The pantheon of Near Harad are the ancestral gods worshiped by the Haradrim.

The Creation Myth of Near Harad

The first of the deities was Nehushtan, god of the land and sun. He hatched from an egg in the Cosmic void, alongside his mate, Rahab, goddess of the sea and shadow. They formed the world, and had many children. The first races created were Orc and Man, or, at least, those native to middle earth. Then, Nehushtan made dwaves, to mine the earth, and Rahab made elves, to sail her seas, which they are driven to do to this day. Nehushtan and Rahab begot Ishar, mistress of the rivers and beauty, Bulu, god of fertility, Lele, goddess of health, Fini, goddess of emotions, and Koko, god of war, along with many others. Eventually however, Nehushtan and Rahab fought, nearly destroying each other, causing the rise of Rhun and fall of Bierland. Spitefully, Rahab created the Numenorians, to destroy the works of Nehushtan. To counteract this, he blessed the Haradrim, tasking them to drive out the Numenorians and destroy them. Doing this, both gods reconciled and began to slumber.

The Cults of Near Harad

Early in the Astrasi Empire, the cult of the Harpy spread across Near Harad, chiefly practiced in Astras-al-harad, but later gained prominence in Ajitaz-al-Harad. The Harpy was considered the firstborn of Nehushtan and Rahab. While the cult still has many members, it has fallen to the sidelines as of late, with a new temple to Nehushtan being dedicated in Ain-al-harad. The worship of Morars, son of Nehushtan and Rahab, among the Moredain is considered a splinter cult of the Near Harad pantheon. Recently, elements of Melkorism have been added to the religion in some regions, such as Melkor either being a son of Nehushtan and Rahab, or being their creator.

Worship Centers

Temples dedicated to the pantheon exist in all cities in Near Harad. In addition, some temples exist in Nurn, which has a high Haradrim slave owner population, and the larger cities in Rhun, such as Mistrand.

Related Gods

Some claim that Lòcë Aga and Lòcë Aeara are related to Nehushtan and Rahab respectively, but this is not a common view. As stated above, sometimes Melkor is considered either a son of Nehushtan and Rahab, or their creator. Eru Illuvitar is often considered a son of Nehushtan and Rahab.

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