The North shall fall, and the servants of Melkor will rule.

–Ufthak of Dol Guldur

The Alliance of Northern Evil Powers (ANEP) is an alliance of the evil factions situated in the North of Middle-Earth, between Wilderland and Eriador. ANEP was founded in June 2998 (2016, Dark Alliance Calendar) as a way to bring the factions involved closer together and to strengthen the weaker members of the group. ANEP factions are allowed to send recruits through the Gundabad Recruitment System.

Member Factions

ANEP Builds

The Recruit Camp

Built by jonnymoomoomoo, this is the almighty camp which will (when finished) contain up to 336 tents for recruits! It is segmented into 8 sections, 1 for each Gundabad War Chief, 1 for the Lord of Angmar, 1 for the War Chief of the Rhuduar Hillmen and 1 for the leader of Dol Guldur. It comes complete with a mine; a vast farm; a forest; a rules/info shack; a storage room; a mini fort for mock sieges and PvP training; a tower for the Goblin Overseers; and of course a massive perimeter wall.

The ANEP Leaders

The ANEP is ruled by a council of leaders that discuss the positions of the Alliance. They were initially supposed to meet at Mount Gram, but no such meetings have occurred.

  • War Chief Ongdagul the Vaulted (Iluvatars_Bane) - Delegate of the Northern Clan of Gundabad
  • War Chief Nagithas the Indomitable (Grievous1138) - Delegate of the Moria Clan of Gundabad
  • War Chief Narakhor the Dominant (jonnymoomoomoo) - Delegate of the Goblin Clan of Gundabad
  • War Chief Ar-Korthon the Black (Ar_Korthon) - Delegate of the Dragon Clan of Gundabad
  • War Chief Sorzau the Wolf-rider (DreamLordDarkrai) - Delegate of the Hunter Clan of Gundabad
  • Lord Er-Murazor (Er_Murazor) - Delegate of Angmar 
  • War Chief Caradoc the Bloodaxe (Caradoc_Blood_ax) - Delegate of Rhudaur
  • High Nazgûl Khamûl the Black (Khamul_The_Black) - Delegate of Dol Guldur