Rhovanic Gods

The Rhovanic Gods is the most prominent religion in the North of Arda. They follow the belief that the Gods are the rulers of all aspects of the world.


The religion was founded in the first age. Whilst the ancestors of the Northmen saw the Valar come down onto Morgoth's armies from the blue mountains. They saw them as the true gods and many of them fled in fright, whilst others continued the fight against the forces of evil in eriador. (Note: Many northmen fought evil but didn't cross into Belerialand.)

Afterwards the religion grew in the lands, with the names of the Gods changing. Today, the religion is decreasing, with the Missionaries from the Church of Eru coming to preach. Many are converting, but the Rhovanic Gods are being integrated into another branch of Eruism. Currently the province of Dale in Rhovanion (faction) has even completely converted to a branch of Eruism, called Dalish Arcusity, with the Valar as Archangels, Maiar as angels whilst retaining Rhovanic practises such as the holy bread, Cram and the holy pastries.


Holy Bread - Cram is considered the Bread of the Gods, as its tastelessness for practicality describes purity, away from deceit and lies. It represents the hardness of Northmen culture and the way they will survive the harsh weather.

Holy Pastries - The pastries are the desserts of the gods, their sweet taste means Northmen can enjoy their life on Arda before leaving to Heaven.