Avari Elves of The Moriquendi Kingdom
The lands of the Avari Elves
General Information
Government type Monarchy
Current Ruler(s) Aventuras
Emblem Niellúnë
Flag The Banner of the Avari (Wood Elven banner for now)
Claimed Lands Balcaras, Old Elven Way, Rhun Forest, Mountains of the Wind and the Last Desert.
Map of Lands None
Capital Már-Tuilenda
Allies The Dwarves of the Orocarni
Population 18 (including inactive)
Used NPCs Elves

The Avari are the Elves of the East who did not take part in The Great Journey of Elves going West. It was founded by Eol_ and was ruled by Lord theaaminecrafter. Currently, it is lead by His Majesty Aventuras

Elves of the Avari

The King of the Avari and the Council

Aventuras - King of the Moriquendi Kingdom, Third, Fifth and Seventh King of the Avari Elves. Lord of the Seven Stars. 

supernick8 - Clan Chieftain of the Hwenti One of the elves that helped theaaminecrafter into his rule, and supported all the kings up until his chance, to serve and rule the Avari

Zakeris_The_Kind - Clan Chieftain of the Penni Avari. Was recruited by Aduialion. Zakeris has always been a fiercly loyal Avar, and is a valued player. Zakeris, as old as Tuilindir, was in service for Lord Itakanda, and continued his legacy by building Arta Ilma the II after him.

NinjaCreeper303 - Clan Chieftain of the Hisildi Avari, down in the Far Eastern Forests of Taurelen.

PingPongDude - Chief of the Kindi Avari, taking over them to lead, in DJPertersen's stead

LegomanDash - Chief of the Cuind Avari, Aduialion's first and most valued recruit, and a good leader. Put in this position by Aventuras.

The Penni Clan

Isomies - A Penni Elf that was born in S.A 2330

Mercilessrogue​​​​​​ - A Penni Elf that was born in T.A 1222

oksari2 - A Penni Elf that was born in S.A 92

JusBrod - A Penni Elf that was born in F.A 788

HAJ2001 - A Penni Elf that was born in T.A 83

BrendanPvP - A Penni Elf that was born in S.A 12. He was caught by Zakeris practicing Dark Arts that Dragon Priests practice.

MattOWolf - A Penni Elf that was born in S.A 1002.

Invincible_Will - A Penni Elf that was born in S.A 1009

The Kindi Clan

DJPetersen - Ex-Kindi Chieftain. Believed to be in Wainrider lands, tortured beyond sanity

The Cuind Clan

Hydroxide_ - A Cuind Elf that was born in T.A 100

maxiepie - A Cuind Elf that's birth is unknown, said to have founded the Star Crowned Bridge

Khuzdul1 - A Cuind Elf that was born in S.A 42

Gatas - A Cuind Elf that was born in F.A 342

The Hwenti Clan 

Y_tho - A Hwenti Elf that was wandering the Woods, found by Nick. His birth is unknown

LordDark - A Hwenti Elf born in S.A 201

The Hisildi Clan 

NinjaCreeper303- An elf from long ago, lost to the Avari for a long time, but rightfully returned. Now clan chieftain of the Hisildi.

The Windan Clan

The Kinn-lai Clan 

FadiKarimRim - A Kinn-lai Elf that was born in F.A 953


At this given moment in time, the Avari Elves own:

 The Wild Wood and Taurelen

Tol Rhunaer

The Mountains of the Wind

The Last Desert

The Province of Balcaras

The Province of Elerrina


The South-Eastern Coasts


Arta Ilma - Being built by Zakeris_The_Kind as the capital of the Penni Avari

Mar-Tuilenda - The capital of the Avarin Elves.

Bangcaras - Being built by supernick8, as the capital of the Hwenti.


1.) Do not rebel!! It will result in your demise and being kicked out

2.) Do not kill another Avari (unless its for fun)

3.) Do not kill any of our allies, unless you are provoked!

4.) Do not grief/steal anything. If you need something, please ask

5.) Please remain a nice person, don't annoy people out of spite.

6.) Do not kill noobs. Let them play the game how they want to

7.) Any Chieftain can call a vote against others, or faction decisions. 

8.) Follow server rules.

Lore of the Avari (Tolkien)

The Avari (Quenya: "unwilling"; or "the Refusers") were a branch of Elves that refused to make the Great Journey.

When Oromë found the Elves that had awakened at Cuiviénen, he summoned them to come with him to Valinor. All the Minyar and most of the Tatyar were persuaded, along with some of the Nelyar, and followed Oromë into the west on the Great Journey.

The rest, who dwelt furthest from the waters of Cuiviénen, and wandered in the hills, had not seen Oromë at his first coming, and knew only vague scary rumors of the Valar; lies of Melkor concerning Oromë and Nahar perhaps had a role. So they remained suspicious, or simply refused to depart from their own lands, and spread gradually throughout the wide lands of Middle-earth. Their population was composed of half of the Tatyar and one third of the Nelyar (one third of the Nelyar was still MUCH more numerous than half of the Tatyar, since the Nelyar were so numerous to begin with). According to a tradition, their leaders were Morwë of the Tatyar and Nurwë of the Nelyar. They were after known by the name "the Unwilling", because they refused the summons. According to the legends, Orcs may be descended by Avarin elves captured and currupted by Melkor.

Initially the Avari stayed at Cuiviénen but many of them started to wander westwards.

The Avari who finally went westwards, were mingled with the Nandor of the Vales of Anduin, Eriador and some reached Beleriand, mingling with the Laiquendi. The Avari who came from the Tatyar were unfriendly and jealous to the Noldor, their exalted kin, and accused them for arrogance. The Edain who traveled to the West met the Avari first of all the Elves, and were taught from them music and language, which influenced theirs. They probably taught them many of the basic crafts of civilization, though the craft of the Eldar surpassed that of the Avari even more than that of the Avari surpassed primitive Men.

Some Avari after the end of the First Age started to mingle with the scattered Nandor beyond the Misty Mountains and they became hardly distinguishable from them, afterwards known as Silvan Elves. It is told that no Avari Elves were to be found west of the Misty Mountains during the late Third Age.

Six tribes of Avari are mentioned in the Third Age, and their names are all cognates of the Primitive Quendian word Kwendî (the Speakers): Kindi, Cuind, Hwenti, Windan, Kinn-lai, Penni. There is however a 7th tribe only briefly mentioned by Tolkien called the Hisildi.

These Avarin words actually did not mean exactly the same as their Quenya cognate Quendi, i.e. "Elves in general". They were the names that the Avari gave to themselves. Notes Tolkien; "They had evidently continued to call themselves *kwendî, 'the People', regarding those who went away [that is, the Eldar] as deserters."

The Avari were called Abari in Telerin; they were also called Moripendi (an equivalent of Quenya Moriquendi which referred to the Sindar as well). In Sindarin they were called Evair, Morben or Mornedhel.

"The Avari were those Elves who remained content with Middle-earth and refused the summons of the Powers; but they and their many secret tongues do not concern this book," Tolkien wrote in an early version of the Appendix on languages that he was preparing for LotR. Does this mean that some Avari deliberately developed or even constructed new languages for the purpose of secrecy? But some Avarin tongues were evidently similar to the Eldarin ones: Felagund quickly interpreted the language of the people of Bëor, and one reason why he was able to do this was that "these Men had long had dealings with the Dark Elves east of the mountains, and from them had learned much of their speech; and since all the languages of the Quendi were of one origin, the language of Bëor and his folk resembled the Elven-tongue in many words and devices"

Joining the Avari

Get 10 dorwinion alignment and apply to a chieftain or one of the kings, from there remain in the avari fort at old elven way while journeying into the rhun forests, on reaching the forests and gaining 100 alignment the clan leaders will designate you to one of our clans.


King of the Avari Elves, of the Moriquendi Kingdom Clan Chieftain of a Clan Captain/Baron Citizen (Custom ranks can be aquired)


Allies: Red Dwarves,

Enemies: The Khaganate of Rhun

Currently, the Avari are a good aligned nation, with good relations with good factions, and neutral relations with evil factions.