One day Mikemcc4 woke up in the middle of the shire with a large bump on his head, he could not remember anything, well except for a good deal of middle earthen lore and the fact that he was a hobbit (having looked at his feet when he awoke). In his early days, Mikemcc4 wandered the shire with no purpose. He did the odd job around the shire, helping its inhabitants and gained much respect with his neighbours, though he had no permanent dwelling.

Eventually Mikemcc4 found himself wanting to explore middle earth. He had heard a lot about the doings of big folk and wanted to see them himself. So with his meager supplies and provisions he travelled through the old forest with a trusty hobbit sheriff who rode a pony. During the day the trip was peaceful and the unfriendly trees did not bother them but when the sun set things started to get difficult. Dark hurons began to follow Mikemcc4 and his companion so they hurried along their way and by dawn they had left the Old Forest and waded into a pool, seeing rangers firing their arrows at something behind him and he looked back to see 5-6 dark hurons following him.

To be continued...

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