Tauredain Banner
Banner of the Southern Tauredain Tribe
General Information
Government type Monarchy
Current Ruler(s) Minecraft_forevr & Julianroma
Emblem Golden Elephant Head or Pyramid
Flag Banner of the Tauredain
Claimed Lands Southern Far Harad Jungle, eastern Far Harad Bushlands
Map of Lands None
Capital Mûmakaah
Allies to be updated
Population 10 active
Used NPCs Tauredain Villager, Tauredain Blowgunner, Tauredain Warrior, Tauredain Shaman, Tauredain Farmhands, Tauredain Farmer, Tauredain Chieftan.


The Southern Tauredain are those Junglemen that refused to swear fealty to the Astrasi Empire, as opposed to their northern brethren who decided to accept the Imperial Invitation.

After a long conflict, the jungle tribes were united again, nowadays the Southern Tauredain Tribe is fighting shoulder on shoulder with the Northern Tauredain Tribe again.


Julianroma- Ansgar the Strong, Chief of the Tauredain

Minecraft_forevr- Trey the Mighty, 2nd in Command to Ansgar the Strong











Toldaire- The first Tauredain city, built upon the isle of Tol Hîth. Citizens will live in small huts, but players with high power have bigger homes. Toldaire has a Town Hall, Arena (for PVP), a farm, a watchtower, and a Pyramid as the divine center of their kingdom. Although you are suppose to be Tauredain if you live at Toldaire, players of other factions are welcome to stay or just visit.

Mûmakaah- The second Tauredain city and new capital of the Southern Tauredain. Built with a pyramid as it's center, it stands strong with a beacon at its peak. It has an inner city with housing, protected by a wall of brick. Players of the Southern Tauredain and other factions live in the city, as it accepts all those who are a friend of the faction. Outside its gates is the market place, farm, and the Living Zigguart.

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History of the Tauredain

The Tauredain first lived in the swamps of Far Harad and some time later they left the swamps in search of a new home. After wandering for years, they found the lush jungles of Far Harad. Stricken with its natural beauty, they began to worship the trees and built huge, stone pyramids, temples and shrines. The Tauredain united, and a religious war to spread their beliefs to their neighbors and beyond began. Invading the 

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The pyramid of Toldaire (Built by julianroma and GLASSDUCK)

Mangroves, they battled and subdued the Limwaith. Eventually, their empire fell and the Limwaith drove them out of the Mangroves. Weakened by disunity and war, the Tauredain were attacked by the Moredain. The Moredain cut down their trees and stole their sacred animal, the Mûmakil. This conflict started a bitter rivalry between the two peoples. The Tauredain had not forgot what the Moredain did to them, and have sworn vengeance on them and their allies the Near Haradrim.  

The Golden Age of the Tauredain

After those events, a young man from the North by the name of minecraft_forevr took leadership of the Jungle men. He thus became Trey, King of the Tauredain. He was the first true king of the Tauredain. He has withstood vicious attacks from the Moredain, and acted wisely and justly in retaliation. Shortly after, a man named julianroma from the north stumbled upon the Tauredain. He soon joined the Tauredain and became Ansgar, the Chief of the Tauredain. Together, they came to southern Tol Hith, where they built the capital of Toldaire.

The Age of Change

When Gingilipho joined, he found the Tauredain abandoned. All the old players(including the king) either left the faction or had become inactive because of various reasons. No one had seen a Tauredain player in a long time, and there was no active ruler. Gingilipho completed the journey to the Far Harad Jungle in under 12 hours, a real achievement considered by many. After two and a half weeks of playing on the 10th of june, he was asked by the Astrasi Viper Aglarion_II and Emperor Ekans to claim the throne of the Jungle and to join the Astrasi Empire, something which Gingilipho had already considered before. He gladly accepted. In exchange, he swore loyalty to the Astrasi Empire, because he thought a union of all of Harad would bring great power and fortune to all. Also, he had become good friends with Aglarion very quickly after he had joined the server. Gingilipho brought together most of the original Tauredain members, Swagcrafter99 and Mr_Manveru.

Then, the old king minecraft_forevr returned. He claimed that Gingiliphos claim was illegimate and that himself and Julianroma were still rulers of the Jungle. Gingilipho tried to find a peaceful solution to the situation, even though some of his alllies and friends were a lot less hesitant to use violence. As a temporary solution, he split the Tauredain into the Astrasi-Tauredain (Nothern Tauredain) and the Original Tauredain. He lead the Astrasi-Tauredain (considered rebels by some) towards an era of peace and cooperation with the whole of Harad. The negotiating about the rightful king was going on for the entire existence of the two tauredain factions.

The Unification

After the conflict had been smouldering for a while, julianroma and the new elected chief of the northern Tauredain, Cizin_al_Korth agreed to renegotiate the relationship between the two Tauredain factions. After intense but constructive negotiations, the leaders of both tribes surprisingly agreed upon an unification, leading the Tauredain factions, now tribes of an united empire, together.