Fangorn is the Realm of the Ents. It was originally founded by Capt9Captain (formerly internet_miners) and XTeaspoonX. It is currently being led by the Elder Council after a lull in activity. Fangorn is a peaceful neutral faction and trades with all. However, there are a select few who have gained favor with the shepherds of the forest and thus have pacts with them.

How to Join Fangorn

Players seeking to join Fangorn should gain some alignment with Fangorn (recommended amount is at least 100). They should also make their way to Wellinghall for an introduction to the faction. Players should try and join the Fangorn discord server as we use it frequently so if you need to get in touch with us, that is a place to do so.


  • CrackFather (Peekous); Voice of the Ancient Woods- CrackFather was one of the first Ents to emerge from the depths of Fangorn when the forest grew old and quiet and proceeded to renew the wood. He founded the Elder Council from his ancient friends and acts as it's voice to the world. He has reputation of being eccentric and rumor has it that he dabbles in some ancient power.
  • TreeBeard (TreeBeard); Nurturer of the Forgotten Wood- TreeBeard is one of the eldest Ents residing in the forest. He watches over the trees as he walks about in the forest and ensures that their safety from those who dare try defile the forest. He loves to create and grow things revolving around the nautral forest of Fangorn.
  • WeedRoot (ArinHolmes); Fuzzy Long Branched Ancient Root of the Great Long Past Council of Leaves in the Winding River- Weedroot, former member of a long past council and friend of Crackfather, is more bendy in comparison to other ents. He was invited to the council after long wandering the forest in search for knowledge. The furvor of his past has inadvertantly slipped from his roots. At times he seems so treeish that most races would pass where he rests and take him for a tree that has always been there.
  • BranchWeaver (Aventuras)
  • LeafBrows (Molag_Bal)
  • LongLeaf (Orwen)- Ornwen watches the river. Like all ents, Ornwen has a profound love of nature, but the river holds special meaning for her. She woke beside a long river, which she never left. She lived there happily for many years with her herd until a sudden threat came from the north. A raging fire started by orcs forced the herd to retreat, despite the herd's might. Out of fear, she ran from the fire and followed the familiar river to safety. She waits there, where the river meets the forest's edge, as the forest slowly disappears.


In the early days of Fangorn it was ruled by Capt9Captain (formerly internet_miners) and his second XTeaspoonX. However with a new revival of the forest, the governing body has switched to a triumvirate called the Elder Council. While all Ents have a say in any given matter, final decisions are executed in a vote by the Elder Council by a majority vote.

Identification System

  • The members of the council wear the 'Fangorn Bough' in dark green and have custom titles on this page
  • Ents of Fangorn wear the 'Ent' title in dark green
  • Due to some rather strange events CrackFather wears the 'Master Entslayer' title in dark green. The other ents try not to question his sanity


  • The Beard: A remote cave which acts as the temporary headquarters of the Triumvirate
  • Wellinghall: The capital of Fangorn at the Wellinghall waypoint, it has the looks of a simple cave. Though one can feel the ebbs and flows of something else within the very ground... Currently under construction
  • Derndingle: The soon to be built embassy to Fangorn at the Derndingle waypoint. (WIP; more information to come)
  • Treebeard's Hill: (Concept in progress, under talks for a reset)


In the early days the High Elven Swan Knight Capt9Captain was sent by Glaedir to protect the woods of Fangorn. After several weeks of travelling he founded his home of Talantirno along with the ent XTeaspoonX. However as the days grew into weeks and weeks grew into months, the forests grew quiet as the noble elf did not return. Soon other ents followed and vanished from sight.

But as the forests grew older and quieter by the day many thought they could take advantage of the missing shepherds and began to encroaching on the trees under their care. But then from the stillness of the trees came out a rather short ent. However while many were of bark and spruce and birch this ent was a strangely white with hints of a yellow gold that reminded many of those who saw him of liquid sun. But on his head was not that of the mallorn his bark showed but the white of a lairelossë tree. CrackFather was his name and he gave a great bellow and the woods heard his call. Several of his closest friends heard the call and they came to his cave deep within the northern reaches of Fangorn. Those who came were TreeBeard, a wise ent even older than CrackFather said to come hail from ages past, and WeedRoot, a sturdy ent who spent many years being treeish. Together they formed the Elder Council and began reaching out to the world. They found several more ents emerging from the heart of Fangorn including LeafBrows and BranchWeaver. At Wellinghall and Derdingle they found the land scorched and inhabited by many strange races. On the edges of the great forest orcs had burned and cut down the trees for their war machine.

When the land shook and turned from Eru Ilúvatar's will the ents marched out and began to regrow the forest. At Wellinghall they found a great cave that would be the center for the forests of Fangorn.

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