Half-troll Banner
General Information
Government type Monarchy
Current Ruler(s) JulesMannus
Emblem None
Flag The Banner of the Half-Trolls, and the Banner of the Kings men
Claimed Lands Pertorogwaith
Map of Lands None
Capital Tol Torog
Allies Near Harad, Moredain, Umbar, Angmar, Dol Guldur, Gundabad, Isengard, Mordor
Population Unknown
Used NPCs All Half-Troll NPCs
The Half-Trolls are a fierce, independent race that dwell in the north eastern parts of Far Harad; in the land of Pertorogwaith.

Memories of the troll-folk (Server History)

The history of the Half-Trolls is a sad and bloody one, filled with war, swords, and bloodshed.

1. The Primal Years:

In the earlies stages of Half-Troll history, these people were primitive barbarians who knew no mercy and no wisdom. The land of Pertorogwaith was covered in countless families, or tribes, who waged pety wars against each other for hold over a small portion of land. There were no alliances and no kings, no education and only a few documents fully recording the events that took place in this period.

2. The King's Years:

The former High King of the High Elves, commonly known as Glaerdir in those days, somehow became corrupted by evil influences and abandon his position and title in Lindon. He travelled to the far south and eventually stumbled across the isolated country of Pertorogwaith. Seeing the great potential these war-bred creatures held, Glaerdir set out on a campaign to persuade and conquer the many tribes - uniting them under his banner (the common Half-Troll banner that is still used today). Because the Half-Trolls were unsophisticated savages, they were easy to conquer and it took Glaerdir only a few months to have created a new nation, the nation of the Half-Trolls. He told them of the north, and of the powerful eye, educating them with the knowledge of the common world. He had readied them for war and they were all too eager to experience these large-scale battles, yet a very unfortunate event took place that prohibited them from doing so. Their first king, Glaerdir, was mysteriously killed just before the armies of Pertorogwaith were about to set out to the north. Alone and leaderless once more, the tension between former enemy tribes began to grow as their strength waned. Without the guidance Glaerdir had given them, the troll folk knew not what to do and would soon revert back to their Primal Years. Fortunately a man from the north, that went by the name of Scrubor, traveled to Pertorogwaith sharing the same ideals as Glaerdir. He found the Half-Trolls just in time and inspired them to not lose hope. Soon Scrubor was crowned the recently united nation's new king. During the years of Scrubor's rule many new concepts were introduced into Half-Troll civilisation. The art of smithing and of more elite combat, education and the new language of Torog.. A few years after Scrubor became king (or "Torogost", in the national language of Torog), the king's father named Demon_26 came to the troll lands as well and vowed to help his son rise a mighty empire. It is said that Scrubor freely gave the position of king to his father, and Demon_26 became the new Torogost of Pertorogwaith. Many believe that the King's Years were the troll folks' most prosperous time period. Under the rule of Demon_26 the first capital city of Pertorogwaith, Point of Shadow, as well as the first military fortress, Torogaur on the isle of Tol Torog, was constructed.

The kings who ruled during the King's Years are as follow:

  1. Glaerdir, 1st King of the Half-Trolls
  2. Scrubor, 2nd King of the Half-Trolls (or 1st Torogost)
  3. Demon_26, 3rd King of the Half-Trolls (or 2nd Torogst)

3. The War Years:

After Demon_26 became king, it seemed Scrubor rued his decision of giving up the throne as he started to plot a rebellion in secrecy. Without the whereabouts of his father, Scrubor declared Pertorogwaith to be a communist country where no entrance or exit would be permitted but by leave of the Torogost. Discovering of this conspiracy and fearing more to come, Demon_26 banished his son from the troll lands and publicly denounced him as a half troll. These events eventually led to the First Civil War of Pertorogwaith, in which Scrubor rallied the Thartorogrim and fought against the loyalist Half-Trolls who served the Torogost on the western banks of the troll lands. After many years of war, the rebellious Thartorogrim faced defeat in their own fortress of Torogaur and were forced to leave the company of the Rebel Prince, Scrubor. After having nearly dishonorably assassinating his father, Scrubor finally realized the severity of his betrayal and the consequences his beloved Half-Trolls would have to bear. He proclaimed his surrender and accepted his exile. Scrubor then vanished into the jungles of Far Harad and was not heard of for many years. After the civil war the troll-folk were given a chance to recover from their fatal losses. Seeming dissatisfied with his own faction, Demon_26 looked to the stronger power of the southern continent - Near Harad. With the New Empire in need of a successor Serpentemperor, the Torogost of Pertorogwaith claimed to be the rightful heir and ascended to the throne of Near Harad. The majority of southrons did not recognize this false king and refused to bow to him. Due to this lack of support, self-proclaimed Python Demon_26 renounced his claim over the desert and returned to Pertorogwaith. The Torogost fell ill and became less active in the civilization of the troll lands, until one day he mysteriously disappeared with illness and all. Once again, history had repeated itself and the Half-Trolls were leaderless. Their nation was still recovering from the civil strife and disappearance of their king, leaving them weak and vulnerable. A large clan of vikings from the eastern parts of Middle-earth, known as the eastern folk, sought to claim a land to call their home and saw this Half-Troll handicap as the perfect opportunity. Without a leader, Pertorogwaith was easily invaded by the eastern folk from the eastern shores by King Boro II (or half_troll_king) and the local Half-Trolls were enslaved by the vikings. For a time during the War Years, the Half-Trolls served as laborious slaves under the new owners of the land, the eastern folk and their king Boro II, in their own homeland. But a Half-Troll,The_Elf_Slayer, who clearly took this usurpation as an insult and sought to liberate his people, rose up against Boro II and began leading Half-Troll rebellions against the vikings. Eventually both The_Elf_Slayer and Boro II died at the same time by each other's blades. The eastern folk fled from Pertorogwaith and left the Half-Trolls their volcanic coastal country. But with their liberator The_Elf_Slayer dead there was still no one to lead the troll-folk. Soon after this event the powerful Astrasi Empire rose in Near Harad and saw the great demand of a leader in Pertorogwaith. The Astrasi formed an alliance with the Half-Trolls and took good care of them, sending as many provisions and weaponry as they could spare, until they could find a fitting leader to step in and become the Half-Troll leader. This was the third instance where the Half-Trolls were leaderless. A few years after this event, the newly formed Khaganete nation in the east looked to Pertorogwaith and wished to have it a part of their own empire as well. They landed at the eastern coast (or Black Coast) with their many armed easterlings and it looked like they would invade the land as well, posing a threat and insult to the Astrasi Empire. By diplomatic debating, it was agreed that an ambassador of the Khaganete, who was known as Yoeki, would take the rule of Pertorogwaith thus making the country a part of the Khaganete, but staying close allies with the Astrasi. The Khaganete hold over Pertorogwaith was considered as another act of invasion by many Half-Trolls and they were nothing if not speculative of Queen Yoeki's rule. Though the land still stayed their own, the Half-Trolls were now owned by the Khaganete. A few years after Yoeki became ruler, she grew scared of the troll-folks' mistrust of her and she fled into the jungle of Far Harad, never to be seen again. Yoeki's disappearance regained the Half-Trolls' independence yet lost them another leader. The War Years was the most bloody time period in Half-Troll history where their beloved home was constantly plagued by civil uprisings and foreign annexations.

Many lords and ladies ruled Pertorogwaith in those ages, yet not all ruled the Half-Trolls. The rulers are as follow:

  1. Demon_26, 3rd King of the Half-Trolls (or 2nd Torogost),Great Python of Near Harad
  2. Boro II , Lord of Pertorogwaith, King of the eastern folk
  3. Yoeki, Queen of the Half-Trolls, ambassador of the Khaganete

4. The Astrasi Years:

After Yoeki's disappearance, the Astrasi Empire seized the opportunity to regain control of Pertorogwaith. Again they formed strong ties with the Half-Trolls and reinstated the former alliance. Over a course of years the suspicious Half-Trolls learned that the Near Haradrim could be trusted and finally accepted the offer of a new king and swore allegiance to the Astrasi Empire in return for war and riches. Dolgukhor, the Dark Sword of Umbar, was appointed as Warlord of the Half-Trolls and vowed to rise them to great glory. During his rule, the, formerly known as, Rebel Prince Scrubor re emerged from his isolation. The Warlord lifted Scrubor's exile punishment and welcomed him back to Pertorogwaith with open arms. During Dolgukhor's reign the Half-Trolls experienced some prosperous years; tasting their deserved share of man-flesh and steel. And as their victories fluctuated; so did their confidence, perhaps a bit too much. Having grown arrogant, Dolgukhor, accompanied by an army of Half-Trolls and Corsairs, led a reckless assault on Ithillien where his company was ambushed by Rangers. Dolgukhor fought valiantly on that day and slew many foes, but was ultimately defeated by the Ithillien Rangers. The Corsairs took his body back to Umbar where it was buried in a tomb, and as for the Half-Trolls; they scattered back to their dark land and without a leader they cowered. But thanks to the knowledge and resources of the powerful Astrasi Empire this period lasted only a short while until a native Half-Troll was appointed as the new Torogost of Pertorogwaith. Moon_Planet served as the acting chieftain of the Half-Trolls for a period, but was quickly succeeded by General_Gandalf who proved a more capable King. Unfortunately General_Gandalf was evicted from the position by the Astrasi shortly after his coronation as well, and was replaced by JulesMannus.

The rulers of Pertorogwaith during the Astrasi Years are as follow:

  1. Dolgukhor, Dark Sword of Umbar, Warlord of the Half-Trolls
  2. Moon_Planet, 3rd Torogost
  3. General_Gandalf, 8th King of the Half-Trolls
  4. JulesMannus, Great Chieftain of the Half-Trolls

5. The Grey Years

The Half-Trolls proved to be a difficult nation to keep in tact and the Astrasi constantly struggled to find a suitable leader who could oversee these monstrous people. Unlike his predecessors, JulesMannus was not fond of the Astrasi alliance and found the extension of his power too limited. During his years of rule he declared the Half-Trolls' independence from the Astrasi Empire and broke off from it. He also started work on the capital city of Tol Torog and the military fort of Durfalas. However the Half-Trolls never truly excelled nor experienced severe poverty during his rule. JulesMannus was a rather passive character who did not do much but prevented the Half-Trolls from going leaderless again.


2018-06-18 18.28.02

The outer walls of Tol Torog

Tol Torog, the mighty capital of Pertorogwaith (currently under construction)

Durfalas, the military fort of Pertorogwaith, (under construction)


Former rulers:

Other rulers before Glaerdir are unknown and no evidence was ever found of their rule...

  1. Glaerdir, 1st King of the Half-Trolls
  2. Scrubor, 1st Torogost of Pertorogwaith
  3. Demon_26, 2nd Torogost of Pertorogwaith
  4. Boro II (a.k.a. half_troll_king/Lord_gil_galad), 6th King of the Eastern Folk
  5. Yoeki, 1st Queen of the Half-Trolls
  6. Dolgukhor, 1st Warlord of the Half-Trolls
  7. Moon_Planet, 3rd Torogost of Pertorogwaith
  8. General_Gandalf, 2nd King of the Half-Trolls
  9. JulesMannus, 1st Great Chieftan of the Half-Trolls

Half-Trolls of Pertorogwaith (Players)

  • JulesMannus, Great Chieftan of the Half-Trolls
  • Half_Troll_Hippo, Mayor of Hartorogost and Elder
  • Rhino_Rider, Protector of Tol Torog
  • Scrubor
  • JensenGamer26
  • Moon_Planet (inactive)
  • ScoobieDoobies (inactive)
  • Jty3, of Near Harad (inactive)

New Bloods

  • trutruche



2018-06-18 08.50.10

Shrine of Glaerdir the Great

Some Half-Trolls still believe that their first king, the great Glaerdir, will one day return to rise them to a new power and conquer all the lands. Most Half-Trolls are secretive when worshipping the deceased king. It is rumoured that they have built a shrine somewhere in Pertorogwaith to honour and pray for their deceased king.

Sauron Cult

Many of the troll-folk have been influenced by stories and tales from the north of an all-seeing, all-powerful Eye that wishes to conquer all forces of good. These Half-Trolls worship Sauron in hopes of gaining his favour to allow them to battle his enemies and grasp as much plunder as they can, wheras other Half-Trolls merely serve him and do not consider him an unearthly being.

Baraac Murat

This religion was believed by many to have been the oldest faith in Pertorogwaith, residing in a few of its inhabitants since the Primal Years. These Half-Trolls believe that they are a warrior folk and the wars of their past only makes them stronger. Baraac Murat is the Warrior god of the Half-Trolls who has been worshipped by small numbers of troll-folk for centuries. Since Dolgukhor ascended to the throne of Pertorogwaith, this religion has been reintroduced into the lives of many. However after the Dark Sword of Umbar fell into his coma the religion was once again rejected by many of the Half-Trolls.