The Freikorps is the army of the Northshire Republic. It currently has two divisions; the Shire Moors infantry division and the Ettenmoors guerilla division (the "Troll-fellers"). The Freikorps is led by Shamgo.

The uniform of the Shire Moors Freikorps is black hat with a blue feather, a ranger chestplate, pants, and boots (although in battle, soldiers might be permitted to wear Dol Amroth armour - they must wear the hat). The uniform of the Ettenmoors division is the same but for the chestplate, which is Gondorian (although in battle, soldiers of the Ettenmoors Division are expected to wear the armour of the Wood-Elf Scout). Freikorps soldiers use primarily the Gondorian spear (this is the weapon of the Shirevolken). Every soldier must carry the NSR's banner (the High Elven banner) into every battle. Shire Moors soldiers are expected to hire five Swan Knights or High Elven archers for each battle. Ettenmoors soldiers are expected to hire five Rangers or Wood-Elf Scouts for each battle.

All members of the Freikorps swear an oath to fight for and protect the NSR, JamesTurpin, Shamgo, and the NSR's allies (primarily the High Elves and Rangers of the North). Freikorps soldiers receive 200 silver coins after signing this oath.

The Freikorps Ministry Building is in Oatbarton, where the Shire Moors Division Barracks are being built. Fighting for the Freikorp is extremely profitable as soldiers win honor and wealth in battle, and an acre (roughly 64 by 64 meters) of land in the Shire Moors. To join the Freikorps, players should leave a comment on this page and find Shamgo or JamesTurpin on the server to sign the oath.

[As of 1414, the NSR has ceased to exist. Its lands and its people are now Northmen who rule Western Forodwaith. The Shire Moors now belong to the Clans of the Northmen. Because the NSR no longer exists, the Freikorps will no longer be referred to as the 'NSR's Freikorps' but as the 'Freikorps of the Northmen'. Apart from the new name, the Freikorps is unaffected by this change of faction. The Freikorps will continue to protect the Shire Moors and the Ettenmoors. A Freikorps division will not be established in Forodwaith.]

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