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Banner of Khand
General Information
Government type Dragon Dynasty
Current Ruler(s) BDdeuce
Emblem Snake coiled around a sword
Flag Banner of Khand
Claimed Lands Rhûn, Near Harad, parts of Mordor and the Wilderland
Map of Lands None
Capital Kugavod
Allies Loke-Elgeria, Balchoth, Wainriders, Far Rhun Easterlings, Avari, Near Harad, Mordor
Population 4
Used NPCs none

The Variags of Khand are a lore faction lead by Ganbatar (BDdeuce). They reside east and south-east of Mordor in Rhûn and Harad. Their valley is incredibly fertile and their riding rivaled that of Rohan. They are part of the Confederacy of Eastern Civilizations. This faction also encourages RP for player and faction lore.


BDdeuce- Golden Dragon of Khand

Minecraft_forevr- Serpent Prince of Khand

NanoHawk- Wolf Captain of Khand

GriffenVB- Wolf Guard of Kugavod


The Variags reside in the land of Khand. This is a valley between two rives that divide Harad from Rhun. The valley is incredibly fertile and animals are found in plentiful bunches. The Kingdom of Khand in the Confederacy of Easterlings extends its reaches from Khand down into South East Rhun all the way to the Great Bay of Khand.


Allies- Mordor, Near Harad, Moredain, Tauredain, Loke-Egleria, Far Rhûn Easterlings, Balchoth, Wainriders.

Enemies- Ithilien Rangers


2016-05-03 17.33.02

The Great Gate of Minas Ancala

Kugavod - Capital of Khand

Minas Ancala- Sister city of Kugavod

Lomnith- Trade center of Khand

Min Pi- Production center of Khand


After the great war, Ganbatar the Golden Dragon of Khand was left with the task of rebuilding his forefather's great empire. To return the Variags to power in the south-east he established his kingdom as part of the Confederacy of Easterlings under Khan Joetatoe. Joetatoe allowed him to continue leading his kingdom, as well as generously giving him a high position within the Confederacy's government. Now he resides within his golden city Kugavod, building his empire to make his father proud


The Kingdom of Khand

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Ganbatar (BDdeuce) posing on his throne in Kugavod