The Thartorogrim are a secret Half-Troll cult that inhabits the land west of Torog River, which seperates Pertorogwaith from the Far Harad Savannahs.


Little is known about the Thartorogrim, what is known is that a band of Half-Trolls decided that they were not to be ruled under the throne of Demon_26, King of the Half-Trolls and Lord of Pertorogwaith, so they abandoned their homeland and moved west. Just north of the forest east of Pertorogwaith the Half-Trolls established camps and hid there from the wrath of the Torogist. Recent evidence proves that the Thartorogrim are indeed ruled by Scrubor, the Rebel Prince of Pertorogwaith. Sightings of strange camps have been spotted just east of the Torog River; it is strongly suspected that this was in fact Thar-uk-dar. Also latest screenshots of this land shows blurry figures of what seems to be both Half-Trolls and orcs (clan not specified) creating a possibility that the rebellious Half-Trolls work in unison with a group of orcs making them an all more dangerous threat to Demon_26's rule. The screenshots also include some sort of Fortress.



The Thartorogrim are outlaws and for that reason they own no land of their own but they have unofficially and unlawfully claimed a piece of land within the Far Harad Savannah, without permission from the Moredain Ruler, for their own. This partion of land is called Thar-uk-dar; a mixture of words from the Torog language and the orc vocabulary (raising the suspicion that there are possible orcs within the Thartorogrim clan) which means "Land of the Banished".


GashThar - a stronghold being erected by countless Half-Trolls. Its location is not specefied but rumoured to be just east of the Torog River and north of the forest.

Thar-uk-dar - the land which the Thartorogrim illegally claimed. Permanent establishments has not yet been build but countless camps (with three to four tents and a fire in each) are scattered across this land.


It has been confirmed that the Thartorogrim are led by the Rebel Prince, Scrubor, of Pertorogwaith. So far he is the only known member.


It has been confirmed that Scrubor is the founder of the Thartorogrim and his aspirations are to declare an actual war against Demon_26, the present leader of Pertorogwaith, to restore his rule over the land. Specific details of the upcoming war is unknown although it is definitely to happen within the following month.

The Fall

After the Peace declaration by Scrubor, the founder of Thartorogrim, to Lord_Gil_Galad (4th Ruler of the Half-trolls) Scrubor sent back all the Half-trolls who supported him to serve the new king (Lord_Gil_Galad) dissolving the faction. After doing this, Srubor left the lands of Pertorogwaith.