Lone-Rangers {leaved}

The Lone Rangers (also known as the Lone land Rangers) are a faction started by Jivanovic after left the Rangers of the North faction.with rik1110 but he did not leave the rangers is helping with builds and advise

Npc's we use

1we use towerguards as romanuim knights

2we use normal rangers or gondor soldiers/archers as lone ranger soldiers

3we use hobbits warriors and farmers

4we use tauredain soldiers for an little village.its an rhudaur village but rangers and tauredain soldiers or staying there.village is build by marick_roman and an little bit of help from rik1110

lords and leader

2016-07-04 19.07.49

Jivanovic-Lord of the Lone Outpost and leader of the lone rangers

marick_roman master of Rounium



high to low ranks

Jivanovic-lord of lone rangers master of lone outpost

ICE_KOLD-right hand of lone outpost

hamster2312-right hand of romanuim [now he is using an other account because his is hacked]

Superwomen2005(hamsters substitute account)

marick_roman-smith of romanuim master of rouniam village

rik1110-builder of romanuim owner of the romanuim knights maker of books and his real faction is the rangers of the north

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