Doomblade is an organization founded in the year 1416 Shire Reckoning. It was founded by the former Ranger of the North HatchDaEgg and the new players mzungubrother and boxyboy222. Its purpose is to supply mercenaries to good factions, protect the weak, and just adventure in general.

They currently have no enemies, although they resent the Northshire Republic.

Headquarters: Currently unbuilt, planned to be in or near Lothlorien.

Their leader is elected by the guild members weekly.

HatchDaEgg Founder and President, head of military, official bartender

mzungubrother Founder and Vice president, head of defense, head of architecture

boxyboy222 Head of agriculture and mining

If you wish to join please contact HatchDaEgg, mzungubrother, boxyboy222, or any other faction member.