Eye of Sauron Graphic
General Information
Government type Totalitarian Autocracy
Current Ruler(s) Dark Lord SeanALewis & Witchking Wolfking_nl
Emblem Eye of Sauron
Flag Mordor Banner
Mordor Banner
Claimed Lands -
Map of Lands
Map 1
Capital Barad-Dûr
Allies -
Population -
Used NPCs All Mordor NPCs


These dark lands of have long been the seat of the Dark Lord, from where his evil legions supress the Free People's of Middle-Earth, it is an old and feared faction which has its origins in the beginning of the server, having several names such as "Mordor" or the infamous "Mordoran Dominion".


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After the fall of the "Mordoran Dominion" and a short period of being an protectorate of the Astrasi, SeanALewis was named the Dark Lord of Mordor by Astrasi Empress shamiir on the 2nd October 2018.


  • SeanALewis, Dark Lord
  • wolfking_nl - Witch King
  • General_Gandalf
  • WarlordHun
  • Mateokusel
  • Thatguy_Nick
  • XrayzX_14
  • OneBehindTheHair
  • BlackArrow1490
  • Catttrain
  • rmc246
  • Dvdh
  • Azalog

*to be continued*

Joining Requirements

Players need to gain 100+ alignment with Mordor to join the faction. Then they need to contact either SeanALewis or wolfking_nl for permission to join.


Mordor is a member-faction of the Dark Alliance and therefor allied to all it's members.

Important Locations

  • Barad-Dûr - The Dark Lord's tower-fortress.
  • The Black Gate - A huge gate guarding the north-western part of the dark lands of Mordor.
  • Eastern Guard - A starfort which makes sure the north-eastern entrance into Mordor is protected.
  • Mount Doom - This well-known volcano was the birthplace of the One Ring.
  • Carach Angren - A fortified hill protecting the southern entrance into Udûn.
  • Cirith Ungol - A fortress north of the Morgul Vale.
  • Fornurnen - A slave-city within close to the shores of the Sea of Nurnen.
  • Seregost - A gate-fortress protecting a valey within the Ash Mountains.
  • Amon Angren - A hill upon which stands a fortress of the Nazgûl.