The nation of Smaland was really a border dispute between the Rangers and the Smalander, it had a population of 4 people, and it was in a personal union with the Northshire, before the capital was attacked and destroyed by dwarves and it died.


Smaland was ruled by Kingopai1, King of Smaland.

Smaland had a population of 4 people.

Ruler(s) of Smaland:

1st King: Kingopai1


Smalanders settled in bree-land which is owned by the Rangers of the North. Because of this they had many border dispute between the Rangers.

Smaland planned on creating a colony in Far Harad because of its riches. Smaland created The Smaland South Trading Company to achieve this goal and it was managed by Kingopai1, the King of Smaland.


Smaland was in a personal union with the Northshire Republic. But now both Smaland and the Northshire Republic doesn't exists anymore.

The Fall

Smaland's capital was attacked and destroyed by the dwarves. This caused Smaland to dissolve and Kingopai1 and his followers left to create a new faction.

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