A sleeping Hourn, (best kept understated!)

 Fangorn is the Realm of the Ents. The founder and current lord, internet_miners, was instructed by Glaerdir to protect to realm of the Forest from ill-intended orcs. At his half brother's command, internet_miners began his lonely trek through the forest, searching for the perfect place to keep vigil.

 He searched for hours, hours dragging on to days, and days into weeks. At last, he found a great tree, a bastion atop the hill. It is here where the foundations for Talantirno had been set.

After this, he set a pilgrimage to find a great ent, that the trees whispered to him. XTeaspoonX, was the name he was told to find,and at last he came upon the faithful ent. With Teaspoon's help, Fangorn has flourished with peace and prosperity, Talantirno has grown into a mighty build.


Since the early days of the server, the Ents of Fangorn have been ruled by a half-High-Elven/half-Swan-Knight Prince named internet_miners.

He is currently the sole ruler, however his second in command XTeaspoonX, does most of the work there, both construction and standing vigil. Teaspoon's close friends can be counted as players of Fangorn, and have pledged their service to defend the great forest.

Fangorn is in truth a colony of the High Elves, and thus the High Elven Kingdom own it, through internet's rule. Fangorn is closely allied with all Good factions due to this, and thus has remained free of direct war for it's entire duration of the server.


internet_miners - Lord. (half-High-Elven/half-Swan-Knight)

xTeaspoonx - Heir of the Lord. (Ent)


Talantirno - Watcher's Flet. Tree-Home of internet_miners and various ents.

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