There are various nations, kingdoms and cultures in Middle-Earth, and on the server. While some have existed for thousands of years, others are recent and have yet to see any major wars. This article is just a summary of all the kingdoms, republics and empires of the server.

The Dark Alliance

The Mordoran Dominion

A rising power under the command of the Dark Lord Sauron (Faylynn), the Dominion emerged out of the Mordor faction’s inactivity. The Dark Lord has returned from his defeat at the end of the Second Age, and Barad-dûr has risen once more.

See the Mordoran Dominion page for more information about the faction.

The Clans of Gundabad

The Orcs of Gundabad are divided into five clans, each led by a War Chief. Gundabad is one of the strongest powers on the server, stronger than any other evil faction and surpassing many good factions that once prided themselves for strength. The leaders of Gundabad are the War Chiefs Ongdagul the Vaulted of the Northern Clan (Iluvatars_Bane), Nagithas the Indomitable of the Moria Clan (Grievous1138), Ar-Korthon the Black of the Dragon Clan (Ar_Korthon), Narakhor II of the Goblin Clan (jonnymoomoomoo), and Sorzau the Wolf-Rider of the Hunter Clan (DreamLordDarkrai). They lay claim to the Misty Mountains north of the dwarven sections of Moria and their foothills, the Coldfells, the Lone-Lands, the Trollshaws, northern Eregion, and the eastern Grey Mountains.

The Dark Realm of Dol Guldur

Once the stronghold of Sauron during his time as the Necromancer, Dol Guldur now controls a vast swath of Mirkwood, and its armies are growing. They are led by the Nazgûl Khamûl (Khamul_The_Black), and are threatening the waning power of the Elves in Lothlorien and Northern Mirkwood. They lay claim over all of Mirkwood Corrupted, including the Mountains of Mirkwood and Dol Guldur, as well as the East Bight and the southeastern Vales of Anduin.

The Witch-Kingdom of Angmar

The Uruk-hai of Isengard

The Clans of Dunland

The Serpent-Empire of Near Harad

The Moredain of the Plains

The Kingdom of Umbar

The Half-Trolls of Pertorogwaith

The Northern Tauredain

The Free Peoples of Middle-Earth

High-Elven Kingdom

Main article: High-Elves

This monarchy is one of the eldest on the server, founded long ago by the mighty 'Glaerdir '('Coolseb1000)'The current High King, SinzPet, rules over Lindon, Tower Hills, the Western Isles, Rivendell, Eregion and Lorien. It is one of the largest factions with many members and cities to it's name.

The Woodland Realm

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Priding itself on it's strong and active members, the Wood-Elven kingdom is made up of SIlvan Elves, lead by the King Olgierd_It is a tightly-knit faction ruling over Northern Mirkwood, and is also a member of the Mallorn Council.

Kingdom of Gondor

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The heirs to one of the most powerful human kingdoms in Middle-Earth, Gondor prides itself on it's large territory and diverse fiefs. It's members are the descendants of Numenorians, and they gather at the Union of the Numenorians. It's capitals are Osgiliath and Pelargir, and Gondor's current king rules over the regions of Gondor (including all it's sub-biomes), Western Ithilien and the White Mountains.

Republic of Lebennin

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Considered as the only recognised and fully functional democracy in every aspect in the server, the Republic was created recently with an attempt to create a new, solid and friendly faction where the players can sit back and relax from the troubles of the world. Event though the faction doesnt own the City of Pelargir, its inhabitants swear to defend the entire region, and always receive the Free Peoples with open hands. The faction controls 4 different holds with the cities of Linhir, Dawnport, Itharim and The City of Towers

The Confederacy of the East


Neutral Powers