The Kingdom of the Isles was a faction that seceded from the High-elves under SinzPet June 2, 2015. It was composed of Afghan_Kidd, penguin_palace, and tommylyons10. Their holdings included Aironost, the Isles of Tol Morwen, Western Tol Fuin, Himling, Tolfalas, Meneltarma, and Nim Othiriand, also called the White Haven, and Swanfleet.

It was expected that soon the Kingdom of the Isles will dominate all the Seas of Middle-earth as the Mariners expand their power.

Here is a list of players of whom belonged to the herenyar elves:

Afghan_Kidd: 1st Sea-king of the Herenyar and Lord of Aironost, now passed away.

tommylyons10: 2nd Sea-king of the Herenyar. He was the First Sea-lord of the Mariners and the Lieutenant of Afghan_Kidd, until Afghan_kidd died, thus passing on the kingship to him.

penguin_palace: Master of the White Haven(Nim Othiriand), and looked after Elemmar, the city upon Himling, he was the Second Sea-lord. He also controls Swanfleet.

vance468oz: King of Elemmar and was right under penguin_palace. Helped form Nim Othiriand.

BDdeuce : A cunning and brilliant elf whom lived upon Tol Morwen and was the new King of South Tolfalas which was a safe haven for all new Herenyar Elven recruits, and all of the Herenyar allies. He was the 3rd Sea Lord. Currently he is the leader of the Nazgûl as the Witch-King

Lstewie: Was a new elf who keeps an orchard in the capital, and is building a fortress of his own...

PandaR3: A determined elf of Nim Othiriand with a bright future. Traveled many miles to reach his homeland with paulk77, a close friend of his.

paulk77: A skilled elf who lived in the White Haven, Nim Othiriand. Deafended Nim from three different Gundabad invasions on the day of the feast of the eldar. A good friend of PandaR3 and traveled with him while going to Nim.


The herenyar elves owned a variety of widespread cities such as follow:

Aironost: This was the capitol of the kingdom of the isles. This city is ruled by Afghan_Kidd and is upon Tol Morwen.

Nim Othiriand: This city was controlled by the great elf lord penguin_palace, it is the Herenyarin Embassy in Lindon. It is open to all eldar. Building help would be much apreciated with Nim Othiriand. Resources were running a bit thin and food and stone are definitely needed.

Elemmar: vance468oz was the ruler of this city. It is located upon Himling and is in very early stages since the first Elemmar was torn down and is in the process of being rebuilt better. It is planned to be the food capitol of the eastern empire of the herenyar elves (Containing Himling, Swanfleet, and Nim Othiriand's borders) and also the flax capitol. This city will need a lot of wood so wood donations would be apreciated.

Alph Bardh: This city was not started but was planned once Nim Othiriand is complete. It would have lied in the Swanfleet in which penguin_palace controlled.

Server History

To be added soon.

The Fall

After some famous herenyar elves were gone the other herenyar elves panicked and left the faction causing the faction to 'self-destruct'.