This page is meant to display mutliple kinds of maps, each with a different theme.

Note that I made these maps according to (sometimes outdated) wikia pages, info gotten from players and other sources. Without a doubt, people will disagree about a mulitude of things, since not all border disputes have been sorted and on other themes like religion there isn't a lot of info to find server-wise. 

Constructive Critiscm is apreciated and will be noted. Hopefully with people their suggestions and heads-ups all maps will be correct in a matter of time.

Note that the Maps are made on outdated Middle Earth maps, the Mountains of Wind and the Last Desert is not shown for this reason. But since those 2 biomes play no important role in the politics of the server I will not redo the entire map because of them.

Territorial Maps

Map Update 13/07/2017 Changes:

- Rhûnic Wildwoods = Avari Territory

- The Territory claim north of the Wilderland road is unconflicted Dalish Territory. The land south of that road is unconflicted Balchoth territory.

- Gundabad claims the Western and North-Eastern parts of the Vales of the Anduin, Dol Guldur the Eastern.

- Astrasi Empire claims entirety of the Mouths of Anduin through builds.

Map Update 19/07/2017

- Southern Tauredain received Actun Kaah and Pixan Kaah from the Astrasi Empire.

- Astrasi Empire gained the Far Harad Mangroves

ME Map TOS Contested Zones

Faction map of Middle Earth including contested zones

Religious Maps

ME Map TOS Religions

Middle Earth Major Religion Map

Dark Blue: 
Dwarven Religion, a version of the faith of Eru Illúvatar practiced by most Dwarves.

Edit List -

  1. Replace Melkorism with the Dragon Cult in the Dragon Clan, Goblin Clan and Angmar territory.
  2. Replace Locë Religion with the Faith of Eru Illúvatar in the Avari Woods.

Light Blue: Faith of Eru Illúvatar.

Dark Grey: Melkorism.

Brown: Dunlendism.

Red: Harpy Cultism

Orange: Great Lion Cultism

Green: Mumakíl Cultism

Gold: Eastern Locë/Dragon Religion

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