The Northern Tauredain are those Junglemen that previously swore fealty to the Astrasi Empire, as opposed to their southern brethren who decided to refuse the Imperial Invitation.

After a long conflict, the jungle tribes were united again, nowadays the Northern Tauredain Tribe is fighting shoulder on shoulder with the Southern Tauredain Tribe again.


1. The Forgotten Era

Ages ago, when Karseius III founded the Astrasi Empire, he sent an envoy to the Jungles in order to spread Astrasi rule there, this envoy was succesful and founded the First Tauredain Kingdom. Much of this history has been lost in time and few remember, but those who do, know that these Tauredain built great harpy statues among the Jungles to praise the Empire and its ruler, Karseius III.

When the Tauredain first emerged in great numbers (the faction got added), the then Astrasi Empress Shamiir gifted the Jungleman Minecraft_Forever rule over all of the Jungle, as act of goodwill and on the promise that they would remain close allies.

2. Era of the Independent Tauredain Kingdom

You can find this history on the Southern Tauredain Tribe page!

3. Gingilophean Era

After the mysterious disappearance of the Tauredain leadership a sole Jungleman named Gingilipho found himself to be the heir to the Tauredain crown. An envoy was sent by Moredain King Aglarion_II to the new Tauredain King, Aglarion's goal was to vassalize the Tauredain for the Astrasi Empire as it was during the Forgotten Era.

The Empire in turn promised to ensure the Dark Alliance would recognise Gingilipho as the true Tauredain King and to help the Tauredain grow greater than ever before if he accepted the invitation. The newly crowned King Gingilipho accepted and once again united all Tauredain under Astrasi rule.

This peace didn't endure for long.

Some Factions refused to recognise Ginghilipho's claim, most important of those factions being the Easterling Khaganate. The Khaganate went as far as threatening with war against the Empire if Ginghilipho failed to cease the throne. The sudden reappearance of the old Tauredain King Minecraft_Forever and his co-ruler Julianroma worsened the conflict. But the noble King Ginghilipho refused to spill the blood of his Tauredain brethren, and refused to go to war with them.

Instead he offered a diplomatic solution, the old Tauredain King Minecraft_Forever and Julianroma would receive the Southern Jungle while Ginghilipho would keep the Northern Jungle. Minecraft_Forever and Julianroma accepted the offer and so the Tauredain were split.

This deal didn't end all tensions, the Easterling Khaganate remained unpleased and wanted to see the Empire completely removed out of the Jungle. (to read more about this see the Astrasi page)

Months after the split the Northern King Ginghilipho resigned from his position and left the throne to his 2nd in Command Mr_Manveru, launching the Manveruan Era.

4. Manveruan Era

This Era begins with the Coronation of King Mr_Manveru. Manveru's rule witnessed major changes in the Northern Tauredain. The Southerners and Northerners alike both witnessed periods of wealth and decline during this Era. During this period the current banner of the Northern Tauredain had been designed and implemented by Manveru.

The generous King Manveru gited the waypoints of Pixan and Actun Kaah around the time of the Astrasi Golden Age. Tensions arose now and then, with the most random of factions meddling in the Tauredain affairs.

The great city of Maltimîr en Taur was founded by Manveru out of the ruins of El Taurado, a city that flourished before the Tauredain split. Soon though, those who worked on Maltimîr en Taur and lived in the surrounding area left the city for unknown reasons and other cities began to rise in importance, such as Otoch Kaah.

After a time of relatively few conflicts with the Souther Tauredain but also quite little progress, Mr_Manveru stepped down from leading the Tauredain.

5. Korthean Era (Current)

Cizin al-Korth, succeeding Mr_Manveru, changed some of the old time-honoured social and administrative structures. One of these steps was to move the centre of government from the almost abandoned Maltimîr en Taur to Otoch Kaah, an old trading city in the western parts of the jungle, which had been administered by the new king for some time already, now the capital of the northern jungles, the region and seat of the royal dynasty, Cizin al-Korth intended to found.

As the conflict had been smouldering for a while, Cizin_al_Korth and julianroma agreed to renegotiate the relationship between the two Tauredain factions. After intense but constructive negotiations, the leaders of both tribes surprisingly agreed upon an unification, leading the Tauredain factions, now tribes of an united empire, together.


-Chieftain Cizin_al_Korth








Maltimîr en Taur

Founded by Mr_Manveru, Maltimîr was dominated by a huge and ancient golden pyramid, built by the ancestors of todays Tauredain. As progress has stopped and almost every villager left the place to be taken back by the jungle after Manveru stepped down and other cities grew bigger and more important than Maltimîr.

Today the only thing occasional visitors of the overgrown city can still see from afar, towering even above the biggest and oldest trees, is once again the huge golden pyramid, leaving those who dare to travel that deep into the jungles behind with a feeling of smallness and triviality.

Recently however, small groups of Tauredain, led by the old king Mr_Manveru, rediscovered that sacret place, starting to rebuild it.

Otoch Kaah

Originally a city which grew prosperous out of trade with the Numenoreans and Black Numenoreans after the Akallabêth, it perished into insigificance before Cizin al-Korth decided it to be the centre of administration in the western part of the realm. As the trade with Umbar and other ports along the coast of Harad was reestablished, the city became prosperous once again and ended up to be the centre of power and seat of the Chieftains of the northern jungles after Mr_Manveru stepped down for the benefit of Cizin al-Korth.

Heavily influenced by traders from all around Harad, especially Umbar.