The First Rohirric-Uruk War was a great battle for influence in Middle-Earth between the Kingdom of Rohan (and allies) and Isengard. It ended with the victory of Rohan and its allies.


A week before the war was declared, the First Southern War was ended and the Kingdom of Gondor had successfully defeated the Near Haradrim Empire, before the strongest ally of Isengard. After a truce secured the neutrality of Near Harad in any wars in the near future. King Mew and King Elendil decided to continue their crusade against the evil factions to grow the influence of good also in the north. Isengard as the strongest evil faction in the region, was chosen as next target as violent clashes between Uruk forces and allied Rohhric troops seemed to become more fequent. To prevent Gundabad and Angmar from joining the war, he convinced the dwarves to threaten to join the war if any orc players should attempt to help. As Mew secured the help of his allies, he declared war on Isengard.

Conflict Parties

Mew's coalition of troops against Isengard

Gondorian Coalition:

Factions active: Gondor, Rohan, Arnor, Fangorn

Supported by: Dwarven Kingdoms, Elven Kingdoms

Leader(s): (Primarily) King Mew and King Elendil

Uruk Bannermen:

Although the Orc factions refused to join the war, Dunland supported Isengard.

Factions active: Isengard

Supported by: Dunland

Leader: Joetatoe



This war had the goal to finish the consulidation of good as main power house in the region. With Near Harad being weakend, Isengard was the only strong evil factions to oppose the might of the factions of good.

Course and Results

The first intense battle of the war was fought at King Mew's Rohirric city of Mering Stream. The battle was the biggest recorded battle on the server till that point and ended with a marginal victory of the Rohirric Coalition. As both sides took heavy losses, the Uruk forces retreated to Isengard while the Rohirric Coalition troops reorganized and later on marched upon Isengard with the intent to sack the fortress. Although slightly smaller in size, the battle of Isengard was more intense and important for the outcome of the war. Again the Rohirric Coalition barly won the battle but had suffered too heavy losses to be able to invade the fortification. Instead Rohan, Gondor and Isengard agreed to a truce where as Isengard had to respect the borders between Isengard and Rohan and had to recognize Rohirric/Gondorian superiority in the region.

This war was very important to establish the good factions as dominant force in the region around Gondor. With the defeat of Isengard, the last strong evil faction was weakened and made space for the rise of the good factions.