Foundation of the Cult

After the doom of Angmar a small group of Black Numenoreans, led by the descendant of an old noble house of Numenór, Ar-Korthon, fled into the grey mountains. This group travelled far into the east of the Grey Mountains, where they finally arrived at the Lair of Scatha, where they found the big Wyrm Scatha in its last breathes of life, wounded by Fram the filth. Close to death Scatha taught them about the Dragons of Old and the old Magic and Power Morgoth gave them and gave them the order to build a citadel and found a cult of the mighty Dragons.

The worshipped Dragons

Every member of the Northern Dragon Cult (not to mix up with the Eastern Dragon Cult) worships one of the following three Dragons.

1. Scatha, the great Wyrm


The first Dragon is Scatha, the great Wyrm. He was part of the Urulóki race. Therefore he had no wings but a very powerful and deadly breath of fire. Because of his connection to the Clan he is the most important Dragon and the Priest of Scatha is always the High Priest of the Dragon Cult. Scatha is worshipped by most of the Black Numenoreans and some Orcs. He lived until the foundation of the Dragon Clan, terrorizing the free folk and gathering a huge hoard in his Lair in the Grey mountains, where nowadays his worshippers pray to him, until Fram the coward killed him deviously. Scathas aspects are power, wealth and cunning.


2. Glaurung, the father of Dragons

The second Dragon is Glaurung, the first of the Urulóki, created by Morgoth during the first age to subjugate the filthy free folk. He is worshipped by many Black Numenoreans. Under his deadly breath the cities and countries of Beleriand were destroyed and the weak free people enslaved by his mental power. As an Urulóki he wasnt able to fly. He got murdered by the devious Man Túrin, still unbeaten in a fair fight. Because of his endless mental power his aspects are Domination, Conspiracy and Manipulation.

3. Ancalagon, the Black

Dragon of the First Age by rubendevela

The third Dragon is Ancalagon, the Black, a Fire Dragon of immense size. Ancalagon was the biggest Dragon to ever exist, even surpassing the father of Dragons in this aspect. Ancalagon had a black skin and was known for his cruelty and bloodlust. He led the Dark Legions in the War of Wrath against the nasty Maiar and Valar, who used Melkors' rightful claim to the lands of Midleearth to start an unrightful and unprovoked war against the creator. Ancalagon fought heroic until he was slain by the filthy Earendil in his nutshell Vingilot. Because of his raw power, strength and Cruelty he represents the aspect of Fear, raw strength and bloodshed.Most of the Orcs and Warriors worship him.

Every Dragon demands blood sacrificies from his worshippers frequently


There is a diversity of doctrines and practices amoung the groups organized under the northern dragon cult.The most obvious divide is between the practices of the black numenorean followers and those of orc kind.

Black Numenorean Practices

The Black Numenorean practices focus on three big principles.

1. Batân (The Path): The writing and creating of documents, scripts, books and therefore discovering new knowledge and saving old knowledge of the dragons for future generations.

2. Saphad (Understanding): The studying of old documents, books and scripts concerning the Cult and the Dragons and learning about the teachings of the Cult.

3. Huzun (The Ear): Praying to the Dragons and converting unbelievers to the Cult, aswell as taking part at the mass of the Dragon they did chose to worship.

A typical Black Numenorean mass consists of several steps. First the worshippers pray all silently to the Dragon, while two priests are igniting the torches in the temple. After that the Monks begin to start singing chorals in Adunaic, while the Priest is preaching about the Dragon. Then an animal, or at very important days even prisoners are brought to the temple and will get sacrificed to the Dragon by the Priest, supported by an intense singing. At the very end the worshippers get the opportunity to sacrifice small things to the Dragons aswell. Then the Priest blesses the worshippers in Adunaic and the ceremony is over.

Orcish practices

While Black numenorean worship revolves around the teaching of scriptures by a priest, the orc folk, of whom possess a rather poor grasp of literacy skills worship in an altogether different manner. The rituals are led by a Shaman who has a great knowledge of various plants that can be used as hallucinogens, poisons, and medicines. Rituals would usually begin with the consumption of hallucinogenic plants and large quantities of alcohol before climaxing in multiple sacrifices to be consumed by the worshippers. These sacrifices range from sheep and cows up to captured men and elves.Through these acts the worshippers are said to experience the might of the dragons coursing through them. It is even said that the bones from these rituals is later used by the shamans to make the potent orc draught that fuels the orcish armies on the road to war.

The orc temples are usually rather makeshift built from a mixture of wood, bone, and stone with draconic totems formed out of wicker used to contain sacrifices to be burned alive. However when possible the orc shamans look for locations of great power to build there temples, these include captured fortresses, especially old dwarven halls.The shrines to the dragons however are intricately designed filled with coins and jewels and lined with carved stone (usually looted) when possible the black rock of mordor is preferred by the shamans as they believe it represents Ancalagon.

Despite the harsh differences the orc and black numenorean leaders work together and still obey the same core teachings.

Ranks of the Cult

1.Black Numenorean Ranks:

-High Priest (Only in the Dragon Clan, Head of the Cult, Diocesan of Scathas Lair)

-Priest (Only in the Dragon Clan)

The following ranks can obtained by any Black Numenorean. They are not bound to a diocese.

-Emissary Monk (Representing the Cult in a faction)

-Wandering Monk (A wandering/factionless monk)

-Acolyte (recently joined the abbey/diocese , studying the doctrine of the Dragons)

2. Orcish Ranks:

The following ranks can obtained by any Orc. They are not bound to a circle. Do not exist in the Dragon Clan.

-Emissary Shaman (Representing the Cult in a faction)

-Wandering Shaman (A wandering/factionless shaman)

-Neophyte (recently joined the Cult , studying the doctrine of the Dragons)

3. Circle and Diocese Ranks

The following ranks are bound to a diocene or a circle. (Diocese=Black Numenorean, Circle=Orcish)

-High-Abbot / High-Shaman (leading the local Diocese/Circle)

-Abbot/ Master-Shaman (leading an extension abbey within a faction)

-Master Monk/ Supervisor (watching the acolytes, administration of the books)

-Acolyte/ Neophyte (recently joined the abbey, studying the doctrine of the Dragons)


Every Monk or Shaman is allowed to found a diocese/circle (Diocene=Black Numenorean, Circle=Orcish), but he has to fullfill the following requirements:

-He has to proof that he is a fully educated monk/shaman.

-There need to be atleast 2 people to found a diocene/circle:

  1. One High-Abbot/High-Shaman
  2. One Master Monk/Supervisor

-He needs a seat of the diocese/circle in a major building of a faction or clan.

-There can only one diocese OR circle exist per faction/circle (e.g. if there is one diocese with its seat at Mt. Gram there can not be another one at Mt. Gundabad)

-There need to be several structures buildt, such as:

  1. A big shrine to the main dragon of the diocese/circle
  2. Two smaller shrines to the other dragons
  3. A library
  4. Chambers for the Acolytes/Neophytes
  5. Rooms for the Abbots and Monks/ Shamans and Supervisors
  6. A room for the High-Priest, if he wishes to visit the abbey.

Existing Dioceses

1. Diocese of Scathas Lair (under High-Priest Ar-Korthon)

WIP Dioceses

1. Diocese of Withered Heath

2. Diocese of Bawâb 'nPhrôkhô (under Master Monk Kevinlevin111)

3. Diocese of Eagle´s Eyrie

4. Diocese of Carn Dum

Factions worshipping the Great Dragons

-Dragon Clan of Gundabad under the High Priest Ar-Korthon (Ar_Korthon)

-Angmar under BlackMistXx

-Kingdom of Rhudaur under War-King Caradoc Burnt-Shield (Caradoc_Blood_Ax)

-Goblin Clan of Gundabad under Narakhor II. (jonnymoomoomoo)

Monks, Shamans etc.

High-Priest of Scatha Ar-Korthon, Voice of the Trinity (Dragon Clan)

-Priest Telemmaite of Glaurung (Dragon Clan)

-Master-Monk Caradoc Burnt-Shield of Ancalagon {Caradoc_Blood_Axe} (Dragon Clan, Rhudaur)

-Master-Monk Ugruruth of Glaurung {Kevinlevin111} (Dragon Clan)

-Monk pepedoesgames of Ancalagon (Dragon Clan)

-Monk Er Mûrazôr of Ancalagon (Dragon Clan, Angmar)

-Acolyte Yômâ {Gorbag12} (Dragon Clan)

Emissary Shaman MysteryFTW of Scatha (Moria Clan)

Emissary Monk Bruno870 of Glaurung (Angmar)

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