Shagor-tûr is a High Lieutenant of the Steel Legion in the Moria Clan, more commonly know as MysteryFTW. He is a excellent miner and a good fighter. He rules the Troll-Caves. But what are his origins and how did he became great? Fill up your goblet with wine, because this is going to be a long story....


Please note this is a not the actual history of MysteryFTW there are many periods where his actions or whereabouts are unknown and much of what was once known has been lost.There may be large time jumps in sections of the text due to nothing of significance taking place or a lack of information.These events take place before the start date of the server and therefore are not related to server events.

Shagor-tûr was bred in the Pits of Mount Caradhras by the Orcs led by Gombar the Black, he was the tallest of his brood which led him to being named Shagor-tûr which translates to Mystery in Black Speech. He was soon assigned to Nagithas mining company, when he was 48 years old they had stumbled upon a tunnel leading into the heart of the mountain. Amazed at the tunnel, for it seemed to have been melted into Caradhras, Shagor-tûr followed Nagithas and the others downwards into the depths.

Server Events

Friendly Siege of Hirgith

The siege at Hirgith was led by Yagmurz the Goblin-King(Jeanuts) as the travel to Hirgith was a long one as only Yagmurz knew the location and it was far away, so while on their journey to Hirgith Shagor-tûr was ambushed by Thain Vibiras (Viceroy_Vibiras), Shagor-tûr was heavily wounded but thanks to the Athelas Brew Yagmurz had got from knocking out Thain Vibiras, he was healed and ready to continue on the journey to Hirgith, upon arriving they charged at the gates killing any ranger they saw, Golbûz the Goblin Prince (Capt_Percy) wiped out half of the rangers while the rest were etheir killed or surrendered. After the battle all of the warriors who participated were awarded with rings of gundabad.


Most Orcs of Moria worship the Balrog, However with Shagor-tûr it is a different story as he serves Scatha the great Wyrm. He found Scatha Lair during his travels and when he saw the Temple he wanted to become a Wandering Monk.


Shagor-tûr is the most tallest orc in Moria, Standing about eight feet tall. He is thin, with sallow green skin , bloodshot eyes. He wears his Silver Trimmed dwarven plates and a Gundabad Uruk Helmet however, he is rarely seen wearing his Utumno armor.

Titles and Ranks

  • Thane/Lord of Barad-Dûr
  • High Lieutenant of the Steel Legion
  • Fire Orc
  • Captain of Barad-Dûr (also known as Black Uruk Commander)
  • Ambassador Monk of the Dragon Cult