Kingdom of Dale
Dale Banner
Banner of Dale
General Information
Government type Monarchy
Current Ruler(s) Lego_Army
Emblem Bard's longbow and black arrow
Flag The Banner of Dale
Claimed Lands Unknown
Map of Lands None
Capital Dale
Allies Unknown
Population Unknown
Used NPCs Dale NPCs


This was a faction created by Lego_Army to create a new power in the north. This faction of northmen is looking for recruits. Its capital is the city of Dale, which Lego_Army acquired from Thorin_The_King. Part of Confederation of the Northmen. Dale is mainly a bunch of city states which are responsible for recruiting but the king rules over all and owns all the land. Note that many Cities need players.


The Kingdom of Dale is split into various city states. The city states must look after gaining recruits and defending itself, though it cannot hold land other than what it is built on. The King has power over nearly all aspects of life, but must respect the liberties of the people.


  • Upper Wilderland
  • Ft point of Dale (in Erebor's land)
  • Dale
  • North Wilderland (Not Erebor land)


The Dalish rank system:

  • The King - Figure head of Dale, has little power.
  • The Komandir - The political and military leader of Dale. The position is voted on by the Lords of Rhovanion.
  • Lord of Rhovanion - The Law makers and help inspect and manage cities.
  • Throne
    City lord/Baron - In Charge of a city that he/she built/inherited. Has full authority over that city under the King and Lords of Rhovanion.
  • Noble - A player who has excelled at many different criteria and is slightly above the citizens.
  • Citizens - Average players, must follow orders from superiors and double up as soldiers. These are the players that have passed recruitment.
  • Northmen - The barbarians of the North that are willing to join Dale, they must buy housing inside a city and do not have the rights of a citizen as they have not passed the recruitment process. They can reapply for it though.

Cities may give ranks in their own city to help look after different things.


The Kingdom of Dale first began in early November 2016 with the name 'Kingdom of Rhovanion'. The new king started the faction with mixed ideas as he wished to unify Rhovanion with Rohan, his homeland. however, as a reset was occurring, he decided to make Rhovanion independent. Those in Rohan did not respond negatively for first part of his reign.

Lego_Army (the King), claimed East Bight and Northern Wilderland. This, however, sparked a conflict with the orcs of Mordor and Dol Guldor. They claimed East bight and parts of wilderland. A border was created that both sides agreed on but East Bight was still an issue. They would settle it by trial by combat. Lego would fight Aidansebastion, King of Mordor in an one on one. East Bight was lost.


Rhovanion still flourished, established good ties with many kingdoms, good and evil. They gained the Dale way point from Erebor and started buildign the city. But the alliances and treaties with other evil factions as well as good such as Dol Guldor, angered the Dwarves and Rohirrim. Icefrone claimed that Rhovanion was part of Rohan, and the Dwarves backed them. But conflict did not arouse until the coming of Mewarmy.

Mewarmy was unbanned in late November / early December. He took back the throne of Rohan and almost immediately attack Rhovanion. His men raided Dale and pillaged the lands. Lego tried to talk him down but war insued.

The siege of Dale was fought between Rhovanion and Rohan. On the side of Rhovanion, was Dorwinion, Gundabad mercenaries and others from all around. The attackers were Rohan, the Dwarves, a large contingent of Elves and other soldiers. The defenders were outnumbered and badly fortified. As Lego was giving a speech to the defenders, the hordes of his enemies attacked from the Mountain. Taken by surprise, they were slaughtered, Lego duelled Mew and two of his guards, killing one before being beaten.

After Lego left the server, with only a handful of men still in Dale, the attackers struck again in an illegal siege. Though, they still won the war regardless of the defeat in battle. Rhovanion was still free.

Later on Rhovanion changed its name to The Kingdom of Dale.

In October 2017, the Kingdom of Dale declared war on Rhudel. The conflict lasted for a week as Dalish and Easterling forces mustered and Dale prepared to attack. However, due to the Easterling commanders not able to make a siege, the war was called off as the reset was soon to come.

In the 30/10/17, King Lego_Army left Dale to have a break, in his place he left behind a constitutional monarchy, with ChildWalrus, or Mevans as the new King.


(Not having any rank here means they are citizens.

  • ChildWalrus - King of Dale
  • erikmeteenk - Komandir of Dale
    Dalish map

    The Kingdom of Dale (Red) And its protectorates (Pink).

  • Dersky123 - Lord of Redwater, Lord of Rhovanion *
  • Duke254 - Dale, noble
  • 0_e - Lord of Rhovanion, Dale/Bardhaven Captain [Dale city]
  • NOMOETOES - Dale
  • Prof_Grimm - Dale
  • C4KE - Dale *
  • brotherpig123 - Dale
  • craftypig8
  • Dor_En_Eril - Dale, brother to the King
  • BaronMcPineapple - Admiral (Noble), Bardhaven
  • Layballs - Founder of Bright Village
  • Millionac3 - Bright Village
  • HogwartsCrafter - Lord of Running Ford
  • AragornTheRanger
  • deork1
  • darnokthemage - Dale


  • GrandPepperoni
  • Nordiceous
  • Blainbuscus
  • Thyliar

Players with an * means that they are inactive or they are unable to play frequently

Major Builds

Dale - Capital, made in land owned by Erebor (With the permissions of Thorin), has majority of players living there.


Redwater - A fortress/bridge in the Redwater Ford. Ruled by Dersky123.

Bardhaven - Port on the South east corner of Dale (biome), ruled by 0_e, the naval base of Dale.

Old Rhovanion - a village at old Rhovanion.

Bright Village - A village south of the Dalish Crossroads. Ruled by Lay_of_Dale.

Running Ford - A town situated on the ford of the River Running. Ruled by HogwartsCrafter.

Formal Alliances and Diplomacy

They are part of the Council of the Northmen

Intelligence and peace treaty with Gondor

Alliance with the High elves of Lindon

Cram - Kebab treaty (Peace treaty with Astrasi Empire)

Woodland Realm alliance

Military Alliance with Dorwinion

Hostile factions


Dol Guldur

Friendly factions




All others not specified


The Kingdom of Dale's law system is in the power of a court. If an offender breaks a set law, he will be summoned to the Dalish court and tried by by 2 lord of Rhovanion and the King. They will decide on a verdict however the King has the power to veto the verdict though.

Do not commit:

1. Murder of fellow Dalish players

2. Treason

3. Intelligence sharing unauthorised

4. Theft

5. Tax evasion

6. Labour evasion

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