Welcome to the Arda Guide!

The Arda Guide is an upcoming tour guide for the server that lists out must-see locations. The idea was sprouted by Mevans, which was then put to work by Thaumablazer and ThrewineDarga along with a few select reviewers to assist in rating the locations. Mithril Ring ratings are given to builds that the team believes are absolute must-sees for anyone playing on the server, with a maximum of 3 rings. Not every build will get a rating, and therefore will not be featured in the guide, but that does not mean they cannot get one in the future if improvements are made.

The Guide

(To be released when the the guide is released on the server)


The Arda Guide on the wiki has entries with the name, picture, location, description, and Mithril Ring rating of the build. The abridged guide for the server itself has the name, location, short description, and Mithril Ring rating.

The detailed guide can be found here while the abridged guide will be distributed throughout the server written in standard Minecraft books.


Mithril Rings are given to builds mainly based on aesthetics, size, and what it has to offer. They are not individual categories that builds score in. They are simply factors the review team considers when judging a build.


1st Edition

Release Date: TBD

Guide Team

Mevans - Idea Originator, Reviewer

Thaumablazer - Writer, Reviewer

ThrewineDarga - Reviewer

Grievous1138 - Writer, Reviewer

And others who do not wish to have their identities revealed.

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