Orthon is a simple idea. Locke Harsinger (BotSO) realized that the current world of middle earth is boring, and it's time for a new force in the world.

A great expedition to the south will be made, with the waypoint for the Greenway Crossroads being the meeting place.

The Expedition

There will be an expedition made to the location. An exact location is not known, but it will be far in the south. Resources will be gathered, and the party will set out. Please send a letter to Locke (msg BotSO when he is on) if you would like to join in a great adventure and found a new city

The City

Once we reach the location, resource gathering and building will commence. The city will be ruled by two people: The king, and the Chancellor. The Chancellor is elected by popular vote every two months. They can make decisions on their own, but generally the Chancellor is the mayor of the city, and the King rules over him, although major decisions must be agreed upon. The city will be a great city of wealth. The city will have fair and free laws, and be very focused on a well prepared military and trade.