Laerorndir was Born in Enedwaith In the year SA: 1450 To A Silvan elf with avari and nandorian blood and a Noldor elf of pure blood.   He was raised in Enedwaith and Trained in the arts of Archery. In SA: 1600 He went to Lothlorien and became a Warden. He also helped with the wall of Caras Galadhon. Around SA: 1601 he killed a "Lothlorien" lords Corrupt friend after the "Lothlorien" lord Killed him. Laerorndir Begged for mercy but was promptly kicked out of lothlorien. He than wandered about the land for a while until he went to the Halls of Faelon. Faelon the good king let Laerorndir Join and abode in his halls of mirkwood. While he was there a band of Rebels raided the halls and knocked out everyone and robbed them. After this laerorndir practiced his swordmanship until he could fight with a sword as well as he could knock an arrow. But Fair Faelons rule was short and Soon he left mirkwood to Find a wife. After this laerorndir Went to A city in angmar for a while and lived with mighty lord Madnessfasan and Made many friends. After A while he moved out of the city. When maddness departed from arda it no longer had anything of value to him. He went to dale and served as there general for a time, But there king was mostly out on his adventures and thus they were not often dissusing faction matters [Representing lego didnt log on often] During his stay at dale he became friends with second in command of dale Dersky. Soon dersky ventured around as Lego so Laerorndir departed from dale. After being a wanderer for many months he asked to join The High Elves. They declined saying he couldnt from offending a lothlorien lord and being to rash. Laerorndir did act rash after this and declare a rebellion. After a couple of weeks he called it off because he wasnt getting anywhere with it and joined dorwinion. As of now he Often ventures with dersky into rhun.

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