The Council of the Northmen is an inter-factional organization of factions based on Northern Cultures. Current members of the Council are the Kingdom of Rhovanion, the Kingdom of Anduin, The Kingdom of Dorwinion, the Beornings and the Woodmen of Mirkwood. They were formed in mid 1417, by mewarmy, mr_tinty and JamesTurpin, with the purpose of advancing trade and creating mutual defense but it fell inactive before it was revived again by legoarmy505 and mr_tinty.


The council was founded by the fearless King of Rohan, a Rohirric Lord and a Viking chief. This pact of unity help strengthen the force of Northmen in middle earth. But as the Viking tribes were wiped out and mewarmy the monarch of Rohan was banned, it fell to ruin. Many years later, mr tinty of Rohan and legoarmy505, King of Rhovanion decided that the old pact should be rekindled. They journey across Rhovanion, seeking out the Northmen monarchs how rules decaying realms and asked them to join and almost immediately, their kingdom flourished.


Current members include:

legoarmy505 - founder, Rhovanion

iBarca - Rhovanion

Dersky123 - Rhovanion

KingArthurz - Anduin

Dylbert - Anduin

King_Stannis_ - Dorwinion

summersharry - Woodmen

LordOropher - Beornings


The Northmen live in the following biomes:

The Vales of Anduin

The Mouths of the Entwash


Parts of Wilderland (not the lands Erebor or the Balchoth have claimed)

Parts of Enedwaith


Gladden Fields.


1. Do not take the life of an innocent

2. Do not take what is not yours

3. Do not harm your allies

4. Treat everyone with respect, Friend or Foe

5. Defend your King and your lands


The Northmen wish to safe guard the northern regions from all invaders and provide a safe haven for all good players. They wish no ill thoughts to evil as long as they do not provoke them.

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