset)

Member Standards

  1. Do not kill without reason (wanting their gear=reason :P )
  2. Be pleasant with all people until they offend you, our faction or our BOOTIFUL SPIDERS!


Balchoth territory v2


The Balchoths only true loyalty is to its Chieftain and the Khan, not good or evil.

Allies- Factions of the Confederacy, Near Harad, Dol Guldur, Wainriders and the Khaganate

Enemies- Gondor, Dale and The Golden Realm

Kill on Sight players: FreakishMovie, Miner49er876 (Do not engage if it means certain death)

More will be added later...