The NSR Freikorps recently finished building a colony in the Ettenmoors. This colony's purpose is to house members of the Freikorps' Ettenmoors Division, more commonly called the "Troll-fellers" (referring not only to the Ettenmoors, the Troll-fells, but also to the formidable skills of the division). The Ettenmoors Division, unlike the Shire Moors Division (which is an infantry force), is a guerilla unit. All its members are expected to protect the NSR and the Ettenmoors, and respect the orders of their commander (Shamgo) and the NSR leader (JamesTurpin).

The official uniform of the Ettenmoors Division is similar to the uniform of the Shire Moors Division (black hat with a blue feather and Ranger chestplate, pants, and boots), but the chestplate is Gondorian. This uniform, however, is not to be worn in battle. Instead the primary armour of the Troll-fellers is that of the Wood-Elf Scout. Each member of this division is expected to bring five Wood-Elf Scouts or Rangers into each battle along with a Gondorian Spear (the weapon of the Shirevolken).

The Ettenmoors colony is seeking recruits. Recruits must have a 500+ alignment with the High Elves and have proven themselves worthy in battle. Anyone who wishes to join the Ettenmoors colony should leave a comment on this page. JamesTurpin or Shamgo will give you the coordinates of the colony and will have you sign an oath to the NSR and the Ettenmoors Division. The colony can house three players at time, but these players are expected to build a house outside of the city-walls as soon as possible.

Living in the Ettenmoors is challenging as it is home to many dangerous beings. It is however a land of great beauty which offers many treasures. It is also next to the Misty Mountains, which means that mining for mithril is easy. The Ettenmoors do not currently belong to the NSR, but to Angmar. The ownership of the land is being negotiated.

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