I am making this page not as a unban appeal, just a formal apology to those I did wrong to, I would name everyone but the list would simply go on and on. Squatch Thunder: I would like to apologise to you for all of the times I aggravated you and tried to make you lash out at me, I was a colossal douche bag and I wholefully realise that now. Mewarmy: I would like to apologise for griefing your build and attacking players inside, it was stupid and I didn't think about how it could affect others. Sindre: I need to say I'm sorry for going into Mering Stream and attacking you, It was mean and unnecessary and I am sorry I made your home unsafe. Icefrone: I'm extremely sorry that I attacked you and back stabbed you and was really in whole, horrible to you, I'm the worst, I realise that now. Thorin The King: You my friend deserve a huge apology, I must have attacked you from behind multiple times in Erebor, it made you life a misery on the server, I'm sorry.

I realise this makes non of what I did better, but I hope it makes you realise that I regret everything I did, and I feel bad about it, In the end of the day I was a coward on the server, I hid behind my walls and played unfair, I called people names, and I was annoying, you may continue to hate me but I will not continue to hold any sort of grudge against any of you.

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