The Moriquendi Kingdom
General Information
Government type Monarchy
Current Ruler(s) Zakeris_The_Kind
Emblem Niellúnë
Flag The Banner of the Avari (Wood Elven banner for now)
Claimed Lands Balcaras, Old Elven Way, Wild Woods, Taurelen, Mountains of the Wind, the Last Desert, and Harûdor
Map of Lands None
Capital Arta Ilma
Allies The Forochel Dwarves and the Ireldar
Population 11
Used NPCs Elves
Live only in our forests, and if we find someone that is not an elf-friend there - slay them with no mercy.

–-His Majesty Zakeris.

The Avari Elves of the Moriquendi Kingdom are an old order of people. The Avari live in the eastern reaches of Middle Earth, and are ruled by Morwe_Haldkan

Elves of the Avari

The King of the Avari and the Council

Morwe_Haldkan - (active) Morwe_Haldkan (previously known as Aduialion) is into his second reign. In his first, he arguably brought the Avari into their peak, spanning 10-11 active members. Morwe was relected king by Zakeris, as he stepped down due to real life issues. Morwe took the crown just before the kingdom started to collapse, and regaining people to an active state.  

Downward_Spiral - (active) Downward_Spiral is the Chieftain of the Rhunaerim, the elves of the Rhun plains. His headquarters is Balcaras, where he commands the build under Morwe. He is a relatively young elf.  

HAJ2001 - (active) HAJ2001 is the Chieftain of the Taurehrvarim. He is perhaps the oldest member of the Order, being under theaaminecrafter when he was king. His headquarters are Mar-Tuilenda, the capital of the Avari.  

supernick8 - (semi-active) supernick8 is the regional captain of Bangcaras, a city near the Red Mountains. He is the second eldest of the Order. He has previously been the Chieftain of the Hwenti, Lord of the Harutaurim and King of the Avari alongside Tuilindir.  

Zakeris_The_Kind - (inactive) Zakeris has the oldest realm within the Moriquendi Kingdom - that of the Penni Avari, and he is the regional capital of Arta Ilma, the reigning city in that area. He was previously known as the King of the Avari, and Chieftain of the Penni Avari.

Harutaurim - Hwenti, Hisildi and Windan Clans

Hiddukel - (inactive) Born in F.A 32, in an unknown Hisildi town.  

ManOfMiddleEarth - (active) Born in S.A 453, as a Harutaurim elf, in the realm of the Hwenti.  

NinjaCreeper303 - (inactive) Born in Y.T. 2003 in an unknown Hisildi city. An old friend of Aventuras, and an old member of the Avari. At one point, the second Chieftian of the Hisildi, and another as King  

Taurehrvarim - Kindi, Cuind, Penni and Kinn-lai Clans

foxcatman - (inactive) Born in S.A 1123, as a Kindi Avar in the city of Karapolous.

XCurufinweX - (inactive) Born in S.A 224, in a Khandish town Nurwe conquered.

_thinking_ - (inactive) Born in S.A 344, at New Balcaras. Said to be an important of a secret and forgotten order..

Entity_Error - (inactive) Born in S.A 43, as a Cuind Avari in a town Carantaurost.

RedSword12 - (inactive) Born in F.A 21, an elf from Lindon, that had conflict with certain leaders and chiefs. Explored the eastern reaches of Middle Earth, and found that the Avari Elves are still a people, and is welcomed into the forests of Moriquendi.

Y_Tho - (active) Born in F.A 554, an old Hwenti Elf from a city on the slopes of the Red Mountains, long since eroded and destroyed.

vapour18 - (active) Born in T.A 554, a very young and lively elf of the Taurehravrim Avari, born in Mar-Tuilenda.

Rhunaerim - Elves of Rhun

Aranyember98 - (active) A lively and young elf, born in T.A 34 in the realm of Balcaras.

Elvir0 - (active) One of the youngest of the order, born in T.A 55, in a Rhunic Town taken over by a Kinn-lai host.

DeathLocke - (active) Born in S.A 332, from a town north of Balcaras.

Kusark - (inactive) Born S.A 23, as a Harutaurim elf, in the realm of the Hisildi.

mclegopengiun - (active) Born T.A 57, in a town in Rhun.

Fabu11 - (active) Born in T.A 78, at Balcaras.

Former Kings

Eol_ - First official King of the Avari, although some would argue SpeedySC was, Eol_ was said to truly unite the Avari under one banner for a considerable time, before the faction broke away. It's members rarely seen, if seen at all...

theaaminecrafter - Said to be one of the greatest Kings of the Avari. After the disappearance of many Avari, this King revived them for quite some time, including raising Aventuras and supernick8, who become crucial later in the Avari.

Aventuras - Another King that brought the Avari out of hiding, he was a good king, constructing Caras Moriquendi, and setting many laws, guidelines and structure that the Avari still follow today.

Aduialion - Once again, brought the Avari out of hiding and inactivity. But, he got a lot of support and active players, at one point had ten active Avari. He also set out the Clan Chieftain system, the recruit guidelines, a lot of the building designs and rules. That is not to say, he did not stuff up, such as get kicked from the Mallorn Council, and almost be beaten by a rebel city state.

supernick8 and Tuilindir - After Aventuras was King for a second time, he abdicated, due to the Khaganate, and went into hiding. He announced Tuilindir and Supernick8 as Kings. They, didn't do too much, other than almost sell Balcaras to Mordor. They didn't do anything bad, but the activity rates started to drop... Aventuras stepped in again and became King for a third time.

NinjaCreeper303 - After Aventuras abdicated for a third time, NinjaCreeper was crowned King. He, like Tuilindir and Nick, hasn't done too much. Although, he has helped orchestrate the rise of the Avari, with the Kindi Clan becoming populous and active, once again.


The first few days as King, Zakeris was very pressured. He had a conflict with Arnor and Gondor, a fallen Kingdom, a poor people, and a limited supply of everything. He managed to pull the Avari out of this squabble, deal with Arnor and Gondor, organise trade deals, alliances, recruit, cities, and reworked the previous government, to a much simple and better system. During his reign, although inactivity, did the majority of background and behind the scenes work, while his lords were the front. He had a very successful reign, and knew that he could not sustain that, so he gave it to Morwe.


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The Moriquendi Kingdom

The Moriquendi Kingdom consists of multiple states and provinces. These provinces each have a Baron/Captain, and will have a build.
  • The Province of Balcaras - Currently owned by Downward_Spiral, as it's Chieftain.
  • The Wild Wood - Currently led by HAJ2001, as the Taurehravrim Chieftain.
  • The Province of Elerrina
  • The Land of the Penni - Where the current capital of the Avari Elves is located, which is named Arta Ilma II, after the first Arta Ilma in which Zakeris was born. Zakeris and JusBrod rule this area.
  • The Southern Forests of the Hisildi -
  • Bangcaras - A city state led by supernick8. Located on the slopes of the great Orocarni Mountains.
  • Eastern Palisor and Southern Uttermost East - While in these regions between the more renowned geographical regions, one can occasionally find a settlement of elves or the native men. For the vast lands North of Taurelen, the last desert, and the mountains of wind, as well as lands west of the wild woods, have remained quiet and untouched by advanced civilizations for years. However, as the Avari begin to build up the infrastructure of their kingdom, they plan to fill the space between.
  • Harudor - South of the mountains of wind lies the region of Harudor. Though it is under claim of the Avari, these lands are vast, and some of it even unchartered. In time, when more is learnt about this mysterious place, the Avari will begin to seek their interests in these lands.
  • Tol Rhûnear - This mysterious shrouded island is the Western-most territory of the Avari within Rhûn. Because they lie within the sea and hidden from view most of the time, the elves there live in relative peace. However, depending on situations, this allows them to be easily blocked from the home land.


Arta Ilma - Being built by Zakeris_The_Kind as the capital of the Penni Avari

Mar-Tuilenda - The capital of the Avarin Elves.

Bangcaras - Being built by supernick8, as the capital of the Hwenti.

Balcaras - A waypoint build, that was an Easterling city, but taken by the Avari.

The Law

1.) For at any time, you reveal any locations of players to enemy, or neutral players without explicit permission, punishments will follow (can vary between demotion for 1 week, to being kicked from the faction).

  • 1a. If you reveal any location of cities, bases or anything of the kind, to enemy, or neutral players without explicit permission, punishments will follow (can vary between demotion for 1 week to being kicked from the faction).

2.) The King, Lords, Barons and Captains can call for a vote to demote a certain leader from his/her position. This person has to have at least 2 other supporters of his acquisition. The King will set a date for the vote, and that day will have a time in which players can vote. Once that time is over, no more votes shall be put in, and the decision will be made depending on that vote.

  • 2a. The King himself can demote any he wishes, but has to have at least 50% of the council backing him.

3.) Rebellious behaviour will not be accepted, and if any one shows signs of this, they will be questioned and depending on the suspicious, demoted or kicked from the faction. If there is contact from other factions and a rebellion, the members apart of the rebellion will be kicked immediately, and will be put on the Kill on Sight list.

4.) A member must have the 'Avari', 'Hunter' or 'Elf' title if he/she is Avari, but must have unlocked the Avari title, and have been to Balcaras to be considered a full member. If a random, untrustworthy or unqualified player is added into the Avari, they will be questioned on who added them, and punishments may follow (can vary between demotion in fellowship to demotion for 5 days).

  • 4a. If an enemy of the Avari are added into the fellowship, faction or discord, the person who added them will be kicked from the faction and depending on the enemy, will be put on the Kill on Sight list.
  • 4b. If a banished member is added into the Avari fellowship, faction or discord, the person who added them will be kicked from the faction, and be banished along with the person he/she added.

5.) All players that are not allied or personal friends with the Avari, are to be killed on sight if they enter our borders. Depending on the player, the items might be returned. No mercy shall be shown to those who intrude our borders.

6.) Important Avarin builds must be built in a somewhat Avarin style of building. Personal bases or little forts are an exception, in which the player has freedom in what blocks he uses.

7.) Killing Avari players with cold blood is considered Kin-slaying, and is not permitted unless it is an organised duel or shits and giggles. If out of cold blood, punishments will follow (can vary between banishment and being kicked from the faction).

Kill on sight list

Note: When a player is put on the KoS list here, it is not meant to be seen as insult to his/her faction. It is because he/she has done something to the faction, personally. Everyone that enters the borders of the Moriquendi Kingdom, shall be slain unless proven trustworthy. We will return items if we think that player is worthy.

There are currently no players on our KoS list.

Lore of the Avari (Tolkien)

The Avari (Quenya: "unwilling"; or "the Refusers") were a branch of Elves that refused to make the Great Journey.

When Oromë found the Elves that had awakened at Cuiviénen, he summoned them to come with him to Valinor. All the Minyar and most of the Tatyar were persuaded, along with some of the Nelyar, and followed Oromë into the west on the Great Journey.

The rest, who dwelt furthest from the waters of Cuiviénen, and wandered in the hills, had not seen Oromë at his first coming, and knew only vague scary rumors of the Valar; lies of Melkor concerning Oromë and Nahar perhaps had a role. So they remained suspicious, or simply refused to depart from their own lands, and spread gradually throughout the wide lands of Middle-earth. Their population was composed of half of the Tatyar and one third of the Nelyar (one third of the Nelyar was still MUCH more numerous than half of the Tatyar, since the Nelyar were so numerous to begin with). According to a tradition, their leaders were Morwë of the Tatyar and Nurwë of the Nelyar. They were after known by the name "the Unwilling", because they refused the summons. According to the legends, Orcs may be descended by Avarin elves captured and currupted by Melkor.

Initially the Avari stayed at Cuiviénen but many of them started to wander westwards.

The Avari who finally went westwards, were mingled with the Nandor of the Vales of Anduin, Eriador and some reached Beleriand, mingling with the Laiquendi. The Avari who came from the Tatyar were unfriendly and jealous to the Noldor, their exalted kin, and accused them for arrogance. The Edain who traveled to the West met the Avari first of all the Elves, and were taught from them music and language, which influenced theirs. They probably taught them many of the basic crafts of civilization, though the craft of the Eldar surpassed that of the Avari even more than that of the Avari surpassed primitive Men.

Some Avari after the end of the First Age started to mingle with the scattered Nandor beyond the Misty Mountains and they became hardly distinguishable from them, afterwards known as Silvan Elves. It is told that no Avari Elves were to be found west of the Misty Mountains during the late Third Age.

Six tribes of Avari are mentioned in the Third Age, and their names are all cognates of the Primitive Quendian word Kwendî (the Speakers): Kindi, Cuind, Hwenti, Windan, Kinn-lai, Penni. There is however a 7th tribe only briefly mentioned by Tolkien called the Hisildi.

These Avarin words actually did not mean exactly the same as their Quenya cognate Quendi, i.e. "Elves in general". They were the names that the Avari gave to themselves. Notes Tolkien; "They had evidently continued to call themselves *kwendî, 'the People', regarding those who went away [that is, the Eldar] as deserters."

The Avari were called Abari in Telerin; they were also called Moripendi (an equivalent of Quenya Moriquendi which referred to the Sindar as well). In Sindarin they were called Evair, Morben or Mornedhel.

"The Avari were those Elves who remained content with Middle-earth and refused the summons of the Powers; but they and their many secret tongues do not concern this book," Tolkien wrote in an early version of the Appendix on languages that he was preparing for LotR. Does this mean that some Avari deliberately developed or even constructed new languages for the purpose of secrecy? But some Avarin tongues were evidently similar to the Eldarin ones: Felagund quickly interpreted the language of the people of Bëor, and one reason why he was able to do this was that "these Men had long had dealings with the Dark Elves east of the mountains, and from them had learned much of their speech; and since all the languages of the Quendi were of one origin, the language of Bëor and his folk resembled the Elven-tongue in many words and devices"

Joining the Avari.

100 Dorwinion Alignment - This may be acquired by killing orcs at the Dorwinion Crossroads, or doing mini-quests for Dorwinion NPCS.

Reach the Balcaras build - This does not take much time - all it requires is that you make it to the Rhun biome and fast travel to Balcaras, and follow the shared waypoint to the build.

Be helpful, resourceful, and loyal - For the first three days upon getting these achievements above, you must be helping with the Balcaras build, or at least getting resources. Not required all the time, but when needed, you are ready for assistance.

(Note, these are for full members, recruits only need to put their loyalty down and reach the Wilderland Biome).


King of the Avarin Elves - The reigning monarch of the Avari, has almost absolute power, who has a council to consult with, and a faction to run. Ideally, the King needs to be a high ranking Avar, but have little reputation on the server, so the identity of the Avari can stay neutral to all. Zakeris_The_Kind currently full fills this role.

Chieftain - A chieftain is a member of the council of the King, and a owner of land. Currently there are two chieftains; one for the Taurehravrim Avari, and one for the Rhunaerim Avari. These two have a large say in the events that occur within the Avari. Downward_Spiral and HAJ2001 currently full fill these positions.

Regional captain- The regional is a position for an Avar that rules over a city or a town in a chieftain's stead. . Currently, Zakeris_The_Kind and supernick8 fill these positions.

Warrior, Citizen, Artisan, Architect - The everyday people of the Moriquendi.



The Ireldar Elves - The alliance between the Moriquendi Kingdom and the Ireldar is a non-aggression pact, an offensive pact, and a defensive pact, signed by NinjaCreeper303 and Chordusia.

The Dwarves of Forochel - The alliance between the Forochel Dwarves and Moriquendi Kingdom is a trade allinace, and a non-aggression pact, signed by Fletcher_Renn and LordBorin.


The Kingdom of Arnor - The treaty between the Kingdom of Arnor and the Moriquendi Kingdom is a non-aggression pact, signed by Morwe_Haldkan and HarrMac


The Khaganate of Rhun - These people are a longstanding enemy of the Avari, since the Moriquendi left the Khaganate. After reaching out, the people of Rhudel still believe that the Avari are their enemies, and declared as much.

The Woodland Realm - Since Olgierd_ had supported Dale, Arnor and Gondor in their war declaration against the Avari, the other two have dropped the war, while the conflict between the Avari and Gondor ceased, due the support of the Druedain rebellion lifted. and instead vouched for peace. The Wood-elves however, are still at war with the Avari.