Biography :

Caradoc Blood Axe is a mix blood, the son of the rhudaur hillman, Huon Blood axe and the dunlending, Meriel ravenclaw, he is loyal to the rhudaur kingdom and angmar but also consider the dunlending as his brothers and treat the gundabad people with honnor and respect. Caradoc cares for one thing, building his own legend, he names all his weapons, try to get the most achievments possible and as a proud hillman, never back off from a dual.

Story :

The story of this hillman begins in coldfell, during the invasion of the dùnedains, entire villages were being destroyed and many hillmen had to travel in order to survive, that was the case of Caradoc's family, four days after his birth, his mother died, unable to walk any further. Huon decided to walk east, most of the wolfsong's tribe agreed to follow him, homeless and desesperate. And so they crossed the misty mountains, many died in that journey, one year later they arrived in the grey mountains, where they settled, here the young Caradoc grey, his father died when he was 8. Too young to rule, he was usurped by his uncle, Orin withered cloak, who banished him of the tribe. Alone, the young Caradoc had to learn by himself the ways of survival, he travelled far, very far .One night the unavoidable happened, his first fight. He first encountered an orc's dead body but unfortunately 5 feets from the body was what probably killed him, a blood thirsty wolf, ready to pounce on the young hillman, quickly caradoc took the orc's axe, it was a gundabad uruk waraxe, a fine blade forged in the deeps of the scatha's lair, after a long fight the boy eventually won but he was severly injured. he walked for days spilling blood on his way, he eventually got caught up by even more wolves, all hopes were lost, when suddenly a figure burst out of the shadows, he was a tall man taller than any men he had ever seen, it was the first time he saw a black numenorean he killed the bunch of wolves rather easily and then held his hand to Caradoc, soon enough Caradoc was part of the dragon's clan, one of gundabad clans but here he was once again alone, he was treated like a lesser human by the black numenorean cultists and wasn't accepted by the orcs. one day he decided to flee from the lair, he then met the men of dale and the dwarves of erebor , here he built a strong relationship to this day and even to this day he is friend with the dwarves and the men of dale, he lived in dale for a few years but then it came to him, the call of the north, every nights, in his dreams he was seeing the lands of coldfell, haunting him, he finished by conceding, returning to his homelands he crossed the misty mountains once again, this time he was heading west, he met with all the gundabad clans, the moria clan, the goblin town clan and the mount gundabad clan, during this journey he proved himself loyal to gundabad and learnt how to fight and how to ride wargs. One day he eventually reached coldfell. From the pikes of the misty mountains, he could finally see his homeland, he then travelled across the ruined lands, from coldfell to carn dum, in this journey he developed an burning hatred toward the rangers of the north, swearing vengeance on them, he then settled down in a little rhudaur village located in coldfell. He now regularly come down in eriador to raid and sack the lands, he also often pays visit to his dunlendings pals.

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