The Karsassid Dynasty is and old Southron house which ruled over Near Harad during the Old Empire and early Astrasi Empire. The dynasty was founded by the first Serpentlord of Near Harad Karseius I. the Elder and is currently led by Emir Karseius IV. of Ain al-Harad.

Prominent Members

  • Karseius I. the Elder (First Serpentlord of the Old Empire)
  • Karseius II. the Great (Fourth and last Serpentlord of the Old Empire)
  • Karseius III. (First Emperor of the Astrasi Empire)
  • Karseius IV. (Emir of Ain al-Harad and the Ain Province)


To be added.


  • Ain al-Harad
  • Astras al-Harad (given to DarkDino)
  • Ruins of Old Ain al-Harad
  • Asud al-Hard
  • Adghal al-Harad
  • Karsassid Estate


To be added.

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