This page provides links to all articles about events that occurred on the server since its beginnings. Events include Faction Wars, Civil Wars, Rebellions, Coups, Conquests and similar.

Faction Wars

Faction Wars are wars between two or more factions. Multiple Faction Wars have occurred on the server since its opening although many have no article on their own. Known Factions Wars include:

The First Northern War

The First Southern War

First Rohirric-Uruk War

The First Great War

The Númenórean Umbar War

The Gladden Dwarven War

The Gladden and Gooden war

The Shirevolk-Dunland war

The Great Dominion-Gondor War

Civil Wars

Civil Wars are Faction intern wars in which members of the same faction fight each other for power or similar reasons. This does not mean that external faction cannot be involved. Other faction can support chosen sides in the civil war or even intervene by joining the war on a chosen side. Known Civil Wars include:

First Near Haradrim Civil War

First Gondorian Civil War

First Civil War of Mordor

First Civil War of Pertorogwaith