Kingdom of Rhudaur
General Information
Government type Absolute monachy
Current Ruler(s) snipertje1
Emblem None
Flag Banner of Rhuduar
Claimed Lands Ettenmoors, Trollshaw
Map of Lands None
Capital Unknown
Allies Gundabad, Angmar, Dol Guldur
Population 3
Used NPCs Hillmen of Rhudaur

Attention: Rhudaur is now a sub-faction of Angmar, speak to Snipertje1 if you want to join Rhudaur (Angmar). This wiki has been outdated since 2016 as well btw. - Fuinur II, King of Angmar (April 2018)


The kingdom of Rhudaur was originally formed by TheSmileBC but he afterwards left to join/rejoin the Woodland Realm. The faction was revived by Frank_Scouter, in 1432 (13th march, 2016). At this date Ettenmoors were bought from the Gundabad orcs, who had occupied it up to this date. This happened as an agreement between the King of Rhudaur, Frank_Scouter, and the Gundabad War Chief of the lone-lands, SirWilsonGS. Now the rulership has been overtaken by xXGloimXx as Catfishperson went inactive. As of May 2018 ( And months before), snipertje1 took over as Rhudaur Warchief with Black31 of the Astrasi Empire.Right now, snipertje1 is doing most of the work as Black31 went rogue and joined Dale. RHUDAUR IS ALWAYS OPEN FOR HELP.


Rhudaur map

kingdom of rhudaur's old territories

The ancient realm of Rhudaur was

situated in the North-east of old Arnor and lay between the Ettenmoors, the Weather Hills, and the Misty Mountains. After the eights king of the Nortern Kindom, Eärendur, Arnor was separated and the line of the Dúnedain quickly fell into decline in Rhudaur. The people became embittered, foul things crept out from the North and after series of conflicts with their former brethren of Arthedain and Cardolan, the kingdom was annexed by Angmar. Today Rhudaur is just a name on the map. There are several scattered villages and farms of former inhabitants of the kingdom, who mingled with wildmen and men of the hills. They brood the grudge against the Dúnedain and their Elven allies, who drove them to the mountains, to die on the cold rocks. Today the new kingdom of Rhudaur strives to regain some of that civilization and stability which it lost,


The Kingdom of Rhudaur is an absolute monarchy ruled by the warking of Rhudaur.
Rhudaur Banner

the banner of rhudaur

The High king divides his power into jarls.Each region of the kingdom (Ettenmoors, trollshaw) is ruled by a jarl. To become jarl of a region you need to have reached 1000 alignment with angmar and have the trust of the warking of rhudaur.

The Warchief of Rhudaur is the leader of the kingdom's army: the Rhudaur's horde, he also is the faction's representer when the High king is not here and is the heir of the crown. The warchief of rhudaur must have reached 1000 alignment with angmar and have been jarl once.


King's court :

These jobs are unique and can only be occupied by one person at a time.

Rhudaur's warlock : Horrible stories surrond these devoted disciples of the Dark Master, who surrendered the last hope for their souls salvation trough secret rituals, in exchange for tutelage in the Black Arts. They enter the battlefields in small companies, heavily clad and armed with maces, but their physichal power is not measured in mere physichal capacities. Through secret enchantments and songs of power they put fear into the heart of their foes, and warlords praise how they put fire into the spirit of their own army. But it is not clear if that is due to the Black Arts, or due to a greater fear of the sorcerers themselves than any enemy. The Warlock of rhudaur's job is to supervise everything that concern magic, brewing and health in the kingdom, he is responisble of the warking's health and is the one that trains the rhudaur's sawbones. When the kingdom needs a new warlock, the most talented sawbone is selected to be the new warlock.

King's cook : only the most talented butcher can hope to serve in the king's hall. This job is self explanatory, he is the one that cooks the great hall's meals.

Thane : He is the royal advisor, he keeps an eye on the Military and economic side and discusses politic matters with the royalties. He is in charge of the kingdom's economy and is also a diplomat. To be thane, you need to have good alignment with all the factions and have the king's trust.

Common jobs :

These jobs are essential and each major city needs to have at least one player having the following jobs.

dephtlooter : You like to travel the world and explore the dephts of the north ? then this job is for you. Dephtlooters are essential to the kingdom's economy, they're both miners and the travelling merchants, here's how it works :

First, the dephtlooter explores a cave, take ALL minerals (we even need sulfur and saltpaper for bombs) and most importantly loot all the troll hoards and orc dungeons (please take the stone chests).

Secondly, go to a major city's smeltery, smelt the ores and unsmelt all the gear you've looted (except angmar armour, helmet excluded) in the troll hoards and orc dungeons.

Thirdly, go to the local military fortress and stock what the kingdom needs: coins, ores (except dwarven and elven steel), gears, draughts, stone chests, treasures and bombs.

Fourthly, travel through middle earth and sell to good alignment players what you've got left, that would be troll totem parts (high price !) and your dwarven and elven steel. all those profits are yours !

recommanded gear : orcish pickaxe and shovel, some pouches, morgul draughts or torches and a warg fur armor to show you're a merchant.

Lumberjack :

Sawbone : When our warriors need healing they call for the Sawbones. These hillmen are imbued with a basic knowledge of herb lore and anatomy, allowing them to perform rudimentary medical treatment, which generally involves some form of amputation. their job is to brew potions and draughts ,stocking bones for the beastmasters and making dyes for the builders. They are trained by the rhudaur's warlock

Beastmaster :

Beastmasters are spawned for the job no hillmen would rightly volunteer for; taming and slaughtering the wild beasts of Rhudaur. They are ideal for their dual role as hunter and trainer.

The north is a place of wild beasts requiring domination. Beastmasters track and capture the creatures required to service the war king's army, and they hunt the beasts necessary for the people to eat. They're the ones who trap wargs and wolves and train them, or bring down the great elks for their leather and their venisons.

Both civilian and a soldier ,they are the symbol of rhudaur's tradition, very respected they travel the north everyday to tame wolves and wargs for the kingdom. The Pack trainers live in wolf pits located in major cities, however they must also take care of the warg pits located in the military fortresses. Their job is to find and tame the best wargs for the kingdom (they need to have more than 30 hp) but also to train large amounts of wolves in order to use wolf packs during military battles.

recommanded gear : LOTS of bones, meat, fur and bone armor and leads

Bartender : They take care of the kingdom's taverns and halls (see the culture section to see what food and alchool to prepare.)

Butcher : Someone needs to conserve and cook all that meat the beastmasters bring back from their hunt. That would be his job, armed of his cleaver, he sells to the people raw or cooked meat and leather.

Farmer : The most common job for lesser hillmen, they're relatively new to the rhudaur's society, they represent this stability the kingdom strives to regain. They breed animals in the back of their houses and stock the slaves harvests in the town's great barn.

Fishers : Living near lakes or river, they use their dunlending brother's tool to do their job, the trident.

Slave masters : Labor moves Rhudaur, and the Slavers move the labor. They are the ones who process captured dunedains and other humans, and dispatch their chattel to sites across the kingdom. Remember that slaves do most of the farming in major cities.

Blacksmith : Both civilian and a soldier, they forge the people's tools and the army's gears.

Hill-men Hunters : Farming and cattle breeding in the North isn't all to bountiful or reliable so the need for hunting is firm, and the wildlands has enough game to ensure the quality of this practice. Much of the region consists of smaller villages and settlements where civilisation hasn't quite settled yet and many of it's people keep independent and self-sufficient. They roam the forests and hills in search of game animals but, at times, the hunter becomes the hunted.

In situations like that he must employ all of his cunning and skill with the hunting bow to survive. The hide armour that the hunter himself makes will protect him from cold weather or a wolf's bite. They use Swords, spears, arrows to hunt their preys.


The kingdom's army is called the rhudaur's horde, it is divided in units types and ranks

Units :

Some units can only be players while some can also be recruited and geared npcs

Hill-men raider :

The crazed raiders of the Rhudaur kingdom are excellent in their effort to destroy their enemies. They hunt and raid the villages of the remnants of Arnor as well as the High Elven houses and towers. The raiders are like the citizens of Rhudaur but are more deadly in combat then the average Hill-men. While in combat, the raider is ready to strike with any weapon he picks up from the spear to the dagger he made. Even though they are not trained as well as the skirmishers, they fight for the glory of their king and survival.

Hill-men Skirmishers :

Hunting with spear is a most ancient way of securing meat on the table, but what may be a tool to secure survival is also a tool that can bring death. The Hill-men is a independent and proud folk in north of Eriador, Angmar and the eastern roots of the Misty Mountains, akin to Northmen in culture but decend mostly from Easterling settlers. To survive here one must be hardy and determined, and the skirmishers gladly act as vanguards to their chieftains, to harass the enemy with ethal spear throws until heavier troops can move in for a final strike. And victory, that mean spoils of war to bring home to the family.

Rhudaur Bowmen :

From Rhudaur come skilled archers armed with longbows, a wepon they gained from the Middle-men they traded with and fought against for generations. The Bowmen are natural hunters and are well-versed in hit and run tactics fighting their enemies from cover of the woodlands. So do the Hill-men Hunters too, but the Bowmens homelands have a more fertile soil that even allow them some leisure. That is time that can be spent on concentrated training, and chieftains eagerly encourage the practice. The bowmen carry little armour, so at end they depend on protection from their kinsmen and allies. And while their bows do not match in quality and reach with some other folks, training do give result, and often the enemy fall with an arrow to his troath long before he can prove a threat.

Rhudaurim Scouts :

Horses are not very common in the northern parts of Eriador, in Angmar and Rhudaur. There is little proper forage to feed them and the pastures are precious for cattle, and thus they have never become rivals in horsemanship to the hill-men they live in contact with as they prefer using wargs. rhudaurim Scouts from the southern fringes are of old adopt at raiding villages of their neighbours, dunedains or Northmen or other races alike. Lightly armoured, armed only with simple sword, spear and plain buckler, they prefer speed and maneuverability over heavy and expensive garment.

Rhudaur Axemen :

A tough land breed a tough people, and the Hill-men of the North are no exception. They descend from Easterlings who wandered west, and when they gather in their meadhalls during winter nights singers yet hail the memory of their brave journeys to this land. Since they are not very numerous they value each warrior highly and put effort into providing as great gear of war as they can manage. While they still fear the Elves, non the less they have recieved much from the Middle-men, Dwarves and the agents of Sauron, who attempt to make them firm allies, that they pose true treaths on the battlefield. Armed with crude axes, clad in sturdy leather and chainmail, Rhudaur Axemen are ready to offer their services to chieftans, who fight for the lands of their fathers that the Dúnedain now grasp for control over. They are equipped with with great two-handed axes, weapons that can penetrate armour or cleave a man in half in mighty strokes.

Riders of rhudaur :

Close to the older traditions, they are hillmen in the far north, living in coldfell and ettenmoors, riding the mighty wargs. Warg Riders are one of the rare examples of cavalry where the mount is more dangerous than the rider. Wargs, intelligent demonic wolves, have a long standing relationship with orcs and goblins, riding into battle together to bring terror to the free peoples of Middle-Earth. Not as fast as a horse in full gallop, Warg mounts nevertheless possess many advantages. They are much more dexterous and sure-footed and can traverse forests and difficult terrain with ease. Also, as predatory beasts, Wargs are formidable foes even without their riders. Their snarling visage instills paralyzing fear into the Wargs' enemies just before they sink their large dripping fangs into the victim's flesh. All but the most battle conditioned horses fear them and Wargs consider them nothing more than food. The Wargs' weaknesses lie in their fear of fire and relatively bulky frame that makes them easy targets for arrowsand spears.

Rhudaur berserkers :

Like their dunlending brothers, they are warriors between the hill-men, Veteran, given to those who  have shown an outstanding attitude, skill, dedication and is considered a trusted member. They oftenly are zealots of ancalagon the great.

Rhudaurim nobles :

The noble families of Northern Eriador track their linage back to the leaders who once lead them west, and some make claim even to be the kin of the great chieftains Bór and Ulfang who fought in the Wars of Beleriand, both against and for Morgoth. The harsh land of the North has formed a society of feuding clans, and not seldom in conflict with Northmen or Orc tribes, calling for their cheiftains to act as fierce warlords. The nobles train from childhood to become warriors, and the sword is their status symbol. The few great smiths with the ability to craft quality chainmail, quality helmets and shields are in their service, making them a respectable heavy infantry. The Rhudaurim Nobles are devoted fighters, eager to prove their clan's honour and position.

Angmar Housecarls :

In a tradition of the Northern chieftains hold themselves with companies of Housecarls. These are sturdy and brute warriors, handpicked for the honour, with great angmar poleaxes, weapons that can . They wear the good armours to protect themselves from harm, and are renowned for their stout spirits. Housecarls are deployed on the battlefield to cut down enemy formations, encouraging the friendly forces who follow in their steps toward victory.

Huscarl infantry :

In the traditional warfare of the North, among foothills of mountains or in hilly wilderness, the footsoldiers always been the decisive factor in battle.Around himself each chieftain and warlord gather a sturdy hird of personal rhudaurim warriors, who pride themselves as champions of lord and realm.The bodyguards of the rhudaurim generals are excellent heavy infantry, wielding sword and shield.

Mounted Huscarl :

Horses are few in Rhudaur and Angmar, and noble rhudaurim warriors by tradition fight on foot, dismounting when getting close the enemy.But that is not always the case, and it has become increasingly apperent that the advantages of mobility against the Dúnedain, and their allies in this great war, in favour of a firm shieldwall, can not be understimated.Therefore the Warlord have initiated a military innovation, that is spreading among the commanding chieftains.While clad as heavy cavalry of other folks, the Hill-men still prove their uniqe strain still in that the nobles, who have no tradition of using lances, utilize their skill with the javelin, before drawing sword to charge in for the final kill.

Beast pack :

Leaded by an hill-men beastmaster they are composed of white wolves :Strong wolves of the North, their white colour and greater size compaired to their southern kin show their adaptation to the unforgiving nature they come from. Seldom are they seen in the south, unless the winters prove unusually cold and long, yet when encouraged by the will of the Dark Lord their packs may gather. Not as common as grey wolves their impressive stamina, natural fierceness and deadly teeth and claws make them an excellent addition to any warlords host. They should not be left in close quarters however, as they bring no protection beside their own swiftness as any hunter or shepard long since learned. The mere song and sight of the White Wolves send fear into enemy cavalry when they approach.


xXGloimXx : exiled

Caradoc_Blood_ax : Warking of rhudaur

Sando2 : Warlock /

1sdf7df7 : Thane /

Frank_Scouter :

Rukairo : Beastmaster / Rider of rhudaur

Erio_FrozenBlood : Dephtlooter /

Snipertje1 : farmer / bowman / Current Warking of Rhudaur.


Rhudaur's religion is the Dragon Cult. They especially follow the dragon of war, Ancalagon.



Amon Rhudaur: Amon rhudaur is the first stronghold of the kingdom of Rhudaur, originally planned by king XxGloimxX, it's building really started with Caradoc's arrival to power, Amon rhudaur is reminicent of

2016-12-18 12.48.19

the new rhudaur building style, half way between the hillman building style and the rhudaur's dunedain building style, Amon rhudaur makes the connection between coldfell and ettenmoors, even though there's not any bridges or roads yet, a little village is starting to develop around the fortress.



Riverrock: This is the first village dwelt under warking caradoc's reign in Trollshaws.

Sacred places:

2016-12-18 12.12.02

the ancalagon's keep: originally built to be rhudaur's diocese of the dragon cult, it has been relayed to the rank of simple monastery because of it's distance to any cities. It now is a place of pilgrimage or living for any black numenoreans cultists.

Joining Rhudaur

First you need to get in touch with Caradoc_Blood_Ax after you have reached 100 alignment. Then you need to move to the High Pass because Rhudaur is part of the ANEP and it is a criteria of joining a faction of ANEP.

Rhudaur is more like a new faction because it does not have a lot of players and not many builds have been built. If you are a creative mind with a lot of ideas you should join Rhudaur!

Kingdom's news and orders