"We have barred the gates ... can hold them long if ... horrible ... suffer ...
We cannot get out. We cannot get out. The end comes ... drums ... drums in the deep.
They are coming."
-From a dwarven diary


The Northern Clan (Gundabad)
General Information
Government type Gundabad Clan
Current Ruler(s) Iluvatars_Bane
Emblem None
Flag Banner of Gundabad
Claimed Lands The Misty Mountains in the North of Goblin Town
Map of Lands None
Capital Mount Gundabad
Allies The Mordoran Dominion, Angmar, Dol Guldur, Rhuadur Hillmen, and every other faction of the Dark Council.
Population Unknown
Used NPCs Gundabad NPCs, Angmar NPCs, Mordor NPCs

Far in the North there is a Stronghold, a mountain, Mount Gundabad, once formed by the diligent hands of dwarves and ruled by their kings for decades, mining ore, forging steel and drinking ale. Nowadays only a few people dare to make their way into the far North of the Misty Mountains, using the old pathes. The dwarves are gone, the Ale is gone and the lonely travellers will be lost aswell. A great darkness conquered the North, hunting the dwarves and drinking Orc draught instead of Ale. The ancient fortress is their mighty capital and the Orcs of Mount Gundabad are the new lords of the Northern Misty Mountains, ruling among snow and stone. Their Warchief is Warchief Ongdagul, the Vaulted of Mt. Gundabad.