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Lieutenant Jirr' kell Arecal Navek and his guards

"Yes, yes, having the latest weapon or advanced army does help. But overwhelming odds is also a good tactic. There are few people that can long hold their ground against a hundred attackers all charging at once…"

Jirr'kell Arecal Navek is a name that is not often recognized, yet is important in the legends of Mordor and

other Dark Realms. His history is not well known by many, although some know his true origins. Famous for being the former Mouth of Sauron and Steward of Mordor, he now is situated at the Forsaken Fortress, a border post of the Gundabad clans. While he tries to be as friendly and calm as possible, there is a change that he can burst out. When he is in this form, he is best not encountered. Normally, a person who loses his calm will make mistakes. Shockblaster however, will begin planning ahead and therefore becomes more dangerous then your average Uruk-Hai Berserker.

He appeared in Middle Earth not quite long ago, but his history is not small.

From Númenor to Umbar

"I would not say that you are a coward, master, but sometimes... Cowards do survive."
The being that once would become Shockblaster was born in Númenor as part of the influential Arecal family, in the house of Nevak. His birth name became Jirr'Kell Navek. His name came from an ancient tale from what later became Mordor. The name is roughly translated as "The changer of destiny". Why his parents chose this name, nobody knows. What was known, is that from his birth on, he became a good talker, able to change minds and opinions from his fellow Númenoreans with ease.

After his 20th (still looking like a 16 year old in Middle Earth) birthday, his powers came to attention of the King of Númenor. He was asked to visit the royal palace, where he soon began discussing with the king. Instead of being imprisoned, he was promoted to Royal Adviser. Seeing that he managed to climb up the ladder so quickly, he began planning if he could use this to his advantage somewhere else. His thoughts however, went not unnoticed...

One of the sorcerers of Númenor found out about his thoughts of power, and decided to tell the king. The king, who trusted Jirr'Kell as his son, was the struck with doubt. Should he trust this person? Yes, he sure helped him, and he came from a important family, but... could there be a greater plan?

While the king was trying to find an answer, a ship arrived. In the few years that Jirr'Kell was a royal adviser, the Númenóreans had waged war against Middle Earth, and claimed large amounts of land. The ship that sailed in their harbour was a prisoners ship. The ship only held one person captive: Sauron, the self-proclaimed Lord of the Earth. Jirr'Kell soon came in contact with him, and Sauron quickly found out that Jirr'Kell could be of use.

The two became friends (this is disputed by many, as Sauron may or may not lied to Jirr'Kell) and Jirr'Kell soon helped Sauron out of the prison. This deed was appreciated by Sauron, and the two began to forge plans to gain more power. In just a few years, Sauron rose from being a prisoner to becoming one of the most powerful of persons on Númenor. The king, and his council trusted him, and soon, a new god was hailed: Morgoth.

During this time, Sauron gave Jirr'Kell lessons in dark magic. As with all Númenoreans, Jirr'Kell wanted eternal life. Using the Dark Magic (in combination with his already prolonged life), he soon managed to give himself a longer life then any mortal could ever dream of. This came with a price, however: while he was only 30 at the time of Sauron's teachings, he now looked like an older man. But what changed on the outside, remained on the inside...

It didn't take long before Sauron and Jirr'Kell wanted more, and soon after the construction of a shrine in name of Morgoth, Númenor attacked Valinor. There, Eru himself intervened: Númenor began to sink in the sea. Sauron and Jirr'Kell were surprised by this new outcome, and tried to flee. However, Eru had one trick remaining: he evaporated Sauron's physical body. The explosion that caused this flung Jirr'Kell high into the sky, until he fell in the water quickly surrounding Númenor. While unconsciousness, his body drifted towards Middle Earth. After 3 years at sea, he wash ashore, in Umbar.

The blast did came with a price: he suffered from multiple wounds, one particular under his right eye, and seemed to have amnesia. He didn't knew how old he was, where he came from, what his history was, and moreover: how he was called. It didn't took long until some villagers found him, and he started doing what he still knew: controlling people with his voice. After some time has passed, and he slowly regained his memory, he decided to move further. He left the people of Umbar behind and began moving North-East: unknowingly(?) to Mordor...

Back under his command

"I would never betray my true lord. Loyalty is one of the key-elements to victory. To win the war, we must strike as one. No dissension in the ranks."
While on his way to Mordor, he heard from the Near-Harad he encountered that a new lord called Sauron had risen in the Black Lands. Upon hearing his name again, parts of his memory came back, and he went to Mordor faster then before, for he felt home again. But fate had other plans...

During a small battle between some Gondorians and Orc's near Ithilien, he was taken prisoner by the Gondorians, and ended up in Eriador. There he wandered a long time, and eventually got lost in the wilderness of Eriador.

After 4 years, he emerged in the Shire. More dead then alive, he found a ruin of a older hobbit farm, and moved in. In the weeks that followed, he rebuild the farm, and made the house livable again. It didn't take long before he went back on his journey. During this time, he made friends with one of the humans that was roaming the Shire, and he was soon hired as a bodyguard. He took his time learning everything he could about Middle Earth, and soon decided to move to Isengard for equipment, and possibly, transport.

But again, fate wanted different: Isengard was closed, with no-one to open the massive gate's. Enraged that he couldn't get a way to reach Mordor easier, he walked north, until he hit the Misty Mountains. There he was greeted by Nagithas the Indomitable, one of the Warlords of Gundabad. They immediately formed a bond together, and he soon became his personal Bodyguard, a job he took with respect. He also received the name Shockblaster there, as his old name was already forgotten.

While en-route to the High Pass, Nagithas seemed to have disappeared, and he began moving east, where he wandered through Anduin. After a few days, he entered Emyn Muil, and was soon greeted by the Dead Marches. It took a full week on Maggoty Bread, rotten flesh and spider eyes, and he began to get stuck more and more in the quagmire. But after that week, he was rewarded: the trees and hills of Ithilien soon came in his sight.

Just one day after exiting the marches, he stood before the Black Gate, where he was greeted by aidansebastian, the Dark Lord Sauron himself (albeit reincarnated). Not remembering who Shockblaster was, he decided not to pay much attention to him. Disappointed that his master forgot about him, he went on in Mordor gaining his equipment. While Sauron still did not recognized him fully, there was a tiny bit that told him that he knew him. Not very long after, he appointed Shockblaster as Mouth of Sauron (it is not clear if this was due to recognition, in need of a ambassador or just luck).

Now, as the ambassador of the Black Lands, he roams through the lands, gaining alignment with many. For the first time, he is back in charge of his destiny. Who knows what will happen to him?

Leader or servant?

"There might be some of them that understand diplomatic solutions... But that falls under the term Aggressive Negotiations."
While it went good for Shockblaster for some time, it didn't take long before his luck ran out: after the Great Restart, he lost contact with his lord. Immediately after the Restart was finished, he began building the great fortress of Barad-Dûr. This project was quite ambitious, and soon, multiple people began helping building the Fortress of Shadows.

Because Aidan and Shockblaster lost contact, he was forced to take up the position of leader. He began recruiting soldiers, buying materials for Barad-Dûr, and regular check-ups on some other evil players. One of these new recruits proved to be important: he managed to get more and more soldiers to join Mordor, and soon, Shockblaster had to appoint some soldiers to other factions. Around this time, the first wall of Barad-Dûr was finished.

Without a true leader, Shockblaster announced a voting for a new Lord, similar to how the Gondorian Kings were chosen. This lead to a explosion of requests to be king, many of which were normal recruits. While Shockblaster tried to reason with them, this did not work. However, some of these participants began supporting Shockblaster as the new lord. After several people wanted him to be the new Dark Lord, Shockblaster resigned, saying: "I am just an Ambassador. I do not feel for leading. I will humbly serve any Dark Lord that wins the voting, and I will not try to undermine them." At the time of quotation, the gates of Barad-Dûr were just finished.

The voting was soon forgotten, but Shockblaster did take up leadership Ad Tempus, as the Mouth of Sauron. He did make Barad-Dûr his own, and would be given to the next Dark Lord. While Aidan is still the true lord of Mordor, his popularity went down drastically. Shockblaster opted for Nagithas to become the new lord, but what the people want, is not sure.

After Aidan returned with force, scattering rebellion, he announced that he needed rest. Because Mordor was in quite a good state, a Leader was necessary to keep the troops together. While many orc's wanted to become leader, someone else was chosen. Shockblaster himself got appointed as the new Lord of Mordor, a title that he took with respect. He sworn over his title that, once Aidan shall return again from the "Real World", he will step down again for the true Lord of Mordor.

With Shockblaster as Steward, he immediately ordered that Barad-Dûr would be top-priority. A second group would work on the Morannon, while the majority of Mordor-players were to work on the Fortress. Durthang was moved down to the build-list, and soon, the primary tower of Lugbûrz began looming over the walls. With the help of the Goblin Jeanuts, some parts of Barad-Dûr got revised, to look more intimidating. According to Shockblaster, it should be finished near New-Year.

This was not to be, however. When working on the mid-levels of the spire, he fell, dropping down to the ground below him. His body disappeared, and soon, he was but all forgotten. Now, Mordor has fallen slowly in despair again, with no visible change of him returning again. However, some people rumor it was not an accident, and that he was assassinated by his enemies. But there was one thing they forgot: the amount of Black Magic that normally flowed through his veins, might be enough to bring him back to this realm...

Return, and a new position

"The Humans have crumbled, the Elves choose isolation and the Dwarfs hide behind their mines. What remains to fight against? Exactly, no-one. Yet we have not won... Why. Why is that?"
After a full year, a dark cloud gathered in the old catacombs of Barad-Dûr. It turned out to be Jirr'kell Navek, back in his old body. Seeing the dark and cold hallways, he tried to find a way out. After not finding any, he realized that the catacombs he created were now part of the foundations of the new Barad-Dûr. After finally getting out, he saw the new fortress looming over him. After trying to get in, he noticed he was not allowed to enter. Enraged, he walked down the road, where he saw the sign with ranks in Mordor. To his horror, he was nowhere on the list. This caused a blow to his already unstable mind.

Furious that he was cast out, and with his former master gone, he retreated back to his house in the Shire. There, he was contacted by Nagithas, who came to check on him, after noticing his return. Nagithas updated Jirr'kell on the situation in Arda. After accepting the fact that the rank of Mouth of Sauron has been given away, and that he was banished from Mordor, Jirr'kell joined Gundabad yet again, this time with a objective: make a Border Post for Gundabad at the Gladden River.

He did so, and with great effect: within a week, the main building began to rise from the ground. Situated at the part where the two sources of the Gladden River intersect, the "border post" grew to be a fortress. While building, Jirr'kell noticed that he was building the fortress on what was said to be the foundations of a older base, one that has been deserted for over century's, as part of Gondor's old defense lines. The new stronghold, however, was everything except the original: made out of charred wood and Angmar Bricks, it became a large fortress, that would soon be known as The Forsaken Fortress.

Forsaken Fortress

The Forsaken Fortress looms in the rainy nights. It also looms in the sunny days.

After many weeks of mining, chopping and digging, the fortress began to rise up, consisting out of a main hall, basements, a feast-hall, stables, a small farm, a watermill with farm, and the three spires: two of them were normal guard towers, but the one towering above them all was soon named "Barad Dolguzagar", combining the Sindarin word "Barad" (tower), with the Númenorean words "Dolgu" and "Zagar", meaning Black and Sword, respectively. In total, it would mean "Tower of the Black/Dark Sword"

During a tour around Rhún, he disappeared for unknown reasons, not to be seen by any, not even by the men that patrol Rhún daily. However, rumors spread that he dwells the Shire once more, as a ghost, instead of a material being.

"A fortress worthy of Gundabad."

"Not yet, my friend. They shall learn soon that Jirr'kell lives. I'd rather keep the element of surprise... Who knows when that might get in handy."
As usual, this ghost came back into the world of livings once more, and soon returned at his fortress, working hard again. During excavation, however, the miners found something that was not noticed before: the ruins of the Gondorian watchfort that was rumored to have existed. Inside, tough partially ruined, was a small room, once the basement of a great castle, now nothing more but a shadow of its past.

While investigating these catacombs, Jirr'kell found a dark secret, hidden, and locked away: a Morgul Portal. Soon, with help of his troops, wealth from the other world started to flow in, allowing him to continue building on the fortress. With the Outer Walls rising quickly, and with new towers being erected as fast as a Orc starts a Skirmish, he looked in contempt, planning his new steps.

During this time, the Spire began to form as his home, filled with wealth, drinks and luxury's. However, while the Spire stood high, down underground, the work continued: weapon rooms, storages, forges and more were build deep in the hill, so no-one could access them with ease. A Arena, for those Orc's that wish to participate in brutal and violent games, was also dug out.

Using both mining and some... Explosive means of excavating more under the hill, a forgery, armory and a large storage room became constructed quickly. As time progressed, more and more orc's joined the Fortress' defenses, which meant that more tents were build outside. After multiple trips to Dol Guldur and Nan Ungol, a special stable, originally meant for Spiders, was build near the Arena, allowing visitors to give their mount some rest.

With the help of orcs and slaves, a great cliff was constructed, making the entire fortress impenetrable. On this cliff, a small fruit-yard was created, filled with many trees, ranging from the common chestnut to the golden Mallorn trees.

After multiple trips to the South, in particular Umbar, Jirr'kell managed to scourge some remaining Númenorean ruins, using their bricks to construct a throne upon his spire. However, instead of taking place upon it himself, he created this throne for his true master: the Dark Lord Sauron, so that in his return, he would have a seat of power deep in the west.

Change of plans

"Blood, honour, loyalty, for the true heir of Númenór! All hail the late king Ar-Pharazôn, may his spirit endure!"
After a long time of slumber, Jirr'kell returned in full strength, only to find much has changed. After a long walk, he stumbled upon the ruins of a former city of the Númenóreans, which coincidentally was ruled by his family until it was sacked by Elvish troops. As he examined the layout of the city, he decided that the orcish life he was condemned to would wear him down too quickly. Not soon thereafter, stone, wood and reed began to be exported to the city, mostly in secret.

Together with his loyal second-in-command, who would became Mayor of the refound city of Gorinchem, construction began. Among the first finished works were the workers shack, which would grow out to become the villa of the Mayor, and the public farm. While searching in a large cave system, they also found a massive statue of the late Lord Otto of Arecal, which was soon returned in the middle of the market area.

Taking up the title as rightful Lord of Arecal, construction on the castle began. While small, it had everything necessary for a luxury life, as well as a library, forgery and stables. The prime of this building was the main spire, known as the Blue Tower, as it was completely made out of Sarluin, imported from the Blue Mountains. However, a tavern, and multiple houses and farms were also constructed, to support life in the area.

With a well-organised storage, a port that could sustain the greatest of ships, and plenty of food to spare, the city grew, which attracted the attention of the Umbarians. Recognising Jirr'kell as one of them, they invited him into the True-blood council, a change that he gladly accepted. Taking up the armour and weaponry of his family once more, he became Lord Jirr'kell Arecal Navek, ruler of Gorinchem, loyalist of the true Númenóreans, King's knight.

Soon enough, he began writing about his family, storing the books into the library at the castle, open for anyone to access and read. So far, 2 documents are finished, but are still stored in the spire, for fear of vandalism. Currently, he is working on completing the city as soon as possible, and letting the old banners wave again.


  • Herbaren II of Navek. Sailed to the Westmarch, and build the city. Founder of the Arecal dynasty, and created the title "Lord of Gorinchem"
  • Jan I of Arecal, nicknamed The Strong as he proved to be able to lift himself and his horse, in between his legs, while doing a pull-up on the gates of the castle garden.
  • Jan II of Arecal, was a child when ascended to the position of Lord. Made Gorinchem the main trading town it was known for in the First Age.
  • Jan III of Arecal, the Fighter, who gained most of the area, and was singlehandedly the reason why the area is devoid of Bandits and scum.
  • Jan IV of Arecal, brought the city in closer contact with Umbar, and strengthened his position with the king of Númenór, becoming an important adviser.
  • Otto I of Arecal, one of the most admired and respected members for his strong leadership and concern about other's well-being. The statue on the market is devoted to him.
  • Jan V of Arecal, nicknamed The Stadhouder, and the last of the first line of Lords. During his time, most adjacent villages and cities were taken into his rule, until a Elfish Army attacked Gorinchem and overtook it, due to increasing troubles between the two.
  • Willem I of Arecal, son of Jan V, managed to retake the city, but was forced to retreat when the Avari came with reinforcements. Returned to Númenór, where he gave birth to Jirr'kell. He died before Sauron came to Númenor.


"From all what I learned, is that negotiations never work on those weak-minded "free people". The only way to convince them, is by putting a knife in their ribs."
Jirr'kel is said to be of regular size, albeit many people say he is taller than normal mankind. His size is estimated to be 6 and a half feet tall. As a Númenorean, he is able to live longer then your average human. His dark magic also worked out well with him: when he returned to Mordor, he was already a century old. Many wondered how he reached this age, and the newest research has stated that in times of limited action, his body does not age, seemingly going into a slumber. After he returned to Arda, his body was estimated far younger than before.

During a time where he seemingly disappeared, some of his orc lieutenants found his body, encased in ice and shadows. Calling in several priests and men, they examined his body, finding out that his dark magic had a downside to his body first not encountered: he was forced to pull back and rest if he was too active, letting his body regain strength. While in this icy prison, his body shows the reality of what he is supposed to look like: a twisted, mutilated corpse, rotting, with mostly bones left. Many of these showed cuts, breaks or were missing entirely.

Soon, however, he awoke again in front of these orcs, dark shadows pulling themselves towards his body, creating a suitable host. With this, a great mystery was solved, on how a true Númenórean could survive so long: instead of a real person, he was but a undead husk, filled with the shadows of Mordor and the mind of his own. Realizing that his troops might not commands from a ghost, he killed the orcs present, only missing one of them, who managed to write down what he had discovered, storing it in the Great Library before he too was hunted down.

While outside Mordor, he was said to have look quite nice, and always have a small smile on his face. But the climate of Mordor, and the dark magic he practices, however, caused his looks to went down quite fast, decaying like his mind. His good looks are partially saved after every return, although many would call it sinister. A pale white face, with two piercing red eyes and dark brown hair is all that remained of his original body... If it even was original.

Usually, he uses Black Uruk Armor, engraved with black speech, and some golden/silver details. After his resurrection, he began to wear a new set of clothing. The clothing is black with dark red details, completed by golden edges. While it is longer than normal clothing, more resembling a cape of some sort, it can function as intimidation: seeing a black shape heading slowly towards you is not good for ones nerves.

After a trip through Umbar, he found his legacy on the shore: his armor that he first wore when entering Middle Earth: Númenoric Armour, made out of the purest of steel, hand-forged and detailed with the most precious of Mithril. He also found his old sword, which he quickly branded "Pride of Númenor". This sword is exceptionally powerful, capable of slaying foes with only a few swings, and is rumored to be infused with the same magic as the Barrow-Blades.

Another weapon he prefers is the Black Uruk Warhammer: the sheer power convinced him of the usage. By modified it with more spiked edges, this particular one can hammer back a foe within one hit. It already has slain several bandits who were foolish enough to try to attack him. Another favorite is a regular orc-bow, enhanced with spells from a distant past. Some say he also is in the possession of a Morgulblade. This particular blade has been called "The Negotiator", in reference to his old title as Mouth of Sauron.