The Nahash Dynasty is an extinct Southron house which in part ruled over Near Harad during the Old Empire and New Empire. It was founded by RookieNinjas I. and ended with the demise of the last of it's bloodline Raashir.

Prominent Members

- RookieNinjas, the first known man of the Nahash Bloodline who's sons and grandsons had great influence on Harad. RookieNinjas managed to unite all of Harad under one banner and launched a lot of invasions on Gondor and pillaged many parts of Gondor and braught Gondor on an age they would not simply remember.

- RookieNinjas II, the son of RookieNinjas the first, He had no siblings but had 2 sons.RookieNinjas II was send to built a stronghold on the river banks of Poros. He founded the stronghold of Poros with wipeout2099. RookieNinjas II tried to rebel against Serpent-Lord Karseius II because he believed Harad had to much influence on their arch-enemies. The first known civil war of Harad is known to be a big mistake and founded on lies which made both sides incorrect. RookieNinjas II escaped Poros after the support Karseius II got from other factions such as Gondor, Mordor & Durin's Folk etc. Rumours say that RookieNinjas II escaped with his sons, Razum-Dar and Karshams.

- Razum-Dar, eldest son of RookieNinjas II and first Great-Lion and ruler over the savannah plains. He united the Moredain tribes and tried to unite Harad again like his grandfather RookieNinjas together with Skilliar and Demon_26.

- Karsham, youngest son of RookieNinjas II. Good friend to Skilliar and 2th emperor of the New Empire. Founded Mu'Taz with Wipeout2099.

- Karsham II, not much is known about Karsham II but it is said that he was a Serpent-Venom assassin and helped multipile Haradrim Lords with contracts to assassinate certain people.

- Raashir, the son of Karsham II. An assassin of the Serpent Venom like his father. He did not have much leadership at all but certainly helped empress Shamiir of the Astrasi Empire quite a bit. Raashir managed to assassinate the king of Umbar which he was assigned to assassinate by one of the Haradrims. Raashir was known to be the general of the Haradrims when Poros was under attack by the Gondorians as a result of the attacks Harad had made on Gondor.

- Wipeout2099, Wipeout was a verry loyal man of Harad who has been helping the Nahash bloodline a lot. He was a great friend of RookieNinjas and the other men of the Nahash Bloodline. Altough he did not make an appearance after the death of Karsham.



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