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Kilor IronHelm:

Kilor Ironhelm was a fictional character and Roleplay name of SpeedySC. Currently, as of now, he is deceased since the player who he was molded after is banned. The following events are modified versions of real events to make it more dramatic.

He is currently unbanned, and has risen to the position of King of Gondor.

The Awakening

Early life (1157-1185 SR)

Kilor Ironhelm was born to the wealthy and powerful King Gror of the Iron Hills. Gror's spouse, Bis, was taking a visit down to the bountiful land of rohan. Unbeknownst to her, there was a war going on and when she made it to the city of Edoras, they were driven out by dunlendings and easterlings. They got driven into the fortress of Helms deep, where Bis had given birth to Kilor. She was soon after killed by Wulf, leader of the dunlendings, a fierce tribe. Kilor was then found by Helm hammerhead, and taken into the fortress so he would be safe. Kilor grew up as a second son to Helm's sister, Hild. Hild took a liking to Kilor, and gave him a rohirric helmet made of iron as a toy and therefore called him Kilor Ironhelm. After Helm's death in 1159 (SR) Hild's other son was made king, and he ruled for quite some time. His son, Freleaf, was a wise and great ruler. Kilor soon fell into a state of grief over the loss of his father, and the recent loss of his mother, Hild. The year was 1165, and Kilor and Frealaf had finished making renovations on the great fortress of Helms deep, named after their deceased father, Helm hammerhead. In the Winterfilth of 1167, word reached Kilor of a new prince of the Iron Hills, Dain Ironfoot II. Kilor was intrigued by this and was sent to visit the new prince to renew their trade accord. Kilor was extremely excited to go and experience the great and bountiful land of the Iron Hills. But first, Kilor was sentenced to go and renew the trade accord with Ered Luin, which is a trip Kilor took many a time.

Kilor left the afteryule of 1168 to venture to the beautiful land of Ered Luin to see the Lord of the Dwarves, Azaghal Belkbaghud. Azaghal was a great warrior and an even greater king. He ruled over Ered luin from his mighty fortress of Belegost, known as the great fortress. Kilor was secretly excited to see his long time friend Azaghal, and his splendid brother, Dwarin. Dwarin had a mouth faster than a steed from the great fields of rohan. Azaghal was more reserved, quiet if you will. As Kilor had just left the mighty lands of the horses, he was ambushed by a rather unfriendly group of Aurochs. Kilor managed to fend of the great cows of the west. And as Kilor continued on his journey, he found many great finds. He came across a