The Swan Knights of Dol Amroth are an independent nation separate from Gondor. It was founded by Vellisar and won its independence under Imrazôr .


The Swan Knights of Dol Amroth are ruled by the prince Imrazôr_.


1st Prince of Dol Amroth-Vellisar

2nd Prince of Dol Amroth- Imrazôr_ (Imrazôr Víturi)


The listed players are the members given citizenship. This is a new system so many members will be added in the nearby future.


  1. Imrazor_


  1. Master of Navies; TrueKnightmares
  2. Master of Armies; uriank
  3. Master of Industries; ViriatoII
  4. Master of the Treasury; none


  1. Darkflower
  2. DJPetersen
  3. Doriom
  4. IronSwordPT
  5. tbone9513

Builds & Regions

Dol Amroth has control over all of Dor-En-Ernil except for the region surrounding Edhellond which is under Gondorian control. In addition, the city of Dol Moran in Pinnath Gelin and its surrounding region is under the control of Dol Amroth.

Alph Falas

The first capital of the faction, built mainly by WinterCoop and Vellisar. It stands tall as an ocean port to the faction. The city has fallen out of use mainly due to the size of the walls not being enough to stop an attack. However when an inner wall is built the city will become one of the faction's greatest cities again.

Dol Amroth

The Capital of the Swan Knights is outside of the Dol Amroth waypoint. It is to the west by the sea. The great city with its towering walls is built on the hill of Dol Amroth which the palace is built upon. The city was initially started under Vellisar and built by Imrazôr. Once Vellisar had abdicated his successful rule to Imrazôr, the new prince then took control over the city and faction and used Dol Amroth as the capital. Dol Amroth became a large objective of Imrazôr to complete and would solidify the rebellion which the faction was at the time. The city had united the faction and brought many new members to the faction. The city is not yet finished but is defensively able to fight.


The city, now being rebuilt is ruled by TrueKnightmares. The city was once ordered to be built by Jubal_Sackett but due to the lack of progress and Jubal's leaving of the server the city is being rebuilt.

(More details to be added by city ruler)

Dol Moran

The great city that is also known as Pinnath Gelin. The city has been built and is under the control of uriank.

(More details to be added by city ruler)

Server History

Once, earlier in the server, Bat and Gondor owned the entirety of Dor-en-Ernil, when a family of players arrived they sought the mainland of Dor-en-Ernil, this caused controversy until everyone realised bat was inactive, the family made a deal with Gondor, securing the mainland and swearing allegiance to Gondor.

They sailed to the west, probably never to return. The Mainland of Dor-en-Ernil is again united with Dol Amroth, and the prince is ruling both.

Then, on the 16th of August, 2017, Prince Vellisar started a rebellion against Gondor that quickly gained momentum when he handed the prince-ship to Imrazôr (Imrazor_) and after six months of war against Gondor, Gondor and Dol Amroth made a treaty detailing a cease-fire between the two factions.

To this day the peace treaty still stands.