"CITIZEN" Refers to a Hell Eldrim meber at rank of Citizen or above,

"MEMBER" Refers to any faction member,

RECOGNIZING THAT Angmar and Hell Eldrim can gain from a mutually beneficial relationship,

WHEREBY are established the following terms;

TO ESTABLISH these relations, members of Angmar shall be permitted entry and the capacity to seek asylum within the public constructs of the Hell Eldrim, as will all members of Angmar,

TO FURTHER relations, the Citizens of the Hell Eldrim shall not assail the members of Angmar;

LIKEWISE the members of Angmar shall not assail those of the Hell Eldrim.

NEITHER faction will assail the other in any fashion with the intent of causing harm.

ADDITIONALLY the members of Angmar may trade freely without fear of prosecution or attack in the lands of the Hell Eldrim so long as they abide by the laws of the territory they reside within.

LIKEWISE shall the Citizens of Hell Eldrim be allowed to trade permitted they follow the laws of Angmar.

FURTHERMORE the mebers of Angmar may trade with immunity to trading taxation or tariff in the lands of the Hell Eldrim,

LIKEWISE shall the Citizens of the Hell Eldrim be permitted to trade with immunity to taxation or tariff in the lands of Angmar.

HEREIN ENACTS The Black Ice Concordat

ERGO ensuring the future prosperity of all factions involved.


-Dunker220, King of Hell Eldrim

-Hexidecimark, Chancellor of Hell Eldrim

-Er_Murazor, Witchking of Angmar

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