The High Kingdom of Arnor

This page concerns the Rangers of the North faction, often simply referred to as Arnor.

Currently, the Rangers are ruled by their King Elendil_The_Tall. Elendil_The_Tall succeeded Nazdrul, who succeeded Elendil_The_Tall, who succeeded Skelesam, who succeeded the original Chieftain Hell_Metallicus. The capital of the Rangers of the North is currently Tharbad, although this is temporary. The official title of the King of Arnor is: The High King of the Northern Dunedain Kingdom of Arnor, Chieftain of the Dunedain, Commander of the Rangers of Arnor.

Players from this faction swear to protect the North and the Free People from all Evil threats. They live as a brotherhood with deep friendship and mutual respect.

A little bit of roleplay is expected when joining this faction, but being a RP veteran is not required.

In its glory, The Kingdom of Arnor included all the following biomes : Eriador and the Eriador Downs, Minhiriath, the Shire, the Old Forest, Breeland, Chetwood, the Ettenmoors, the Coldfells, and the Midgewaters. It was one of the biggest geographic areas ruled by a single faction. Currently, the Rangers of the North control all of Eriador and the Eriador downs as well as Minhiriath, Breeland, Evendim, northern parts of Enedwaith and the surrounding areas.


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The faction is ruled by Elendil_the_Tall. He holds the title of High King as the First King and Fifth Chief, and with that comes a seat on the White Council, and he is the Lord of Annúminas.

Combobob stands proudly as the Chancellor Of Arnor and deals with many matters within Eriador. He also stands as one of the longest serving Rangers and his council is valued highly, by all Rangers, most of all the King.

SentinalGuard23 is the Crown Prince of Arnor and serves as the King`s right hand. He is also the Lord of the Western Lone-Lands.

Honorary Rangers

Brickfix possesses the honor of the First Captain in recognition of the part he continues to play in the faction.

Skelesam was Second Chief and as one of the longest serving Rangers and his council is valued highly, by all Rangers, most of all the King.

Hell_Metallicus is the former Chieftain and the Lord Of Fornost, the former capital of Arnor.

Hhisme, formerly Lord of Lond Daer is one of the most respected Rangers, and has long held great say in the matters of the faction.

All of the above are senior players and have been with the Rangers for years, and provide great council to faction members, the King, and the Allies of Arnor.

The Provinces and its' respective Lords

Updated map (as of 10th May 2018)

The land of the rangers are spilt into 10 provinces and 1 protectorate (The Shire). These provinces have their own Provincial Capital. These provinces are ruled by a Provincial Lord. The Provincial Lord executes the Laws of Arnor.

These are the provinces of the Rangers along with The Shire.

  1. Evendim. Provincial Lord: Elendil_The_Tall. Provincial Capital: Annúminas
  2. North Downs. Provincial Lord: Helcar. Provincial Capital: Fornost
  3. Westlands. Provincial Lord: Jimmy_miner_5. Provincial Capital: Minas Thor
  4. Breeland. Provincial Lord: Mazerinth. Provincial Capital: Bree
  5. Minhiriath. Provincial Lord: paul673. Provincial Capital: Tharbad
  6. Western Lone-Lands. Provincial Lord: SentinalGuard23. Provincial Capital: None
  7. The Angle. Provincial Lord: Combobob. Provincial Capital: Fennas Drunin
  8. Northern Enedwaith. Provincial Lord: HarrMac. Provincial Capital: Lond Daer
  9. The Shire. Protectorate of Arnor
  10. South Downs. Provincial Lord: JJofJ. Provincial Capital: Minnas Alqua
  11. Eryn Voryn. Provincial Lord: Erathil. Provincial Capital: Ellengard


Players of the faction are (in alphabetical order):






Combobob (Lord, Left-hand) (Ambassador of Buckland)







Elendil_The_Tall (King)



Erathil (Free Lord)

Gandolf_Greyhame (Retired)


HarrMac (Lord)

Helcar (Free Lord)

Hell_Metallicus (1st Chief retired)

Hhisme (Lord)


JimmyPage13 (Lord)

JJofJ (Free Lord)

Jimmy_miner_5 (Lord)



LegoOskar (Lord)



Mazerinth (Lord of Bree)


Nazdrul (4th Chief retired)




RomanGuy1453 (Lord) (Sailed to Valinor)

SentinalGuard23 (Crown Prince) (Lord)




Ranger_Punchwood (Master of Chetwood)

Skelesam (2nd Chief retired)







Becoming a Ranger of the North

A recruit must work and show his worth for the faction by growing his prestige to +200 alignment and by performing 4 quests given by the Ranger Lords. From there on he/she will be known as a Ranger. This may take time, but this allows people to get known with each other and grow strong bonds. After all the above are done the recruits will be asked to join 1 of the cities/provinces.

Those who defect from the faction to a hostile one, will be treated as enemies and trespassers if they ever return to their old lands. The Rangers are stern and have little tolerance for insubordination.

Oath of the Rangers of the North

  1. As a Ranger of the North, I shall protect the Free People and defend the Fallen Kingdom of Arnor with my life.
  2. I will never harm an innocent, and I will consider their life as the most important thing of all.
  3. I will act with honor and stay loyal to my brothers, even in the worst situations.
  4. I will fight with courage during wartime, and act with wisdom during peacetime.
  5. I will know how to use every weapon to fight the Evil efficiently.
  6. As a Dúnedain, I am friend to the men of Gondor , the last great kingdom of men.
  7. As a man, I am friend to the men of Rohan and Dunland .
  8. I am friend to the Elven kin, who helped us during hard times, and call the elves Mellon (friend).
  9. I am friend to the Dwarven kin, who fought the orcs bravely for centuries.
  10. I am friend to the Hobbits , who served Arnor for centuries.

Arnor Laws


The laws below are to be followed by all Dunedain including Lords and King

1.Mutual respect towards all players (in case of violation 150 coins) (in case the violator is a Lord 300, cause he is an example) (in case its the King 500 cause he is the figurehead of the faction)

2.Any internal disputes between members is to be solved by a Lord if all responsible individuals belong to the same city or if the people involved belong to different cities the problem will brought to the Kings attention as soon as possible (in case this is ignored for a long period (over 1 week) 200 coins)

3.Respect towards our ally factions even if you don't like a particular player (in case of violation 100 coins)

4.No stealing between fellow Rangers, evidence in the form of video or other form will be required to verify ( in case of violation 300 coins), ( in case evidence is fixed to harm a person 500 coins or possible restrictions of any kind)

5.No swearing towards ANY player.

6.No exposure of sensitive info of the faction of any kind ( 750 coins or possible restrictions of any kind)

7.In order to take peoples words in mind they need to voice their opinions on each meeting otherwise it will be ignored (for the sake or role-play)

8.Any decision voiced by the King is FINAL, players can ask to reconsider at meetings (in case players act against the decision 300 coins)

9.Do not harm the factions reputation or use it for your personal benefit (in case of violation 500 coins)

10.Any form of blackmail or threat towards anyone be dealt accordingly (750 coins or possible exile)

11.IN CASE the King is overthrown for any reason and the succesor is a tyrant and almost every Ranger does not favor him all Rangers MUST rise up against him (to keep the honor and dignity of the Dunedain)

12.In case there are more that 1 candidates that run for succession of the faction NO ONE is allowed to interfere or provide any advantage to any of the candidates (in case of violation exile and perm hunting or those involved no matter who they are, if it's a Lord they immediately LOSE all their authority and are exiled) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The laws below concern Lords ONLY

1.Any problem that the Lord is not able to solve himself should present the problem to the meetings

2.Matters that involve further expansion of the Lords cities of any kind (extra outpost, fort) MUST be present to the meeting first for evaluation. (in case of violation 150 coins)

3.Lords have obligation to preserve good relations with friendly factions near their domain (in case of violation 750 coins)

4.If a lord treats his people unfairly, If 5 people speak against him that were affected, The case will be investigated, If found guilty, the lord will pay a fine of 500 coins to all affected. (serious evidence will need to be presented or it will be considered as a mean to harm the Lords reputation, in that case those involved will pay 300 coins each). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Each city can add any lesser laws they wish, BUT all the above laws are universal

Coalition of Dawn

The Rangers of the North are one of the three kingdoms which make up the Coalition of Dawn (COD). They are represented in this coalition by three members:

King: Elendil_The_Tall

Crown Prince: SentinalGuard23

Lord: HarrMac of The Northern Enedwaith


Interfactional Alliances Arnor is a member of:

The White Council

Coalition of Dawn

Friendly Factions (the feeling may not be mutual) :

The High Elves

Wood Elves of Mirkwood

Galadhrim of Lothlóriën

Dwarven Lords' Council

Kingdom of Gondor

Kingdom of Rohan


Thaneship of The Shire



Neutral Factions (the feeling may not be mutual) :


United Tribes of The Tauredain


The Great Khaganate (Rhúdel)


Elves of Dorwinion




Dol Guldur

Hostile Factions (the feeling may not be mutual) :




The Mordoran Dominion

Astrasi Empire

Avari Elves

Ranger abroad?

If you are a Ranger in different territory you must:

  1. Follow server rules,
  2. Follow treaties which involve:
    1. Coalition of Dawn Treaties
      1. NO KILLING BETWEEN COD (Gondor, Rohan, Arnor) MEMBERS
    2. The White Council Treaties
      1. AVOID KILLING WHITE COUNCIL MEMBERS (Woodland Elves, High Elves, Gondor, Durin's Folk, Blue Dwarves, Arnor, Rohan, Lothlorien)
Ensure you follow these treaties to reduce the overall aggression towards the faction, if there is a siege occurring and Arnor is not a belligerent party you may only join if a Lord or The High King approves. If the defending or attacking faction requests help from the GOVERNMENT of Arnor than you are encouraged to fight, under no circumstances are members permitted to join random skirmishes and sieges without the consent of a Lord unless you are willing to bear any punishment that may result.