The Church of Eru Ilúvatar (also called the One True Faith by followers) is a monotheostic and missionary in the Westlands of Middle-Earth.


The Worshipp of Eru Ilúvatar has a long tradition in the Westlands although it was never centralized. This started to change when several believers in Eru Ilúvatar joined to create the Church of Eru with the goal to unite all men, elves and dwarves who belive in the god Eru Ilúvatar.


The Church of Eru promotes the belive in one true god called Eru Ilúvatar who created the world. No other gods beside him are accepted and the church is strictly against the worshipp of any other gods or idols. Beside Eru Ilúvatar, the church promotes the belive in the eight Valars who serve Eru Ilúvatar as prophets.

According to the doctrines of the Church of Eru, all men, elves and dwarves must choose either the light by joining Eru Ilúvatar or darkness by joining the Evil forces and the fallen Valar


The places of worshipp are called churches. The outside appearences of the churches can vary a lot while the inside of the churches stay mostly the same. White is concidered the sacred color of Eru, therefore most of the churches inside are white. Every Church has a model of the Two Trees of Valinor, so serve as symbols of the church. Most churches are divided into a silver and golden half. Besides the altar, there is a waterpool for baptisms.


Most followers of The Church of Eru are living in the Kingdom of Gondor. In recent times, the religion has spread into Rohan, Eriador and Rhovinion.

Political Influence

The Church of Eru has a certain influence in the politics of the Westerlands. Many Kings and Lords who are either members of the church or sympathize with it follow it's doctrines.

The Church of Eru has also expressed a desire to convert people it conciders heathens like the Dunlandings or Haradrim.

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