To prevent undermining the Southern Tauredain page, this page only describes the Tauredain governments that were affiliated with the Astrasi Empire, to see the other history check out the Southern Tauredain page.

The Northern Tauredain are those Junglemen that swore fealty to the Astrasi Empire, as opposed to their southern brethren who decided to refuse the Imperial Invitation.

The Northern Tauredain believe they have a better chance of welfare and greatness within the Empire than in any other way, so they remain a loyal vassal to the Empress and a good ally to the other Imperial factions.


  1. The Forgotten Kingdom

The Forgotten Kingdom was the first faction in the jungle to have ever existed, not many remember the actual name of the faction nor of its direct rulers or government. But there are enough remaining sources to confirm its existence. The first Astrasi Emperor Karseius once sent a Lord to unify the Tauredain under Astrasi rule before the Tauredain were actually added (it was known they were going to be). This mission was successful and so the first Tauredain faction was founded consisting of multiple Astrasi members.

This faction was abandoned when the Astrasi Empress Shamiir gifted the lands to the new self proclaimed Tauredain King named minecraft_forever and his 2nd Julianroma out of goodwill when the faction got added.


- Astrasi Emperor Karseius II

- Astrasi Empress Shamiir I

2. The United Astrasi-Kingdom of the Tauredain

The Government succeeding the Non-Astrasi Kingdom.

King Gingilipho was believed to be the last Tauredain during this time and received an invite to join the Astrasi Empire from Serpentlord Ekans and King Aglarion_II of the Moredain. He accepted because he saw a greater future for his faction as part of the Empire than as an independent faction.

This Government lasted until the reappearance of the Old Tauredain King minecraft_forevr.


- King Ginghilipho

3. The Kingdom of the Northern Tauredain

The Government succeeding The United Astrasi-Kingdom.

Upon the reappearance of the old Tauredain King Minecraft_Forever and his loyal 2nd in Command Julianroma a conflict emerged, when this conflict was settled the Tauredain were split in 2 separate factions, the "independent" Southern Tauredain and the Astrasi Northern Tauredain, occasional tensions still arise between the two, but are always ceased by Astrasi Diplomats. King Gingilipho resigned as King during this age and left his Kingdom to Mr_Manveru.

This Kingdom lasts to this day and is still ruled by Mr_Manveru.


- King Ginghilipho

- King Mr_Manveru


  1. The Forgotten Era

Ages ago, when Karseius III founded the Astrasi Empire, he sent an envoy to the Jungles in order to spread Astrasi rule there, this envoy was succesful and founded the First Tauredain Kingdom. Much of this history has been lost in time and few remember, but those who do, know that these Tauredain built great harpy statues among the Jungles to praise the Empire and its ruler, Karseius III.

When the Tauredain first emerged in great numbers (the faction got added), the then Astrasi Empress Shamiir gifted the Jungleman Minecraft_Forever rule over all of the Jungle, as act of goodwill and on the promise that they would remain close allies.

2. Era of the Independent Tauredain Kingdom

You can find this history on the Southern Tauredain page!

3. Gingilophean Era

After the mysterious disappearance of the Tauredain leadership a sole Jungleman named Gingilipho found himself to be the heir to the Tauredain crown. An envoy was sent by Moredain King Aglarion_II to the new Tauredain King, Aglarion's goal was to vassalize the Tauredain for the Astrasi Empire as it was during the Forgotten Era.

The Empire in turn promised to ensure the Dark Alliance would recognise Gingilipho as the true Tauredain King and to help the Tauredain grow greater than ever before if he accepted the invitation. The newly crowned King Gingilipho accepted and once again united all Tauredain under Astrasi rule.

This peace didn't endure for long.

Some Factions refused to recognise Ginghilipho's claim, most important of those factions being the Easterling Khaganate. The Khaganate went as far as threatening with war against the Empire if Ginghilipho failed to cease the throne. The sudden reappearance of the old Tauredain King Minecraft_Forever and his co-ruler Julianroma worsened the conflict. But the noble King Ginghilipho refused to spill the blood of his Tauredain brethren, and refused to go to war with them.

Instead he offered a diplomatic solution, the old Tauredain King Minecraft_Forever and Julianroma would receive the Southern Jungle while Ginghilipho would keep the Northern Jungle. Minecraft_Forever and Julianroma accepted the offer and so the Tauredain were split.

This deal didn't end all tensions, the Easterling Khaganate remained unpleased and wanted to see the Empire completely removed out of the Jungle. (to read more about this see the Astrasi page)

Months after the split the Northern King Ginghilipho resigned from his position and left the throne to his 2nd in Command Mr_Manveru, launching the Manveruan Era.

4. Manveruan Era (Current)

This Era begins with the Coronation of King Mr_Manveru. Manveru's rule witnessed major changes in the Northern Tauredain. The Southerners and Northerners alike both witnessed periods of wealth and decline during this Era.

The generous King Manveru gited the waypoints of Pixan and Actun Kaah around the time of the Astrasi Golden Age. Tensions arose now and then, with the most random of factions meddling in the Tauredain affairs.

The great city of Maltimîr en Taur was founded by Manveru out of the ruins of El Taurado, a city that flourished before the Tauredain split.





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