What is the Coalition of Dawn?

The Coalition of Dawn, C.O.D shortened, is an official alliance/cooperation between Gondor, Rohan and Arnor.

The C.O.D was made with the aim to unify and promote cooperation between said factions. This also includes military, diplomatic and economic goals.

Operation Trident.

Operation Trident was the first name given to this coalition, back when it was only an idea between the leaders of Gondor and Rohan. Operation Trident was set up between Icefrone and Tarrixiv, after both players felt the need to have a stronger bond between the 3 main factions of the man. Strong and Unified were the 2 key concepts for this coalition. Polls were held in both factions and the results were decisive, 80% of Witenagemót (Rohan's advice-giving council) voted YES in the poll to make this coalition a good working thing. Gondor's exact percentage of the voting are unknown, yet it decisively passed (the Council voted for the alliance with 100% vote - JC). Arnor was contacted soon/midst voting and joined Operation Trident soon after. After the joining of Arnor, the name was re-chosen to Coalition of Dawn.


The following terms are approved after extensive negotiating and discussing within the C.O.D:

  • Every faction is allowed to appoint up to 2 subordinates who helps the king discuss, approve and propose to the C.O.D,
  • Non-aggression agreement, The Kingdoms, their Leaders, Citizens and Members will restrain from any act of aggression against any member, site or object of any of the allied Kingdoms at all times. This includes the use of a third party as enactor of the aggression (paying mercenaries etc.). Members of the allied Kingdoms can arrange to have friendly duels, or mock sieges and contests, that might look like aggression but are not counted as those. Both (or all) sides have to agree to any such action. Another exclusion from this rule are server based mock sieges - here anything is possible... Cause it will be of no real consequence.
  • Mutual agreement of defense, The Kingdoms will aid each other in the case of a defensive war. If a third party declares war on one of the Signees, and the so threatened party does ask for help, the other signees are bound to come to help with any means possible and needed. Any military interaction resulting out of this help will be coordinated and agreed upon. The terms of war will be decided by the inner circle of the Coalition (the three kings or their direct proxys).
  • Mutual consent on the option of coordinated military efforts Even though active military endeavours (like trying to subdue or attack a third party) can be counted as internal matters of any of the Signees, the Kingdoms agree to try to coordinate those actions and at least inform the others about those. In this way here is pre-emptive warning and an option for discussing those and the possible dangers they entail. The Coalition in itself is not an aggressive alliance, but there can be need for pre-emptive or offensive actions to counter threats from third parties.
  • Coordination of further alliances The Signees try to coordinate their additional alliance each in a way, that those alliances can't lead to any disturbance of the Coalition or the need for one Signee to refrain from helping in a defensive matter as mentioned in paragraph 3.
  • Sharing of Membership-lists.The three signees try to always share a current list of members and citizens to avoid misunderstandings and to avoid having problems with paragraph 2.
  • Solving of disagreements Should by any chance there be a disagreement between two of the signees, they will discuss their disagreement before the third King and accept his decision as the solution to the problem. The third King tries to be as neutral as possible and decide to the best of his knowledge.
  • Matters of Coordination To coordinate the matters of the Coalition there is a standing discussion between the three kings and those of their advisors and faction members they see fit to help them. The number of advisors per faction should be equal not to give to much advantage from that to one of the signees. See paragraph 1.
  • C.O.D games and parties on rotation are to be held between Coalition members. However these events are flexible since there is not a set time interval between them.
  • Also trading shouldn't be obstructed in any way between Coalition members unless specific orders/instructions are given.

Credits for JerrekCarnelian for writing out the agreed upon terms.

Members of C.O.D.

As said in the terms, paragraph 1 to be exact. Every coalition faction is allowed to have at least 2 subordinates assigned. The exact number of members will be 9, this means that an even number of votes can't be reached. This means that a proposal has to pass or fall without a chance to float in between.

Here follows a list of said members:


King: Elendil_the_tall

Lord: HarrMac

Lord: SentinalGuard23


Chancellor: Icefrone

Commander: KevinLOTR

Seneschall : TackleToWin


King: Algahron

Emissary: Sir_PandaHead

Notable events.

As the server and the Coalition progresses, notable events are bound to be happen. Here is a list of notable events that has happened between the C.O.D:

Rohan-Gondor land trade:

The Rohan-Gondor land trade is an event that happened on 10-6-17 when the leaders of Gondor and Rohan came to an agreement to trade land. Dunharrow, a waypoint with lore bound to Rohan, lays in what was Gondor territory. And since borders weren't clearly made between the 2 factions, confusion about who owned the wp ensued. This was resolved with the Rohan-Gondor land trade, which stated that Rohan got ownership over Dunharrow. And in return, Gondor got a piece of Rohirric Druwaith Iaúr that pierced the province of Andras.